BOARD OF REGENTS
                                 March 19, 1997

I.   Chairperson Roth called the meeting to order in the Kansas Room of the Memorial Union at
     7:00 p.m.

II.  Present were:  Mr. Dick, Mr. Engel, Mr. Felker, Mr. Maag, Mrs. Parks and Mr. Roth.

III. It was moved and seconded to approve the Minutes of the February 19, 1997 meeting as
     circulated.  Motion passed unanimously.

IV.  New Business

  It was moved and seconded to approve agenda items IV.A., C. D. and E.  Motion passed

  A. Proposed Dormitory and Family Housing Rates for FY 1997-98

  As approved by the Board of Regents, following are the rates for the dormitory and family housing
  for fiscal year 1997-98:

  Carruth-Double Room & Board = $3,100
  Carruth-Single Room & Board = $3,850
  Kuehne Room & Board = $3,200
  West Room & Board = $3,200
  Family Housing = $180 per month

  C. Proposal to Combine Regular and Work-Study Payrolls

  The Board amended I.5.4 of the Business and Financial Affairs Handbook to combine the two
  student payrolls and to restate the minimum wage as required by federal law.

  D. Personnel

     1. Faculty Personnel - New Hires

     The appointment of Tom Schmiedeler as Lecturer at an annual basic salary of $32,796; Don
     Berglund as Assistant Professor in Political Science at an annual basic salary of $33,072; John
     N. Backus as Instructor in Speech Communication at an annual basic salary of $37,284; Erin
     Reilly as Lecturer in HPEES at an annual basic salary of $24,972; and, Miguel Gonzalez-
     Abellas as Instructor in Spanish at an annual basic salary of $29,100.

     2., 3., 4., and 5.   Professor Emeritus/Assistant Professor Emeritus

     The award of Professor Emeritus status to Dr. Ross Johnson, Professor Herbert Ragsdale and
     Dr. Gunnar Alksnis; and Assistant Professor Emeritus status to Carolyn Middendorf.

     6. Sick Leave of Absence for Audrey Kennedy

     Approved leave of absence with pay for Audrey Kennedy of the School of Nursing through
     March, 1997 and leave of absence without pay until a determination is made by TIAA on her
     application for total disability insurance.

  E. Financial Reports:  1.  Depository Security Transactions, and 2.  Public Fund Investments

*   Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

  It was moved and seconded to authorize the administration to enter into a interlocal agreement
  with the City of Topeka for the University's continued participation in the Neighborhood
  Revitalization Plan of the city.  Motion passed unanimously.

  B. Competitive Grant Program

  It was moved and seconded to authorize funding of the first year grant proposal subject to receipt
  of evaluative criteria and with the understanding that a report be submitted to the Board of
  Regents within a 12 to 18 month period following the award of the grant.  Motion passed

  F. Bylaw Amendments
  H. Financial Reports:   1. NACUBO Study of Endowed Funds; and,  3.  WEA - Fleet Investments
     Report for Period Ended December 31, 1996

  it was moved and seconded to approve the information items for the first reading of the proposed
  amendment to the University's Bylaws and the financial reports IV.H.1. and IV.H. 3.

  H. 2. KTWU Monthly Financial Reports

  The University Budget Analyst, Bill Radcliffe, circulated an item captioned "KTWU Report Through
  March 11, 1997" showing the revenue and expenses of the television station for the year to date. 
  Mr. Radcliffe was requested that in the future he provide comparative year-to-date figures for
  fiscal year 1996.

  G. Image Study - Final Report

  Mr. Monical and Mr. Dickes introduced Marvin Sagar of Leslie & Associates who made a
  presentation summarizing the results of the study conducted by his firm of the visibility of the
  institution locally and across the state.

* Item(s) added to the agenda at the meeting with the consent of the Board.

                                       Kenneth P. Hackler
                                       Secretary, Board of Regents

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