Agenda Item No. VI. B. 4.

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: KTWU - FY 2003 Membership Fees.

KTWU pays PBS membership dues in three categories, each of which require Board approval. It was discussed and decided last year to provide the estimated costs to the Board as one item rather than to present each individually. This will also assist KTWU in taking advantage of discounts associated with paying each invoice prior to stipulated deadlines.


Fees for the following:

1. Member Service Assessment which includes:

Program administration and scheduling support

Promotion/Press/Advertising graphics support

Program Contracts/Rights support

Audience Research/Program data analysis

Offset by net income from revenue generating activities

2. Station Independence Program membership. KTWU's share of a cooperative project among all PBS member stations to provide special programming for pledge drives.

3. PBS Assessment.

Annual assessment is based on the following elements:

FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS: Not-to-exceed $431,125

Member Service Assessment (in FY 2003 budget #40025):

Member Service Assessment $ 97,125

A 2% discount of $1,942.50 will be applied if paid by 9/30/02

Station Independence Program membership (in FY 2003 budget #40025) $ 32,000

PBS Assessment (in FY 2003 budget #40028) $302,000

A discount will be applied if payment is made before 7/31/02


President Farley recommends that the Board approve these FY 2003 KTWU membership fees.

________________________ _______________________________________

(date) Jerry B. Farley, President

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