BOARD OF REGENTS
                                May 9, 1996

I. Chairperson Roth called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m. in the Kansas Room of the
   Memorial Union.

II.   Present were:  Mr. Dick, Mr. Ferrell, Mr. Felker, Mr. Kimbrough, Mr. Maag, Mrs. Parks,
      Mrs. Porter, Dr. Robinson and Mr. Roth.

III.  It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of the April 13, 1996 meeting as
      circulated.  Motion passed unanimously.

IV.   Old Business

   A. Revised Tenure & Promotion Policies:  SAS and SON

      It was moved and seconded to approve the revised tenure and promotion policies for
      the School of Applied Studies and School of Nursing.  Motion passed.

      Vice President Sheley reported that V. C. is the proposed revised policies for
      promotion and tenure for the College or Arts and Sciences and the School of

Chairperson Roth recognized Rick Friedstrom, President of the Washburn Alumni Association,
who presented to members of the Board of Regents pieces of limestone as a token of
appreciation for the Board of Regents efforts in the completion of the Bradbury Thompson
Alumni Convocation Center.  Mr. Friedstrom expressed his gratitude for the efforts of the
members of the Board for its work over the past several years to construct the building.

V. New Business

   A. Items for 1996-97 Plan of Operations (Budget)/Salary Supplement

      It was moved and seconded to give tentative approval to the 1996-97 budget,
      including the salary supplement, and the exhibits 2 through 6c of the agenda item. 
      Motion passed unanimously.

      As approved by the Board of Regents, the resident undergraduate tuition would
      increase by $3 to $96 per credit hour; the non-resident undergraduate tuition would
      increase by $20 to $211 per credit hour; the graduate resident tuition would increase
      by $6 to $126 per credit hour; non-resident graduate tuition would increase by $32
      to $261 per credit hour; the law resident tuition would increase by $13 to $217 per
      credit hour; and non-resident law tuition would increase by $17 to $325 per credit
      hour.  The allocation of University fees for campus-wide student activities would
      decline by $6,254 for a total allocation of $22,790.  The Emeriti faculty salary
      schedule would be increased by $10 to $700 per credit hour.  The public hearing
      budget documents will be reviewed by the Board of Regents on July 10, 1996 with
      the public budget hearing to be at 4:00 p.m. on July 24, 1996 in the Kansas Room. 
      The budget would include $914,369 allocated for major maintenance/remodeling,
      $282,581 for equipment, and $350,000 for electronic technology equipment as
      detailed on exhibit 6a through 6c (attached to the original minutes).

   B. FY 1997 WEA Total Return Concept Budget

      It was moved and seconded to approve budgeting of approximately $385,000 of the
      anticipated $570,000 and the 1% total WEA total return concept.  Funds to be paid
      to University.  Motion passed unaniously.

      As approved by the Board, the $385,000 of anticipated total return concept funds
      are as follows:

      1. FY 1997 one cercent salary increase      $110,000
      2. Institutional advertising     50,000
      3. PEW membership and OOE expense25,000
      4. Competitive grant program      200,000

   D. Electronic Technology Committee

      Dr. Wasserstein said the Electronic Technology Committee was provided in part to
      provide leadership regarding computers and related technology and to determine how
      to spend $350,000 specifically set aside for improvements in that area.  He
      circulated an information piece captioned "Goals for Electronic Technology at
      Washburn University" then said that the vision of the Electronic Technology
      Committee, which has governed their work, is that the University wants to have
      access to information available to students, staff and faculty anywhere at any time
      including in the classroom setting.  He outlined some of the efforts being made by
      various units on the campus.  Beginning with the Academic Computer Center (ACC),
      he said that the ACC has now grown in complexity but with elegant simplicity
      meaning that it is extremely user friendly.  Other things that have been done by the
      ACC include the development of the main web sites for the campus, including a
      Viewbook on-line; the development of wuinfo which will soon add a Windows
      application; and a change in the backbone from ethernet to ATM which will add
      voice and video down the same "pipe" as data; and, outsourching of phone access
      to the computer system.  He said the Media Center, in cooperation with NewTek, is
      opening a NewTek Video Toaster lab and also a new distance learning classroom. 
      The classroom will include monitors, VCRs as well as other things accessible through
      "patch panels."  The Library has added modules for the on-line computerized library
      system.  It has some new on-line databases so that persons can access information
      via their personal computer at home and will be looking at the addition of CD ROM
      servers for the network.

      Dr. Wasserstein said the key to keeping up with technology is in staffing, noting that
      here Washburn is hurting the most.  He said the ACC and the Media Center have
      made significant accomplishments without having increased the size of their staffing.
      He noted that as computers become more user friendly, they become more
      complicated at the system level, requiring more staff.

      He was asked to compare Fort Hays State University and its computer system and
      distance learning classrooms with efforts here.  Dr. Wasserstein said that FHSU has
      very nice facilities, they are wonderful distance learning sites, but they are not on the
      cutting edge of technology.  He said they are not weak by any means, but the
      computer system here at Washburn is more supportable.  Dr. Wasserstein said if we
      expend what we have expended this year on electronic technology, we will continue
      to be in good stead.  Chairperson Roth asked that the Electronic Technology
      Committee prepare a summary how Washburn compares with area institutions, what
      monies will be expended for electronic technology within the next 12 months, and
      what that will do for the University, and similarly the same information for 24
      months out.  Mr. Dick asked that Dr. Wasserstein also obtain information about
      electronic technology from the University of Maine and the University of Maryland.

   E. Proposal to Contract with Global Internat for Dial-In Network Access

      It was moved and seconded to approve a contract with Global Internet company to
      provide internet access to students, faculty and staff as outlined in the agenda item.

   F. Programs for Possible Re-Engineering

      Vice President Sheley outlined the management indicators used in evaluating
      programs.  They are: when the program has 5 or fewer graduates per year;, the #
      of FTE faculty (if 1 or less, that's a flag); the average cost per credit hour when
      compared to university wide average (WU avg $123 sch); the credit hours per
      faculty over five year period; FTE faculty teaching majors; duplication of programs
      with outer institutions within area; and the amount of funding which might be
      realized for reallocation if the program is dropped.  He cited, as examples, elimination
      of the food services program and the electronics programs which permitted the
      allocation of positions to the criminal justice program.  He reported that the programs
      listed are those requiring further evaluation in light of the fact that one or more of the
      "flags" have been raised.   He said the Board would receive information about the
      programs listed with the program review information at the October meeting.

   G. Washburn Student Association:  Qualified Admissions Standards

      Chairperson Roth reported that this item has been withdrawn from the agenda for
      this evening and will be scheduled for a future meeting.  He said the change was
      made to accommodate Mr. Chris Yops, former president of the Washburn Student

   H. Personnel

      1. Administrative Personnel - Al Dickes

         It was moved and seconded to approve the hiring of Al Dickes as the
         University's dean of enrollment management at an annual basic salary of
         $56,256.  Motion passed unanimously.

      2. Faculty Personnel - Oscar Plaza,
      3. Faculty Personnel - Reinhild Janzen, and
     *   4. Faculty Personnel - Judith Lennox

         It was moved and seconded to approve the following faculty personnel
         appointments:  Oscar Plaza as Assistant Professor in Technology Administration
         at an annual basic salary of $36,000; Dr. Reinhild Kauenhoven Janzen as an
         Assistant Professor in the Art Department on tenure track at an annual basic
         salary of $29,148; and, the appointment of Judith Lennox as Assistant to the
         Director of the Mulvane Art Museum at an FTE of .81 and as an Instructor in Art
         at an FTE of .19 for a total annual basic salary of $24,000.  Motion passed

     *   5. Salary Correction

         It was moved and seconded to correct the salary for Patty Dick, women's head
         basketball coach, from $50,280 to $51,300.  Motion passed unanimously.

    * Item(s) added at the meeting with consent from the Board.

   I. Financial Reports

      1. WEA - Pooled Fund Investment Reviews,
      2. Depository Security Transactions,
      3. Liquidated Claims Approval, and
      4. Public Fund Investments

         It was moved and seconded to receive the WEA Pooled Fund Investment
         Reviews and to approve the Depository Security Transactions, Liquidated Claims
         Approval and Public Fund Investments as outlined in agenda items V.I.1. through
         4.  Motion passed unanimously.

It was moved and seconded to adjourn.  The Board of Regents adjourned its meeting at
9:08 p.m.
                                       Kenneth P. Hackler
                                       Secretary, Board of Regents

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