Agenda Item No.

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Change Order - Living Learning Center Phase I


At the February 17, 2000 Board of Regents meeting, the Board approved awarding contracts for the Living Learning Center. The mechanical contract was awarded to Piping Contractors for $2,724,987. This contract amount included a contingency for the temperature control system of $210,444. We requested the contingency to enable further evaluation of the Honeywell system versus the Johnson Controls system, and informed the Board a change order would be necessary if we chose the Honeywell system.


Over a number of years, the University has invested approximately $2.5 million in the current Honeywell Building Management system. This system controls 12 campus buildings and encompasses temperature controls, fire alarm monitoring, elevator alarm points, security alarm points and monitoring other critical campus alarm points. The Honeywell Building management system is integrated with the campus LAN system and has workstations for monitoring system performance in the Maintenance and Police Departments. The Building Management system plays a critical role in keeping energy costs in check while providing a comfortable and safe campus learning and living environment.

After thoroughly evaluating the two systems, we believe maintaining the integrity of the Honeywell system will best serve the long-term needs of the campus for the following reasons:

Allows us to retain one master control system. If we opted for Johnson Controls in the LLC, we would have two computer systems to maintain. This would mean two connections to the campus LAN, and two workstations to monitor in the Maintenance and Police Departments.

Allows us to focus employee training for HVAC maintenance and system control monitoring on one system rather than two. Therefore, training costs are minimized.

The costs for both annual maintenance contracts and on-call labor charges are less for Honeywell than for Johnson Controls. Therefore, the cost of ownership is less for the Honeywell system and offsets the initial increased capital cost which makes the Honeywell system the lowest and best bid.


The bid from Piping Contractors for the Honeywell system presented at the February 17 Board Meeting was $246,406. The retainage approved by the Board in the Piping Contractors award was $210,444. Therefore, the total project cost will be increased by $35,962. Funds are available from the contingency of $522,795. This would leave a contingency of 486,833 for the remainder of the project.


President Farley recommends the Board of Regents approve the change order to increase Piping Contractors contract in the amount of $35,962.

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(date) Jerry B. Farley, President

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