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Washburn University Board of Regents


Washburn Athletic Center at Lee Arena


A perceived need for improvements to Lee Arena has existed for many years. Two areas of concern have been seating at the end zones of the basketball arena being too far away from the playing floor for full fan appreciation of the game, and adequate office space for the coaches. In addition to these concerns, potential athletes are attracted by facilities that include dedicated study areas, and boosters are attracted by facilities that include special event spaces for booster events.

Approximately two years ago, Athletics began an informal investigation of how improvements to Lee Arena could address these needs. Since last summer, a more active study has taken place. Following the February 2000 Board of Regent's meeting, the WEA was authorized to ascertain the viability of a fundraising campaign. This viability has been confirmed, and commitments already exist for $500,000.

At the March 2000 Board meeting, an update on the project was presented by Mr. Loren Ferre', Athletics Director. Since that time, the attached program statement for the project has been developed along with a financing plan.


Improvements are needed to Lee Arena to protect the integrity of current programs and address the needs of current and future student athletes, coaches, staff and boosters. The Washburn Athletic Center will be designed to effectively impact all aspects of Washburn athletics. This will be an elevated facility located at the North end of Lee Arena. The Center will run East and West across the entire width of the arena while extending approximately thirty-five feet out. The Center will consist of a Student Athlete Study Center, Booster Room, Conference Room, and Athletic Offices. In addition, this project will reconfigure fan seating at both ends of the arena to maximize fan involvement, remodel the current coaches' offices, and provide for new scoreboards to enhance revenue generating opportunities for athletic programs.

The total project budget is $1.5 million as follows:

Cost Projections:

Construction Cost $ 675,000

Architect Fees 100,000

5% Design Contingency 37,500

5% Construction Contingency 37,500

Remodel Current Offices 50,000

Furnishings 100,000

Bleachers 200,000

Painting Arena 20,000

Scoreboards 280,000

Total $1,500,000

Funding Sources:

Fundraising $1,000,000

University (Debt Retirement

and Construction Fund) 220,000

Advertising 280,000

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