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Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Architectural Services Contract for Washburn Athletic Center at Lee Arena


In February 2000 the Board of Regents received the initial report of the building committee on this project and authorized an evaluation of the fundraising viability. The viability has been confirmed, and at the June 2000 meeting, the Board approved proceeding with the project and authorized the University to interview architects for the final design of the project. The projected budget for the project presented to the Board in June was $1.5 million with $100,000 estimated for architect fees.


Pursuant to the Architect Selection Policy approved by the Board of Regents in February 2000, a Request for Proposal was issued by the University for the Lee Arena project. Proposals received from seven architectural firms were evaluated by the Selection Committee, and six firms were chosen for interviews. One firm withdrew prior to the interviews taking place; therefore, the committee interviewed five firms. Those firms were Slemmons Associates, HTK Architects, Schwerdt Design Group, Gould Evans Associates, and GLPM Architects.

The firms interviewed were evaluated based on past performance; abilities of the professional staff; ability to meet time and budget requirements; recent, current and projected work loads of the firm; creativity and insight related to the University's needs for, and use of, the project; and related experience on similar projects. Following the interview process, three firms were chosen by the committee to receive further consideration. After further evaluation and reference checks, the three firms, in rank order, were: HTK Architects; GLPM Architects; and Gould Evans Associates.

Negotiations were conducted with HTK to determine a proposed fee for the project. HTK agreed to accept the project for a flat fee of $81,500.

FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS: The fee of $81,500 is less than budget estimates and will be paid from the $220,000 allocated to the project from the Debt Retirement and Construction Fund.

RECOMMENDATION: President Farley recommends the Board of Regents approve the contract with HTK Architects in the amount of $81,500.

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Date Jerry B. Farley, President

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