BOARD OF REGENTS
                                A G E N D A

DATE:      March 19, 1997
PRE-MEETING DINNER:   -  6:00 p.m.               Lincoln Room
BUSINESS MEETING:     -  7:00 p.m.               Kansas Room
EXECUTIVE SESSION                                Cottonwood Room

I.   Call to Order                Chairperson Roth

II.  Roll Call
        Mr. Dick                      Mrs. Parks
        Mr. Engel                     Mrs. Porter
        Mr. Ferrell                   Dr. Robinson
        Mr. Felker                    Mr. Roth
        Mr. Maag

III. Approval of Minutes of February 19, 1997 meeting as

IV.  New Business

     A. Proposed Dormitory and Family House
          Rates for FY 1997-98                   Dr. Sheley
     B. Competitive Grant Program                Dr. Sheley
     C. Proposal to Combine Regular and
         Work-Study Payrolls                     Mr. Mosiman
     D. Personnel
        1. Faculty Personnel - New Hires         Dr. Sheley
        2. Dr. Ross Johnson for Professor Emeritus  Dr. Sheley
        3. Prof. Herbert Ragsdale for
            Professor Emeritus                   Dr. Sheley
        4. Gunnar Alksnis for Professor Emeritus Dr. Sheley
        5. Carolyn Middendorf for Assistant
            Professor Emeritus                   Dr. Sheley
        6. Proposed Sick Leave of Absence for
            Audrey Kennedy                       Dr. Sheley
     E. Financial Reports - Action Items
        1. Depository Security Transactions      Mr. Mosiman
        2. Public Fund Investments               Mr. Mosiman
     F. Bylaw Amendments - First Reading         Dr. Thompson
     G. Image Study - Final Report               Mr. Monical/
              Mr. Dickes
     H. Financial Reports - Information Only
        1. NACUBO Study of Endowed Funds         Mr. Mosiman
        2. KTWU Monthly Financial Report         Mr. Mosiman
        3. WEA - Fllet Investment Reports for
            the Period Ended December 31, 1996   Mr. Mosiman


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