Agenda Item No.________________

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Capital Fundraising Priorities


Through a formal agreement, Washburn Endowment Association is the primary fundraising affiliate of Washburn University. That agreement stipulates, in brief, that WEA will develop gifts, manage assets, conduct fundraising activities and develop and conduct solicitation of funds for projects that are deemed priorities by Washburn University to the extent that fundraising for those priority projects is feasible.

The cooperative working relationship between WEA and Washburn is an asset to the university. The LLC and White Concert Hall fund drives are an example. Those fund drives have had very positive results and are near completion. Other initiatives continue: KTWU, Law School, Leadership, Departmental, and Athletic Scholarships

Work is actively underway to identify and substantiate other potential capital projects. The following projects may have substantial donor interest. The WEA should test the viability of each project once the project has been further developed.

1) Mulvane/Art Department improvements

Create new space outside of the Garvey Fine Arts Complex for the more industrial and environmentally sensitive Art functions such as sculpture, painting, pottery, printmaking, and photo lab. Eliminate the clutter, odors, and fumes from Garvey.

Allow Mulvane Museum to occupy the top floor of the Mulvane building for gallery space (currently used for painting/drawing classes)

Allow Mulvane to expand painting archive space in basement

Allow Mulvane to expand educational services program space

Evaluate need and uses of a new building for expanded galleries

2) Student Fitness Center

Create student fitness facilities that contributes to improvement of student life

Establish a wellness program for students, faculty, and staff

Expand and improve intramural sports programs as a student life initiative

3) Moore Bowl Improvements

Improve seating areas and stabilize seating structures

Replace restrooms and concessions stands

Replace press box

4) Lee Arena Improvements

Move end zone seating closer to playing court

Create booster special event space

Expand Athletic Department offices


RECOMMENDATION: President Farley recommends, as stipulated in the Washburn/WEA agreement, that the Board of Regents request the WEA to continue fundraising efforts for KTWU, Law School, Athletic and Leadership scholarships; and, to test the viability of the Mulvane/Art Department, Student Fitness Center, Lee Arena and Moore Bowl projects.

__________________________ _____________________________________ (date) Jerry B. Farley, President

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