Agenda Item No. ____________

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Law School 2001-2003 Catalogue


In February 1999, the Law School hired a consultant to evaluate student recruiting efforts. As part of the consultant's report, several changes to the Law School Catalogue were recommended. As a result, the Law School totally revised the format and text of its catalogue, going from black and white to color, expanding the size and totally rewriting the text. The new design was done by Jones, Seel & Hewitt.


Since the Law School Catalogue is revised every two years, it is now time to commence work on the 2001-2003 catalogue. No major changes will be made this year, rather updates will be made to existing text, pictures, course descriptions, and the campus map to reflect events subsequent to 1999. Jones, Seel & Hewitt retained the computer version of the catalogue they created in 1999, and thus can easily make the changes required more economically than another design firm.

Jones, Seel & Hewitt has submitted an estimate of $10,436 for design services based on the changes requested by the Law School. Bids will be obtained for printing once Jones, Seel & Hewitt complete its work so the total number of pages, photographs, etc. is known. The actual cost of printing the catalogue in 1999 was $34,471.


Budgeted funds are available in account 01-70030, Law School Catalogue, to award a contract to Jones, Seel & Hewitt in the amount of $10,436 to update the catalogue, and to award a contract at a later date to a printer in an amount not to exceed $42,000.


President Farley recommends the Board of Regents approve awarding a contract to Jones, Seel & Hewitt for $10,436, and to a printer, once the printing is bid, in an amount not to exceed $42,000.


Date Jerry B. Farley, President

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