Agenda Item No. VI. B. 3.

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Completion of Design Development and Construction Document phase for the addition to and renovation of Moore Bowl. Authorize DdY, architects, to proceed to bidding.


Moore Bowl has been the home for Washburn football since its dedication September 28, 1928. A press box and concession stands were added to the facility in 1963, but were destroyed in the 1966 tornado and replaced with temporary facilities. Current seating capacity is 7,200.

At its July 2000 meeting, the Board of Regents approved testing the viability of fundraising for this project in accordance with the Capital Projects Development Process approved by the Board in February 2000. This project was also contained in capital improvement information presented to the Board of Regents' Committee of the Whole at its meeting on January 27, 2001.

On June 13, 2001, the Board of Regents approved the hiring of Devine deFlon Yaeger, Inc. (DdY) to design the renovation of Moore Bowl. In January 2002, the Board approved the Schematic Design.


The project will replace the existing press box on the West side of the Stadium with a new, 3 story structure consisting of a Concourse Level, Suite Level, and Press Level. The Concourse Level is at grade and consists of ADA compliant public restrooms, concession stand, access/egress stair towers, elevator and hospitality room. The hospitality room was designed as a multi-purpose space that can be used as classroom, meeting room, or social room for the University and the Topeka community. During football games, the room would be designated as a gathering/hospitality room for the boosters who've purchased 360 reserved seats in front of the pavilion. In addition, ADA viewing seats will be added.

The second level or Suite Level contains the University suite and 6 suites for members/businesses who have purchased them for the season. Each member suite contains 10 stadium seats (on tiered risers) and an additional 5 seats at the counter behind. Each suite occupant would be required to purchase tickets for the game in additional to the box purchase. The University suite would be for the President's use and would seat 16 in stadium seats with additional seating at tables behind and have a capacity for over 100 additional guests in the suite and hospitality room. The hospitality room would have restricted use by the suite holders during game day, but like that on the concourse level could be used by the University as classroom or meeting space at other times. Included would be a beverage/food serving area, prep kitchen, restrooms and storage.

The third level is the press level consisting of coach boxes, TV/Radio, press, PA/Stats, and Camera/Film boxes.

In addition to the West side pavilion, the project includes a new entry plaza/canopy/pavilion at the northwest portion of the bowl. Included in this are ticket office, ADA compliant restrooms, and souvenir sales area. Development of the north bowl includes new fencing and an expanded plaza area at the north entry. The East entry improvements include new fencing, new concourse paving and the addition of ADA compliant restrooms. Visitor side seating would also add ADA compliant seating areas.

Included in the project, but to be funded separately by the University in work to be done by the University is the removal of the existing President's box and the elimination of the toilet shack on the Visitor's or East side. Rough estimate for this work would be $50,000. The removal and relocation of the trash yard and the removal of the football equipment storage areas on the Southwest side of the stadium is being coordinated with the development of the new Art building and the Fitness Center and is estimated to cost and additional $50,000.

The improvements proposed for Moore Bowl will enhance the appearance of a central institution on the University campus, add to student life and relationships with Washburn's students, faculty, staff and surrounding communities.


Total project is $4.35 million including $4.25 for the project being designed by Devine deFlon Yaeger, Inc. and $100,000 in ancillary projects described above. Two million dollars of the budgeted $4.25 million in improvements, which includes architecture fees, developmental costs and interior furnishing will be provided from the University through bond funding already executed. The balance will be funded by fundraising conducted jointly by the Athletic Department and Washburn Endowment Association. The on-going operating costs will be funded from existing plant operation funds.


President Farley recommends the Board of Regents approve the project as described for Moore Bowl in the amount of $4.35 million. Additionally, it is recommended the architects be authorized to conclude the Design Development and Construction Document phase and proceed to Bidding. The Board will review and approve the project again at the conclusion of bidding and authorize a construction contract.

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(Date) Jerry B. Farley, President

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