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Washburn University Board of Regents.



Since 1986 the University has created an electronic transcript of students' academic record. Only students who have enrolled since 1986 are included in this electronic record. Two years ago the University contracted with an outside vendor to secure current addresses of those pre 1986 enrollees who have not graduated. The objective of this project was to gain the ability to contact these former students for a number of purposes:

1.) Invite them to maintain participation in the University community , events and activities

2.) Encourage ex-students to complete degrees

3.) Share directory information with Alumni Relations and WEA for development purposes.

Description of Phase II Project:

The next step in this automation process is to obtain current addresses on ex-students (non-graduates) from the period 1970-1986. It is difficult to secure current data for ex-students from earlier years since the University did not begin to collect social security numbers until 1967 and the SSN was not made part of the transcript until 1976. In addition, extended student records (paper folders with more than transcript) exist only for students admitted in 1970 or after. A reasonable estimate of the number of ex-student transcripts since 1970 is 50,000. This project will serve the same purposes mentioned above. The project budget is:

Item Number Total Cost

Personnel 2080 hours @ $8.00 $16,640

Training & Monitoring 100 hours @ $13.50 $ 1,350

Net Station 1 @ $1,636 $ 1,636

Installation $ 100

Vender Processing 50,000 records @ .20/record $10,000

TOTAL $29,726

Financial Implications:

Project to be funded from Regents contingency funds.

RECOMMENDATION: President Farley recommends Board approval for Phase II of Automation of Student Records Project.

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(date) Jerry B. Farley, President

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