BOARD OF REGENTS
                                A G E N D A

DATE:  July 12, 1995
EXECUTIVE SESSION:    -  5:30 p.m.               Cottonwood Room
PRE-MEETING DINNER:   -  6:00 p.m.               Lincoln Room
BUSINESS MEETING:     -  7:00 p.m.               Kansas Room

I.   Call to Order                Chairperson Roth

II.  Roll Call
       Mr. Dick                       Mr. Maag
       Mr. Ferrell                    Mrs. Parks
       Mr. Felker                     Mrs. Porter
       Mr. Havner                     Mr. Roth
       Mr. Kimbrough

III. Approval of Revised Minutes of June 21, 1995 meeting as

IV.  Old Business

     A.Washburn University Health Insurance
       Proposals                                 Mr. Mosiman

V.   New Business

     A.FY 1995-96 Budget - Approval to Publish   Mr. Mosiman
     B.FY 1996-97 Budget                         Mr. Mosiman
     C.Funding Requests by WU to WEA             Dr. Thompson
       1.Faculty Personnel - Mulvane             Dr. Sheley
       2.Faculty Personnel - Van Cleaf           Dr. Sheley
       3.Administrative Personnel                Mr. Mosiman
       4.Faculty Personnel - Wunder              Dr. Thompson
       5.Faculty Personnel - Anschutz            Dr. Sheley
     E.Expenditures over $25,000
       1.Equipment Acquisition for new
       KTWU Building                             Mr. Mosiman
     F.Financial Reports
       1.George E. Ramskill Estate Bequest       Dr. Thompson
       2.Depository Security Transactions        Mr. Mosiman
       3.Public Fund Investments                 Mr. Mosiman
       4.Liquidated Claims Approval              Mr. Mosiman
     G.1995-96 Meeting Schedule
     H.Board of Visitors          -DISCUSSION-   Dr. Thompson
     I.Investment Policies        -DISCUSSION-   Mr. Mosiman
     J.Peer Institutions                         Dr. Sheley


President and Mrs. Thompson have extended an invitation to
members of the Washburn University Board of Regents and their
spouses/guests to attend a social gathering at 3130 Shadow Lane
following the Board of Regents meeting July 12, 1995.

Notice is being provided of this social gathering to ensure
compliance with the Kansas Open Meetings Act.

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