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Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Approval of Schematic Design package as submitted by Gould Evans Associates, architects for the ART BUILDING/MULVANE MUSEUM RENOVATION


In September 1999 a representative working committee conducted a self-study of the existing space and needs for the Mulvane Art Museum and the Washburn University Art Department. The findings were presented to the University Administration for project support and a University Committee was assigned under the direction of Ron Wasserstein, Vice President for Academic Affairs. The committee findings were presented to the Board of Regents in May 2000, resulting in the Board's authorization of the Washburn Endowment Association to ascertain the viability of a fundraising campaign. It was ultimately determined that the project was a viable fundraising effort by Washburn Endowment Association.

The Mulvane Art Museum and the Washburn University Art Department are rooted in the core of the University's mission and are outstanding cultural resources for the city of Topeka and the State of Kansas. The Mulvane lacks sufficient space to fulfill its mission and potential with two-thirds of the building being used solely for Art Department classrooms (drawing, painting, sculpture and ceramics). The Mulvane Art Museum has a 2,500 piece permanent collection and no permanent collection gallery space. Additional storage, office space and art education classrooms are priorities.

The Art Department currently has 12 classrooms, four are in the Mulvane and eight are spread throughout Garvey on all levels. These classrooms were not designed for lab classes; therefore, lighting problems, ventilation problems, and a serious storage problem exists for students and faculty. The need to renovate and improve the use of space in the Mulvane Art Museum and in Garvey is recommended, and contingent on the building of a new, on-campus Art Facility.

On June 13, 2001, the Board of Regents approved the hiring of Gould Evans Associates to assist the University with site selection and design of the new Art Facility and Renovation of the Mulvane Museum. The process with GEA began with meeting with the Planning Committees of all new projects on the Washburn campus to review placement of the buildings on the campus in August 2001 and continued through the Fall. The architects initially presented site selection alternatives to the Board of Regents at the November 7, 2001 meeting and again at the December 12, 2001 meeting when Administration recommended locating the SRC at the south end of Moore Bowl. The Board tabled a decision at that time pending a decision on how to deal with displacement of facilities currently located at that site, particularly the Facilities Services Storage Building #3.

After comparing the alternatives of relocating Storage Building #3 on campus with relocating the functions off-campus, administration concluded it will be more economical and more operationally efficient to relocate some functions to an off-campus site. The purchase of the proposed site, located at 1518 SW Washburn Avenue, was approved by the Board of Regents at a special conference call meeting on February 8, 2002. At that same meeting, the Board approved locating the new Art Facility at the south end of Moore Bowl along with the Student Recreation Center.


Thousands of people visit Washburn University each year to experience art exhibits and participate in educational programs sponsored by the Mulvane. Renovations should encourage further exposure of these types of events to students, faculty and the surrounding community. Much of the artwork displayed by the Mulvane is greatly treasured by the community. The design of the Mulvane should protect this artwork from harm without sacrificing the quality of presentation. More adequate space should be created to allow the art to be appreciated by all. The space should be flexible and enhance displayed art. Community educational program space, artwork storage and office functions should be expanded.

Similarly, the teaching and creation of art requires a controlled functional environment that demands proper space, light, temperature, ventilation and flexibility. The creation of a new Art Building should optimize these qualities. The facility should also demonstrate by design, the creative processes it wants to teach. It should exhibit individuality and purpose in a framework of efficiency and functionality. While stimulating creativity, the facility should encourage interaction between students in a peaceful setting amenable to producing great art.

Art Department:

The new Art Facility comprises approximately 20,260 gross sq. ft. of space and has maintained the following priorities in design:

q Appropriate studios for Art History, Drawing, Design, Painting, Multi-media classroom, Photography, Photography Dark Room, Ceramics, Sculpture, Printmaking, and Digital Arts

q Adequate ventilation

q Good lighting and use of natural light

q Environmentally safe waste disposal

q Electronic infrastructure for all classrooms

q Appropriate computer and projection technology

q On-site studios for faculty and staff

q Studios with flexible spaces to accommodate multi-media or other art forms

q Covered, outdoor workshops for ceramics and sculpture

q Area for display of student and faculty art

Mulvane Art Museum:

Renovation of the Mulvane Museum will enlarge the net usable area to 19,116 SF, an increase of 10,500 SF or a 122% increase. The priorities maintained by the Mulvane project are listed below:

q Three galleries on the ground floor for special and new acquisitions exhibits

q A second floor gallery for the Mulvane Permanent Collection

q Art Education classrooms and Children's Experience Center

q An easily-accessible loading dock to receive art pieces

q A new passenger elevator to be used exclusively for the Mulvane

(Garvey elevator is large and can be used to transport large art pieces between floors)

q Expanded administrative and curatorial office space

q Enlarged museum shop

q Twenty-four hour monitored surveillance system

q Workshop for gallery preparation, conservation and storage

The new Art Building will greatly enhance the Art Departments' ability to spotlight academic programs in the fine arts offered by Washburn University and exhibit student work. The improved environment for the production of art by both faculty and students will add to the departments' ability to recruit and retain talented students and faculty.

Likewise, the vacancy left by the Art Department in the Mulvane and Garvey will enable the Mulvane Museum to enlarge its gallery space and thereby increase the display of works of art currently being held in storage. The enhanced programs the renovation of the Mulvane will offer will continue to keep the Mulvane at the center of the Topeka art community and bring members of the community at-large to the campus who might not otherwise have a cause to visit.


The $4.0 million for construction of a new Art Building, renovation of the Mulvane, and the associated changes within the Mulvane and Garvey, is to be funded from fundraising efforts directed toward individual donors, foundations and corporations. The additional cost of enhancing the exterior finishes of the building, in an amount not to exceed $250,000, will be funded from the proceeds of the $11.2 million revenue bond issue. The on-going operating costs will be funded from University general funds and additional fundraising.

A new parking lot will be constructed in a location convenient to the new Art Building and the Student Recreation Center. The estimated cost for the new parking lot is approximately $100,000 (shown in budget for the Student Rec Center) and will also be funded from the proceeds of the $11.2 million revenue bond issue. The on-going maintenance and operation costs will be funded from University capital improvement funds.

The current Facilities Services Storage Building No. 3 will be salvaged to the highest bidder and removed from the campus. These funds will be used to offset a portion of the cost of the replacement facility.

The revenue bonds issued for new projects on the Washburn campus will be repaid over a 20-year period from the $850,000 set aside annually in the Sales Tax Capital Improvement Fund.


President Farley recommends the Board of Regents approve the project as described for the new Art Building/Mulvane Museum Renovation in the amount of $4.25 million. Additionally, it is recommended the architects, Gould Evans Associates, be authorized to conclude the Schematic Design phase of the project and begin the Design Development and Construction Document phase. The Board will review and approve the project again at the conclusion of the Construction Documents phase upon receipt of a favorable fundraising report and authorize the project to be bid sometime in late Summer/early Fall.

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Date Jerry B. Farley, President

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