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Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: University Alcohol Policy

BACKGROUND: Kansas law, K.S.A. 1998 Supp. 41-719, generally prohibits the consumption of alcoholic liquor on public property. There are several exceptions to the general ban such as the state fair grounds, the state educational institutions, certain city and county owned property and our own university property. The exceptions are, however, narrowly drawn. K.S.A. 1998 Supp. 41-719, which creates the exception for Washburn University, permits the Board of Regents to exempt by policy the Mulvane Art Center, the Bradbury Thompson Alumni Center and "...other specified property the title of which is vested in such board and which is not used for classroom instruction...." The Board of Regents has adopted a policy governing the consumption of alcoholic liquor and cereal malt beverages and has designated specific places on the campus in/on which alcoholic liquor/cereal malt beverage may be consumed. The current policy was last amended in July, 1996 to permit consumption of alcohol at University sponsored "Tailgate Parties" prior to Washburn football games.

DESCRIPTION: The Chamber of Commerce has requested, and the University has agreed, to sponsor an event with the Chamber's "Fast Forward" group on Wednesday, March 29, 2000. Both the Chamber planners and the University desire to host the group in conjunction with the Ichabod baseball games scheduled for that evening. However, current policy prohibits the service of alcoholic beverages in areas adjacent to Falley Field. Rather than add another specific designation such as 4.2 (i) below, the Administration requests a revision of policy to allow any area of the campus grounds to be available for such an event subject to Presidential approval and designation of a specific area for the event.


RECOMMENDATION: The President recommends the Board approve of the proposed amendments to the University Alcoholic Liquor/Cereal Malt Beverage Policy. This proposal would amend existing policy as follows. Language to be added is in BOLD, language to be removed is ITALICIZED.

4.2 Alcoholic liquor/cereal malt beverages may be served and/or consumed at an event only in or on the following designated areas:

(a) President's residence and adjacent grounds;

(b) International House and adjacent patio area;

(c) White Concert Hall foyer;

(d) Mulvane Art Museum and Mulvane Art Museum foyer;

(e) Patio area between White Concert Hall and Mulvane Art Gallery;

(fe) lobby area adjacent to the Union Station and the Washburn, Lincoln, MacVicar, Boswell and Crane Rooms of the Memorial Union;

(gf) the Bradbury Thompson Alumni Convocation Center and garden and patio; and,

(hg)the lobby area adjacent to Libation Station, the lobby area adjacent to the administrative offices of the Law School building and the patio areas adjacent to said building; and,

(i) the rectangular area described as follows: Beginnning at a point fixed by the southeast corner post of the fence surrounding Moore Bowl (hereafter Fence), thence west along said Fence to its southwest corner post; then south to a point along a line extended east and west running through and parallel to the south wall of Warehouse Three; then east on said line along the south side of Warehouse Three to a point directly south of the southeast corner of the Fence, then north to the beginning point at the southeast corner post of the fence.

(h) all outdoor areas of the University's campus; provided, however, the sponsoring organization shall designate and identify, subject to approval by the President, a specified area within which the consumption of alcoholic liquor/cereal malt beverage shall be limited.

5.4 The person/sponsoring organization shall ensure that the persons in attendance at an event shall not carry alcoholic and/or cereal malt beverages outside the area in which they are being served. When alcoholic liquor/cereal malt beverages are being served in an outdoor patio or garden area described in Section 4.2(h), the person/sponsoring organization shall be required to have the University's Physical Plant, as a special service, physically mark such designated space with a temporary enclosure and signage restricting the possession and consumption of alcoholic liquor or cereal malt beverage within the space so marked. Physical Plant will provide at cost signage for use in buildings restricting the possession and consumption of alcoholic liquor/cereal malt beverage to the room(s) for which permission has been granted.

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(date) Jerry B. Farley, President

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