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Washburn University Board of Regents


Reorganization and merger of the Academic Computer Center (ACC), Administrative Data Processing (ADP), Telecommunications (the phone system), and the Media Center.


For more than a decade, there have been discussions about merging ACC and ADP into a centralized campus computer center. Other priorities and circumstances kept this possibility from being actively considered. This issue became a topic for discussion again during the current year in relation to current and future campus technology needs. While many of the discussions in the past centered around saving money by consolidating the units, the current discussions are focused on coordinating computing efforts to create a stronger and more efficient technology system providing information and services to the campus community.


The plan merges the Academic Computer Center, Administrative Data Processing, Telecommunications (the phone system), and the Media Center into one cohesive, synergistic team consisting of similar functional service groups. The goals of the team are:

Achieving long-term savings through economies of scale.

Providing more efficient and timely information to the campus community.

Enhancing distance learning programs and instructional technology.

Creating an infrastructure to ensure the successful identification, evaluation, and implementation of new, integrated administrative software.

The new area will be named Information Technology Services (ITS) to represent the integration of technology for computing, telephony, and video services. David Bainum, current ACC director, and Bob Stoller, current ACC associate director, will become director and associate director of ITS, respectfully. Mr. Stoller will also be directly responsible for the administrative computer operations until the operations can be completely merged into other appropriate functional service groups. This will probably not occur until new administrative software is identified, evaluated, installed and functional (two years minimum). Information Technology Services will consist of the following functional groups and team leaders: Systems and Networking (Shawn Geil); Maintenance Services (Dave Boose); User Services (John Haverty); Instructional Media (Brenda White); Web Services (Sue Van Sickle); Applications Software Services (Jim Coen); Operations (Phyllis Hoffman); and Administrative Information Systems (Bob Stoller) (will be eliminated and merged into other functional groups as soon as possible).

The operating budgets of the units will be combined and the merger/reorganization will be effective July 1, 2000.


There are no additional financial requirements for merging the units. All salary adjustments are being accomplished by using existing salary dollars approved for these budgets for Fiscal Year 2000-01. Operating allocations are also consistent with allocations approved for Fiscal Year 2000-01. Revised budget pages reflecting this merger are attached.


President Farley recommends the Board of Regents approve the merger and revised budget pages for inclusion in the Fiscal Year 2000-01 Budget documentation.

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Date Jerry B. Farley, President

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