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Washburn University Board of Regents


Mulvane Art Museum/Art Building Project


Last September a representative working committee conducted a self-study of the existing space and needs for the Mulvane Art Museum and the Washburn University Art Department. The findings were presented to University Administration for project support and a University Committee was assigned under the direction of Ron Wasserstein. The committee findings were presented to the Board of Regents in May of 2000. Following the presentation, the Board of Regents authorized the Washburn Endowment Association to ascertain the viability of a fundraising campaign. This viability was researched with a rating and screening of over 800 individuals selected for this project. There were 569 potential donors rated with 197 of these individuals rated at $25,000 or above. We also have found serious community support in a Children's Art Museum for the city of Topeka.

The Mulvane Art Museum and the Washburn University Art Department are rooted in the core of the University's mission and are outstanding cultural resources for the city of Topeka and the State of Kansas. The Mulvane lacks sufficient space to fulfill its mission and potential with two-thirds of the building being used solely for Art Department classrooms (Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Ceramics). The Mulvane Art Museum has a 2,500 piece Permanent Collection and no permanent gallery space. Additional storage, office space and art education classrooms are priorities. The last renovation to the Mulvane Art Museum was in 1986. The Art Department currently has 12 classrooms, four are in the Mulvane and eight are spread throughout Garvey on all levels. These classrooms were not designed to be lab classes; therefore, lighting problems, ventilation problems, and a serious storage problem exists for student and faculty. The need to renovate and improve the use of space in the Mulvane Art Museum and in Garvey is recommended, and contingent on the building of a new art facility to be built on campus.

The Mulvane is accredited by the American Association of Museums and the Art Department is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. Both accreditation agencies reported that there is a serious space problem.

Commitments to date for the renovation of the Mulvane Art Museum and construction of a new Art Building total: $1,384,700 (with $569,000 cash in hand). Additionally the Donald B. and Twila Catron, Sr. Professorship of Art has been established with donations totaling $517,500.


Mulvane Art Museum priorities:

Three galleries on the ground floor for special and new acquisitions exhibits

A second floor gallery for the Mulvane Permanent Collection

Art Education classrooms and Children's Art Museum

An easily-accessible loading dock to receive art pieces

A large elevator to transport art pieces between floors

Expanded administrative and curatorial office space

Enlarged museum shop on the ground floor

Twenty-four hour monitored surveillance system

Workshop for gallery preparation, conservation and storage

Art Department priorities:

Appropriate studios for Art History, Drawing, Design, Painting, Multi-Media Classroom, Photography, Photography Dark Room, Ceramics, Sculpture, Printmaking, and Digital Arts

Appropriate equipment for each classroom

Adequate ventilation

Good lighting and use of nature light

Environmentally safe waste disposal

Electronic infrastructure for all classrooms

Appropriate computer and projection technology

On-cite studios for faculty and staff

Studios with flexible spaces to accommodate multi-media or other art forms

Covered, outdoor workshops for ceramics and sculpture


The creation of a new Art Building of approximately 20,000 gross sq. ft. and the renovation of the Mulvane and the associated changes within the Mulvane and Garvey are expected to cost $4 million. This estimate is based on $125/sq.ft. These figures were used for planning purposes only, and with the hiring of a project architect we would be able to determine realistic plans, timelines, location, and actual costs for this project. We believe this is an essential next step in fundraising the remaining funds for this project.


Individual donors




All support for this project would come from donor support.


President Farley recommends the Board of Regents authorize the University to interview architects for the final design of the project. At the time architectural selection begins the campaign will become public. A recommendation to approve an architect for the project will be brought to the Board in May, 2001.

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Date Jerry B. Farley, President

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