BOARD OF REGENTS
                               July 10, 1996

I. Chairperson Roth called the meeting of the Board of Regents to order at 7:05 p.m. in
   the Kansas Room of the Memorial Union.

II.   Present were:  Mr. Dick, Mr. Ferrell, Mr. Felker, Mr. Maag, Mrs. Porter, Dr. Robinson
      and Mr. Roth.

III.  It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of the June 12, 1996 and June
      28, 1996 meetings as circulated.  Motion passed unanimously.

IV.   New Business

   A. Banking Request for Proposal (RFP)

      It was moved and seconded to award the University's demand deposit account to
      Mercantile Bank and to close out the Bank IV demand deposit account effective
      October 1, 1996.  Motion passed unanimously.

   B. Proposed Lease Agreement with Gamma Nu Alumni Association

      It was moved and seconded to approve the proposed lease agreement with the
      Gamma Nu Alumni Association as attached to the agenda item.  It was moved
      and seconded to amend the proposed agreement by striking, in the third
      WHEREAS clause, the phrase "for a limited term for nominal rent."  Motion
      passed unanimously. Subsequently, the main motion passed unanimously.

   C. Policies

      1. Proposed Change to the "Business and Financial Affairs Handbook"

         It was moved and seconded to amend III.9.4(e)(4) as proposed in the agenda
         item IV.C.1.  Motion passed unanimously.

         As amended, 9.4(e)(4) and its subsections (a) and (b) read as follows:

         "9.4(e)(4)  At the end of the evaluation period, the rating supervisor will
         complete the evaluation.  Both the Supervisor and Reviewer (the Supervisor's
         Supervisor) should sign and date the evaluation prior to discussing it with the
         employee.  After both the supervisor and reviewer have signed the evaluation,
         the supervisor should discuss the Performance Evaluation with the employee

         (a)  Once the employee has reviewed the Evaluation, he or she should sign the
         Evaluation form.  The signature does not signify agreement, but only that the
         evaluation has been reviewed with the employee.  The employee should be given
         a copy of the evaluation at the conclusion of the Evaluation meeting.

         (b)  A copy of the Performance Evaluation with original signatures should be sent
         to the Personnel Office for inclusion int he employee's official personnel file.  The
         department and/or supervisor may retain a copy, and the employee should be
         given a copy."

      2. Proposed Change to Tuition Refund Policy for Credit Hour Courses (Short-
         Term/Out of Sequence)

         It was moved and seconded to revise the University's Tuition Refund Policy for
         credit hour courses (short-term/out of sequence) as proposed in agenda item
         IV.C.2.  Motion passed unanimously.

         As adopted by the Board of Regents, the Tuition Refund Policy for credit courses
         less than five weeks in duration is as follows:

         "The refund policy for credit courses that are less than five weeks duration,
         including winter intersession, is 100% if the Registrar's Office receives the
         official withdrawal notice on or before the second business day before the first
         class session."

   D. Expenditures over $25,000

      1. Heat Plant Asbestos Abatement Project #97-24

         It was moved and seconded to award a contract with Remediation Contractors
         Inc. for the removal of asbestos on boilers and associated steam lines in the Heat
         Plant in the amount of $41,755.50.  Motion passed unanimously.

      2. Stoffer Science Building HVAC Renovations

         It was moved and seconded to award a contract to SAMCO Inc. for HVAC
         renovations at Stoffer Science Building in the amount of $31,480.00.  Motion
         passed unanimously. 

   E. Personnel

      1. Student Employment Coordinator

         It was moved and seconded to employ Ms. Dottie Fisher as the University's
         Student Employment Coordinator at an annual basic salary of $30,060.00 under
         the conditions recommended in the agenda item IV.E.1.  As approved by the
         Board of Regents, Ms. Fisher will be eligible to enter the University's retirement
         program and the total disability plan at the first available entry date; be eligible
         for personal leave at the 15 year level (2 days per month); and, have a sick leave
         balance as shown with her previous employer, the State of Kansas, not to
         exceed 130 days.

      2. Administrative Personnel

         It was moved and seconded to approve the appointment of Ms. Jeanne Kessler
         to the new position of Director of Student Services at an annual basic salary of
         $29,139.00.  Motion passed unanimously.

   F. Financial Reports

      1. Public Fund Investments

         It was moved and seconded to approve the Public Fund Investments listed in
         agenda IV.F.1.  Motion passed unanimously.

      2. Depository Security Transactions,  and    3.  Liquidated Claims Approval

         It was moved and seconded to approve the Depository Security Transactions and
         Liquidated Claims as submitted on agenda items IV.F.2. and 3.  Motion passed

   G. 1996-97 Board of Regents Meeting Schedule

      It was moved and seconded to approve the Board of Regents meeting schedule
      proposed in agenda item IV.G.  Motion passed unanimously.

   H. Request to Publish - FY 1996-97 Budget

      Vice President for Administration, Louis E. Mosiman, reported that the Shawnee
      County Clerk has indicated that the 1996 July assessed valuation of property within
      the County should be increased by $10,563,000.  Mr. Mosiman indicated that,
      notwithstanding the increase in valuation, he recommends the Board of Regents
      approve the proposal based on the earlier valuation as there are a number of appeals
      being made by taxpayers and because the final assessed valuation will not be fixed
      until November.  It was moved and seconded to give tentative approval of the 1996-
      97 Budget as outlined in the agenda item IV.H. and to authorize the Treasurer to
      publish the notice of Public Budget Hearing as required by law.  Motion passed


Chairperson Roth noted that two items affecting University policy had been circulated to the
Board at this meeting but that the Board would not be asked to take action on such items until
its July 24, 1996 meeting.  Circulated to the Board were items on Revision to the Alcoholic
Liquor/Cereal Malt Beverage Policy and policy in the Business and Financial Affairs Handbook
II.2.2. dealing with extra remuneration for full-time administrative employees.

V. Elections

   Mayor Felker reported that the ad hoc nominating committee recommended the
   continuation of the existing slate of officers for a second term and moved the nomination
   of James Roth as Chairperson and Blanche Parks as Vice-Chair.  Motion was seconded. 
   Motion passed unanimously.

Chairperson Roth reported that he had conversed with the search consultant, Dr. Jan
Greenwood, who indicated that she would like to come to the University's campus for two
consecutive days next week, any two days, to take the opportunity to interview persons to
learn more about Washburn University.  Mr. Roth indicated that she would be talking with
Regents two at a time for about 30 minutes each; that she would like to speak with the
Search Committee as a group; all those persons reporting directly to the President as a group;
the President; and, possibly the Deans.  Mr. Roth indicated it may be possible that a special
meeting of the Board might be called to fix the qualifications and characteristics of the

It was moved and seconded to adjourn.  Motion passed unanimously.  The Board of Regents
meeting adjourned at 7:34 p.m.

                                       Kenneth P. Hackler
                                       Secretary, Board of Regents

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