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Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Approval of Schematic Design package as submitted by Gould Evans Associates, architects for the STUDENT RECREATION CENTER (SRC)


In February 2000, a campus-wide Student Recreation Center Committee was formed to explore the need and feasibility of creating a student recreation center at Washburn. From information gathered at numerous meetings, from site visits and from surveys, the committee believes there is a need for and interest in a facility of this type on campus. This facility would be primarily for student use with operating costs paid by student fees. University employees could also use the facility by paying a membership fee. The center would be open for extended periods of time for open recreation and exercise. The intramural program and a wellness program for faculty and staff would also be included in the planning process. A few courses might be offered within the center, but only during low usage times.

On June 13, 2001, the Board of Regents approved the hiring of Gould Evans Associates to help the University with site selection and design of the new Student Recreation Center. The process with GEA began in August 2001 with meetings with the Planning Committees of all new projects to review placement of the buildings on the Washburn campus. The architects initially presented site selection alternatives to the Board of Regents at the November 7, 2001 meeting and again at the December 12, 2001 meeting when Administration recommended locating the SRC at the south end of Moore Bowl. The Board tabled a decision at that time pending a decision on how to deal with displacement of facilities currently located at that site, particularly the Facilities Services Storage Building #3.

After comparing the alternatives of relocating Storage Building #3 on campus with relocating the functions off-campus, administration concluded it will be more economical and more operationally efficient to relocate some functions to an off-campus site. The purchase of the proposed site, located at 1518 SW Washburn Avenue, was approved by the Board of Regents at a special conference call meeting on February 8, 2002. At that same meeting, the Board approved locating the new Student Recreation Center at the south end of Moore Bowl along with the new Art Building.


The recommended program for the SRC takes into account information gathered from a review of existing sports, recreation and fitness facilities on campus, and the expressed needs of staff for amenities. Design of the new center maintains the following concepts and goals:

q To design a student recreation center supporting Washburn University's goals of becoming a student-centered learning institution, of revitalizing student life and preparing students for life-long learning in all areas.

q To create an environment that encourages intellectual, social, physical, and emotional wellness for everyone involved with the University.

q To promote the education of healthy practices and prepare students who seek an occupation in the health field.

q To strongly promote general student usage as well as intramural activity and wellness programming.

q To augment what is already present in both Whiting and Petro, as well as be complimentary to the Memorial Union.

q To stimulate growth of the University by providing an additional feature that will attract and retain students by accommodating recreation and leisure activities they enjoy.

The core building would consist of approximately 33,960 square feet and includes the following elements:

q Gymnasium - a space that is approximately 15,000 square feet divisible into two or three gym areas by a drop curtain.

q Weight/Cardiovascular Area - an area of at least 4,000 square feet that includes free weights, selectorized machines, and cardiovascular equipment.

q Running/Jogging Track - an elevated track that runs around the perimeter of the gym and other spaces that can be used for walking or jogging consisting of approximately 2,500 square feet.

q Group Exercise/Dance Room - a space of approximately 1,500 square feet that can be used for fitness, dance or other class instruction. The room must have its own sound system and a floating wood floor.

q Wellness Center - a space of approximately 800 square feet where wellness consultation, fitness testing and other activities can take place.

q Lounge/Lobby Area - an area of approximately 1,100 square feet that has seating. This space could also contain a large TV and pool or foosball tables. One feature is the climbing wall which adds not only a recreational resource but a point of interest for observers.

q Support -totaling approximately 3,400 square feet with sufficient space allocated for a front desk, office space, equipment storage, locker rooms, maintenance areas and vending.

q Utilizing a net to gross factor of 1.2, hallways, restrooms, mechanical and janitorial spaces, electrical and telephone/telecom closets, stairs, elevator and vestibules will comprise approximately 5,660 SF.

The new Student Recreation Center will enhance the appearance of the southern portion of the University campus, add to student life and relationships with Washburn's students, faculty, and staff and contribute favorably to the overall perception of Washburn University.


The $5.0 million for construction of a new Student Recreation Center is to be funded from the $11.2 million revenue bonds issued by Washburn University. The additional cost of enhancing the exterior finishes of the building, in an amount not to exceed $350,000, will be funded from the proceeds of the revenue bond issue. The on-going operating costs will be funded from the implementation of a $2 to $4 per credit hour student fee.

A new parking lot will be constructed in a location convenient to the new Student Recreation Center and the new Art Building. The estimated cost for the new parking lot is approximately $100,000 and will also be funded from the proceeds of the $11.2 million revenue bond issue. The on-going maintenance and operation costs will be funded from University capital improvement funds.

The current Facilities Services Storage Building No. 3 will be salvaged to the highest bidder and removed from the campus. These funds will be used to offset a portion of the cost of the replacement facility.

The revenue bonds issued for the Student Recreation Center will be repaid over a 20-year period from the $850,000 set aside annually in the Sales Tax Capital Improvement Fund.


President Farley recommends the Board of Regents approve the project as described for the new Student Recreation Center in the amount of $5.45 million. Additionally, it is recommended the architects, Gould Evans Associates, be authorized to conclude the Schematic Design phase of the project, and begin the Design Development and Construction Document phase. The Board will review and approve the project again at the conclusion of the Construction Documents phase and authorize the project to be bid sometime in late Summer/early Fall.

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Date Jerry B. Farley, President

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