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Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Academic Sabbaticals - 2000-2001

DESCRIPTION: The Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Academic Sabbatical Committee solicit and review proposals from faculty for Academic Sabbaticals. The following individuals are recommended for Academic Sabbaticals in the 2000-2001 academic year:


Faculty Department Term Amount

Professor Steven Cann Political Science Fall 2000 $1,800

Associate Professor Loretta Moore Law Spring 2001 $0

Associate Professor Jack Decker Math/Statistics Fall 2000 $3,500

Professor Paul Prece Theatre Spring 2001 $3,000

Associate Professor Nancie Palmer Social Work Fall 2000 $4,000

Professor William Wagnon History Spring 2001 $5,000

Professor Linda Elrod Law Spring 2001 $0

Professor James Wadley Law Spring 2001 $0

Associate Professor Susan Miller HPEES Fall 2000 $3,000

The cost of these recommended sabbaticals is within the budgeted amounts available in the regular budget.

These recommendations are based on the quality of the projects as reflected in their individual proposals. All proposals were rated on a scale of 1 (proposal should not be funded) to a high of 7 (clearly a most outstanding proposal; one which definitely should be granted). The proposals are rated on the following criteria:

1) The proposed project is of value to the applicant's discipline, and will enable him/her to produce or make substantial progress toward producing significant scholarly work or will substantially enhance the applicant's teaching effectiveness by increasing his/her body of knowledge or skills.

2) The applicant has documented the value of the project, by providing evidence that: the work will constitute a contribution to his/her academic field; the project will enable him/her to teach additional courses in his/her field; or that the project will otherwise directly benefit the University.

3) The applicant has documented that his/her qualifications are appropriate for pursuing the proposed project.

4) The proposed implementation timetable and/or funding plan seems a realistic one in which to achieve the stated goal(s).

5) The description of the implementation timetable suggests that the activities have been carefully planned.

6) The proposed activity justifies at least a semester's leave. The applicant has documented that the scope, nature, or location of the project makes it difficult or impossible to carry out the project while engaged in the normal activity expected of full-time teaching faculty.

7) The proposal was clearly written, with an explicit description of the project's value, goal, implementation timetable, and expected product. It is understandable to the average educated reviewer.

Those that were recommended for a sabbatical had an average rank score of the nine committee members of at least above a "5" - which is classified as "good proposal; one which is thoroughly meritorious and well above average...".

Sabbatical Eligibility/Frequency/Terms

Only full-time faculty members who have been considered full-time teaching faculty at Washburn University for at least the six years preceding the date of application shall be considered eligible.

A faculty member who receives a leave becomes eligible every seventh year of full-time teaching.

A faculty member taking an Academic Sabbatical Leave shall have a leave for one semester at full pay or choose to have a leave for a full year at one-half pay of the salary budgeted for his/her position for the academic year of the sabbatical.

Grants normally will be made only if no full-time faculty replacement is required. To support the leave, course offerings may be reduced, delayed, or assigned to other members of the academic unit with their consent for one semester.

FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS: $20,300 (already included in the budget)


President Jerry B. Farley recommends that the Washburn Board of Regents approve offering Academic Sabbaticals for the 2000-2001 academic year to the above individuals.

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(date) Jerry B. Farley, President

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