BOARD OF REGENTS
                               July 23, 1997
     I.      Chairperson Parks called the meeting to order at 4:11 p.m. in the
             Kansas Room of the Memorial Union.
     II.     Present were:  Mr. Dick, Mr. Engel, Mr. Ferrell, Mrs. Parks, Mrs. Porter
             and Mr. Roth*.
              * Mr. Roth participated in the Board meeting via telephone conference
     III.    It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of the July 9, 1997
             meeting as mailed.  Motion passed unanimously.
     IV.     President's Report
             President Farley reported that he recently had returned from the national
             meeting of the National Association of College and University Business
             Officers held this year in Boston where he presided as the chair of the
             board.  He reported that during the course of the national meeting he
             made two presentations to the group and that approximately 1,700
             participants from all across the country attended.
             Dr. Farley reported he recently received a report on a survey conducted
             by ACT in which 500 Washburn University students were randomly
             sampled out of approximately 35,000 nation wide.  Dr. Farley also
             reported that 76% of those from Washburn surveyed indicated they
             plan to obtain a bachelor's degree versus the national average of some
             60% and that 90% of those surveyed from Washburn were satisfied
             with the University's academic advising system.  He also reported that
             the University has recently concluded an agreement with Johnson
             County Community College for offering the Bachelor of Applied Science
             in Technology Administration at Johnson County Community College. 
             In this connection, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Sheley,
             reported that within four years they expect to have some 500 students
             in the program and that combined with the University's offerings in
             criminal justice, he would expect to have 700 students pursuing
             bachelor's degrees from Washburn at Johnson County Community
             President Farley announced that he has received Vice President for
             Administration, Louis E. Mosiman's, retirement notification to become
             effective at the end of December, 1997.  Dr. Farley commended Mr.
             Mosiman on his 36 years of service at Washburn and his magnificent
             record of service to the University.  He said that among the
             accomplishments of Mr. Mosiman throughout the years has been
             guiding the University through the trauma following the 1966 tornado
             and providing tremendous financial stability to Washburn University for
             which he should be commended and remembered forever.
     V.      Public Budget Hearing
             Chairperson Parks announced that notice of the public budget hearing
             on the University's fiscal 1998 budget provided for the hearing on July
             23, 1997 at 4:00 p.m. at the University's Memorial Union and opened
             the floor for persons wishing to be heard with respect to the proposed
             budget.  After no one indicated he or she wished to be recognized,
             Chairperson Parks again solicited input from anyone wishing to be
             heard.  Again, no one sought to be recognized.  Chairperson Parks then
             announced that notice of the date, time and place for the hearing on the
             University's fiscal year 1998 budget had been published as required by
             law, that no one sought to be recognized to speak on the budget, and
             then declared the hearing closed.
     VI.     New Business
             A. Action Items
             1. 1997-98 Budget and Public Hearing
                It was moved and seconded to approve the 1997-98 budget and to
                authorize the Treasurer to file the approved 1997-98 budget
                documents with the Shawnee County Clerk.  Motion passed
     **      Faculty - Staff Salary/Wage Proposal for FY 1998
             President Farley reported that an examination of the budget documents,
             together with the assessed valuation report from the Shawnee County
             Treasurer's Office, indicated that there may be approximately $255,000
             in additional revenue available to the University with the July assessed
             valuation being greater than those used in building the 1997-98 budget. 
             Dr. Farley reported that this additional revenue would be best used, in
             his opinion, to increase the salary and wages of faculty and staff at the
             University as the focus is on people.  He said he would like to allocate
             approximately $200,000 to add, on average, a 1% salary/wage increase
             for faculty and staff to the already, on average, 2.5% salary increase. 
             He said this would put the University's faculty and staff on the same
             footing with the 3.5% increase received by the state educational
             institutions for increase in wages.  He said that while it is a tiny amount
             which won't close the gap completely between the salary/wages paid at
             Washburn, he could think of nothing more important that we could do
             with these resources than to expend it for salary increases.  He said he
             would like to put together a task force to determine how best to
             distribute this additional 1% and to have a report back to the Board of
             Regents by October.  It was moved and seconded to approve the use of
             $200,000 from the FY 1998 budget General Contingency Account for
             an additional salary/wage program, subject to the Board's approval in
             October.  Motion passed unanimously.
     2., 3. & 4.   It was moved and seconded to approve the Purchases over
                   $25,000, the Personnel and Financial Reports as set forth in
                   agenda items VI.A.2. through 4.  Motion passed unanimously.
             As approved by the Board of Regents:
             2. Purchases over $25,000
                a. Purchase of Equipment for Administrative Data Processing - IBM
                   The Board authorized the purchase of computer software in the
                   amount of $29,569 from Computer Products Corporation;
                b. Replacement of President's Residence Heating and Air
                   Conditioning Systems
                   to contract with Young's, Inc. in the amount of $67,787 for
                   replacement of the HVAC systems in the President's residence;
                c. 1998 National Program Service Assessment Payment
                   payment to Public Broadcasting Service for fiscal year 1998
                   National PBS Program Service for KTWU in the amount of
             3. Personnel
                a. Faculty Personnel
                   the appointment of Barbara A. Denton as Lecturer in the
                   Department of Art on a one-year non-tenure track contract with
                   an annual basic salary of $28,000; and,
             4. Financial Reports
                a. Liquidated Claims Approval
                b. Depository Security Transactions
     **      Administrative Personnel
             It was moved and seconded to approve the appointments set forth in
             the administrative personnel agenda item dated July 21, 1997.  Motion
             passed unanimously.
             As adopted by the Board, the following appointments were approved:
             Michelle McClendon, Publication Specialist in Alumni Affairs, effective
             July 9, 1997 at an annual basic salary of $24,000; Susan Vansickle,
             Manager User Services at the Academic Computer Center, effective
             August 18, 1997 at an annual basic salary of $33,840; Thomas L.
             Underwood, Interim Director/Coordinator Government Programs in
             Continuing Education, effective July 1, 1997 through September 30,
             1997 or until a new director is appointed, with an additional stipend per
             month during such service of $1,000; and, the appointment of Brenda
             White as Acting Director, Media Center, effective August 1, 1997 until
             a director is appointed or until June 30, 1998 whichever comes first,
             also with an additional stipend per month of $1,000 while serving as
             acting director.
     **      Changes in the Composition and Functioning of the University Council
             Vice President for Academic Affairs reported that General Faculty at its
             last meeting had given its approval to proposed changes in the
             composition of the University Council as outlined in Article V,
             Section 10 of the University's Bylaws.  The item is on the agenda for
             first reading and will be taken to the Board of Regents at its September,
             1997 meeting for action.
        **   Item(s) added at the meeting with the consent of the Board.
     It was moved and seconded to adjourn.  Motion passed.  The meeting of the
     Board of Regents adjourned at 4:57 p.m.
                     Kenneth P. Hackler
                     Secretary, Board of Regents

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