BOARD OF REGENTS
                                  A G E N D A

DATE:      March 13, 1996
PRE-MEETING DINNER:   -  6:00 p.m.           Lincoln Room
BUSINESS MEETING:    -  7:00 p.m.            Kansas Room

I.   Call to Order                Chairperson Roth

II.  Roll Call
        Mr. Dick                      Mr. Maag
        Mr. Ferrell                   Mrs. Parks
        Mr. Felker                    Mrs. Porter
        Mr. Kimbrough                 Mr. Roth

III. Approval of Minutes of February 14, 1996 meeting as circulated.

IV.  New Business

     A. Semi-Annual Financial Statement for
        period July 1, 1995 through
        December 31, 1995                        Mr. Mosiman
     B. Purchases over $25,000
        1. Computer Lab, Continuing Education    Mr. Mosiman
        2. Purchase of Computer Upgrade for ADP  Mr. Mosiman
     C. Campus Roads and Parking Improvement
        Projects                                 Mr. Mosiman
     D. Publicity:  Request for Funding          Dr. Sheley
     E. Honorary Degree Nominations              Dr. Sheley
     F. Financial Reports
        1. Public Fund Investments               Mr. Mosiman
        2. Liquidated Claims Approval            Mr. Mosiman


President and Mrs. Thompson have extended an invitation to members of the
Washburn University Board of Regents and their spouses/guests to attend a
social gathering at 3130 Shadow Lane following the Board of Regents meeting
March 13, 1996.

Notice is being provided of this social gathering to ensure compliance with
the Kansas Open Meetings Act.

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