Agenda Item No. _______________

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Change Orders Memorial Union


The following change orders, which modify the contract of the prime contractor, are recommended.

General Contract McPherson Contractors, Inc.

1. Unforeseen plaster demolition at lower level north. Demolition of partitions and ceilings exposed unforeseen conditions. The least expensive option was to remove additional plaster so the underlying concrete could be painted and used for the finished wall surface. Net increase: $1,344.70.

2.PR No. 3 for Flooring Revisions at convenience store. The intent was to utilize the existing terrazzo after the carpet was removed, but the flooring that was exposed by the demolition is not usable (extent of terrazzo is not as expected and condition is not good). Net increase: $6,223.00.

3.1200 amp switch. A new large steamer has been added in the kitchen and wired to a switch that was intended for use as power for the new work in the Union. This work is to re-wire the steamer to another switch in another panel. Net increase: $3,467.00.

Net contract change: Increase: $11,034.70

No change contract completion date - December 24, 2001


Net increase in project cost of $11,034.70. Total commitment from contingency including this request is $11,035, leaving a $368,618 contingency balance.


President Farley recommends approval of the change orders by the Board of Regents.

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Date Jerry B. Farley, President

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