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Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Criteria for New Sport Adoption

DESCRIPTION: 401:2 of the Athletics Department Policy and Procedures Manual, adopted by the Board of Regents at its July 10, 1991 meeting, outlines criteria to be followed by the Athletics Department when considering the adoption of an additional intercollegiate sport. The criteria recently were revisited by an ad hoc committee comprised of the Director of Athletics, Director of Affirmative Action, University Counsel, the Faculty Athletics Committee chair, a coach and a student athlete in response to interest in adding one or more sports by members of the University and Topeka community. The committee's revision, below, incorporates the concepts and much of the same language found in the original version, but is clearer and intended to ensure compliance with Title IX requirements.

The review committee also reviewed the procedures outlined in the manual for amendments to athletics department policies and procedures. These procedures are cumbersome and require Board approval of any policy change, including those which may be made necessary to comply with federal, state or local law or by the Constitution and Bylaws of the National Collegiate Athletics Association. The committee recommends that, inasmuch as the present NCAA rules place responsibility for rules compliance with the chief executive officer of the institution, the Board delegate to the President the authority to approve any policy changes to the current Athletics Department Policy and Procedures Manual with the exception of University's "Philosophy and Objectives" concerning the intercollegiate athletics programs found at pp 101: and 101:2.

Current Board policy requires Board approval of employment contracts when the position is a new one or when, if an existing position, the amount to be offered exceeds the amount budgeted in the current budget for such position. The majority of the coaches' contracts have terms which do not correspond with the fiscal year which would require specific Board action for any increase in salary is to be made for an ensuing twelve month term. The administration recommends that the Board delegate authority to the President to approve, in consultation with the Board Chair and Vice Chair, salaries for coaches' contracts which are renewed or offered during a fiscal year.

Criteria for Adding an Intercollegiate Sport

1. Must have been a club sport for at least two years with a strong indication of continued student interest for the sport evidenced by:

a. the number of students participating in the sport as a "club sport" able to play competitively at the intercollegiate level;

b. commitment to participation in practice and competition by students;

c. stable or increasing number of students participating in the sport; and,

d. projected growth in participation at the high school from which prospective students may be recruited.

2. Must be a varsity sport for which NCAA and MIAA championships are offered.

3. Must be a sport with recruitment availability in the immediate area; e.g., an interscholastic sport in 25% of the high schools within the state or surrounding states.

4. The sport should be housed in existing or planned athletics facilities.

5. A qualified individual to coach the sport at the intercollegiate level must be available.

6. The intercollegiate athletic budget can support this additional sport.

7. Addition of the sport to the University's intercollegiate athletics program will not adversely affect the proportionality of men and women in athletics compared to the ratio of women and men students enrolled.


RECOMMENDATION: President Farley recommends approval of the proposed criteria for adding a new sport and the recommendations on delegation of authority.

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(date) Jerry B. Farley, President

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