July 26, 2000


I. Call to Order

Chairperson Blair called the meeting to order at 4:06 p.m. in the Kansas Room of the Memorial Union.

II. Roll Call

Present were: Mr. Blair, Mr. Dick, Mr. Engel, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Parks, and Mr. Roth.

III. Approval of Minutes of June 21, 2000 meeting as circulated

It was moved and seconded to approve the Minutes of the June 21, 2000 meeting as corrected by the insertion of the word "not" following the word "would" in the fifth line in the first paragraph appearing on page 3. Motion passed unanimously.


Chairperson Blair opened the Public Hearing on the University's proposed FY 2001 Budget. No person wished to be heard on the budget. Chairperson Blair then declared the hearing closed. It was moved and seconded to approve the public budget as presented in the attachments to the agenda item appearing as IV. Motion passed unanimously.

V. Officer Reports

A. Chair's Report

Chairperson Blair said he thinks the meeting agenda for the meeting is the most exciting agenda since he's been around, full of a lot of wonderful items. He said he would hope the Board could move through this agenda expeditiously but thoughtfully and with consideration. He said, noting the first action item under new business, that there is a proposed retreat scheduled for a September weekend. He said the members of the Board will receive some thoughts from him about that meeting and that each will be asked to give some thought to those issues and to helping to structure the agenda for that retreat session.

B. President's Report

President Farley first announced that on Friday, July 28, there will be a news conference on campus to announce the expansion of the 2+2 program to additional community colleges in the state. He reminded the Board that the 2+2 plan was first offered at the Kansas City Kansas and Johnson County Community Colleges and have been very successful. He said this program permits students to complete a bachelor's degree when place-bound at a community college site. He said 11 other community colleges will be joining the program and that will be announced at the Friday news conference.

He announced that this Saturday, July 29, marks the return of the Kansas Shrine Bowl to the University's campus. He said there will be approximately 400 players, band members and cheerleaders attending this contest and that a number of University staff will be visiting with these individuals about Washburn University.

He announced that Dr. Bill Langdon, formerly Chair of the Modern Foreign Language Department, has been involved in international programs throughout the year. He said that Dr. Langdon has for years attended a Gerard Manley Hopkins International Summer School Program in Ireland and that he was honored this June by the presentation of the O'Connor Cup for his participation in the program. He says the O'Connor Cup has been awarded five times previously and that he is the cup's sixth recipient. He said the presentation came at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth in Ireland. He said that while in Ireland with Dr. Langdon he and Emery and Dorothy Fager, on behalf of Washburn University, presented NUI, Maynooth with the Washburn Bible. Dr. Farley said NUI, Maynooth has a collection of 2,500 bibles dating back to the 13th Century.

Dr. Farley announced that the Kansas Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators received an award for the organization and staging of College Goal Sunday 2000 which took place in February. Annita Huff, Director of Financial Aid at Washburn, served as chairperson of the Kansas College Goal Sunday 2000.

Dr. Farley announced that he and Vice President Hill, Dr. Bainum, Director of ITS, and Ms. Herring, University Controller, spent the last two days in Chicago. He said during this trip to Chicago they talked with a number of software vendors concerning software for an administrative processing system. He said among the items that will be included in such a system would include systems for management, for student enrollment, accounting and human resources. He said this software project is a major project and that he anticipated the administration would be soon bringing back an overall plan and strategy including a financing package and training program and that could occur as early as September.

Mayor Wagnon arrived at 4:15 p.m.

President Farley announced there have been a number of summer orientation programs for prospective students on the University's campus this summer. He said there have been three so far with two more to go. He said these have been very well attended and prospective students and parents seemed to be very pleased and excited.

Dr. Farley reported that Fall, 2000 semester enrollment will be taking place on the University's campus August 15-16 with classes beginning August 17.

Finally, Dr. Farley circulated to members of the Board of Regents the football schedule for 2000 noting that the first home game will be on Saturday, September 2.

In response to a question from Regent Lee concerning housing, Dr. Farley said that he and members of the administration have been meeting with developers following the June, 2000 meeting. He said they are interested in working with the University in any way we would like them to do. He said this housing could be constructed on land that developers acquire or on our land and that developers have expressed an interest in working in any kind of arrangement that we might have such as a developer/operator or a developer/contractor. He said the developers include local developers.


Dr. Farley also said that this Friday, July 28, there will be a breakfast meeting on campus with some 20-25 persons from the surrounding neighborhoods representing owners of property and the Neighborhood Improvement Associations and the topic of development for housing for University students will be discussed.

C. Treasurer's Report

1. Liquidated Claims Approval - June, 2000; and, 2. Public Fund Investments

It was moved and seconded to approve the Liquidated Claims and Public Fund Investments as set forth in V.C.1. and 2. Motion passed unanimously.

3. LLC Update

Vice President Hill reported that a written copy of an update of the progress of the Living Learning Center was put at their places at the meeting table. She then introduced Nadia Zhiri, the lead architect from Treanor Architects, P.A., to provide an update.

Ms. Zhiri reported that on the housing portion of the LLC, described generally as Building 1 which includes a west and a south wing, that on the west wing all the concrete work is done on the west wing and that portion of the project is ahead of schedule, and the south portion they are still pouring concrete and the building is on schedule. She reported that Building 2, described generally as the learning part of the project, is on schedule although there has been some difficulties in steel fabrication due to change in working drawings. She said the difficulties with the steel fabrication is not presently affecting the critical path of the project. She said that on balance the project is on schedule.

In response to a question about the softball complex, which was bid as part of Phase I of the LLC project, and its projected completion date, Ms. Zhiri said she thought that it is on schedule to be completed by fall but noted that that project is not under their control under the architectural agreement. Vice President Hill reported that that project is on schedule to be completed in time for use this fall.

Ms. Zhiri, also in response to a question, reported that they anticipate that the project will be closed in by late January or early February so that the interior work can be done over the following months.

VI. New Business

A. Action Items

1. FY 2001 Meeting Schedule

It was moved and seconded to approve the FY 2001 meeting schedule proposed. Motion passed.

2. Request for Proposal - Banking Services for Washburn University

It was moved and seconded to award the banking services contract to Commerce Bank and Trust effective October 1, 2000. Motion passed unanimously.


3. White Concert Hall Renovation - General Construction, Project No. P-9969

It was moved and seconded to approve the award of contracts for White Concert Hall renovation to Champion Builders, CY Young Industries and Zack Taylor as specified in the agenda item.

During discussion on the item, Vice President Hill reported that the issue of the "acoustical shells", which are 18 foot acoustical panels to be behind performers on the stage, has still not been resolved. She said the original project bid did include the 18 foot panels but those do not fit through the door. She said the administration is working now with the acoustical consultant to determine whether these shells could be altered to be collapsible towers which could be moved off-stage and stored. She said the approximate cost of the original 18 foot shells was approximately $30,000. She also reported, in response to a question about completion date, that while it is a tight schedule, the project could be completed by Vespers as originally planned as the contractor is ready to begin work immediately.

Motion passed unanimously.

As approved by the Board of Regents, contracts were awarded as follows: Champion Builders - $705,850 for construction, CY Young Industries - $86,864 for seat renovation, and Zack Taylor - $45,645 for carpeting.

4. Architectural Services Contract for Washburn Athletic Center at Lee Arena

It was moved and seconded to approve the award of an architectural contract to HTK Architects in the amount of $81,500. Motion passed unanimously.

5. Phase II Living Learning Center Project - Completion of Stauffer Commons and Memorial Union Renovation/Addition

Vice President Hill introduced Nadia Zhiri to update the Board of Regents on progress towards Phase II of the Living Learning Center Project. Ms. Zhiri said the goals identified by an advisory group for Phase II included the following: functionality, enhancement of student life, adding excitement to the campus, and providing a "living room" that would be revenue generating, accessible for students with disabilities and serve as another hub of activity on the University's campus.

In the needs assessment portion of the project, Ms. Zhiri identified the following programs: a convenience store; a business copy center; and, offices for student organizations such as Washburn Student Association, Campus Activity Board, Leadership Institute, non-traditional students and Student Activities/Greek Life as well as student publications. She then, using visual aids, pointed out on a schematic drawing where these various programs and changes could be made. She said the big item in the Phase II project is a revised approach to food service. She said the original concept was a food court, not unlike that found at many malls, of a standard counter.


The food consultant employed by the University, however, indicated that the trend and more favored approach is a "scramble" approach where food items are disbursed in the area so that there are not long queuing lines in front of the counter. She said the projected costs for the unified scheme presented were $3.8 million for construction costs and a total project cost of $4.9 million. The reduced version in which there would be no work done on the proposed ballroom area, no work on the lower level would be $2.4 million for construction costs and a $3.3 million total project cost.

In response to questions, Ms. Zhiri said that the next highest cost associated with the proposed project would be $300,000 for renovation of the ballroom area and, in response to questions about changes to the food service area for the "scramble" concept, said there are additional costs for increasing the size of the area by 1,400 square feet and additional funding costs of approximately $400,000 for building out and finishing the space as earlier plans had envisioned that food vendors would contribute towards construction costs. In response to questions about costs should the University decide to go with the reduced version versus the full version presented, Ms. Zhiri said she believed it would increase the present cost differential of $1.5 million to $2 million based upon today's dollars. She said it represents approximately 25%-30% increase to the project by phasing.

Regent Dick said it was his opinion that for the University to be competitive Phase II as presented is an essential element. He said if we cut back we end up only being halfway competitive based upon his observations at visiting colleges and universities with his children.

In response to a question about excavation on the east side of the facility as part of the proposed Phase II project, Ms. Zhiri said that there is a five foot change in elevation proposed. That would be terraced into two parts of approximately 2-1/2 feet each.

Chairperson Blair said he would characterize the item presented as one to approve the proposal in concept, proceeding with preparation of design and development and preparation of construction documents with approval for the project as outlined to occur in September. He said he would choose to establish a smaller committee to look more closely over the next month and a half at the proposal and financing of the project with vice chairperson Engel to chair it. He said he would ask those on the Board interested in the project to volunteer to serve on the committee and to look more carefully at the planning process.

It was moved and seconded to approve the concept and authorize the architects to proceed with design and development and the preparation of construction documents of Phase II of the Living Learning Center project and establishment of a committee to be chaired by Regent Engel to consult with the administration and the architect on the proposal during the design/development stage. Motion passed unanimously.

B. Consent Agenda

It was moved and seconded to approve the Consent Agenda. Motion passed unanimously.


As approved by the Board of Regents:

1. Personnel

a. Faculty Personnel

Hiring of effective August 2000: Charles Fantz as Lecturer in the Department of Psychology at an annual salary of $22,500; Lenora Edwards as Lecturer in the School of Nursing at an annual salary of $35,040; Marilyn Geiger as Professor Emeritus in the Department of History at an annual salary of $4,530; and, Rodney Boyd as Associate Professor Emeritus in the Department of Music at an annual salary of $4,530;

b. Personnel Actions - Administrative Staff

appointment of Janette O-Toole-Curran as Director of Student Activities and Greek Life effective July 27, 2000 at an annual salary of $35,000;

2. Expenditures over $25,000

a. Annual PBS National Program Service Assessment for FY 2000

payment of 2000 annual PBS National Program Service Assessment payment in the amount of $281,483;

b. Purchase of Nine Data Projectors for Media Center Mediated Classrooms

purchase of nine data EIKI Model XGA 980U LCD projectors for the Media Center from Cytek Audio Visual, Topeka, KS in the amount of $53,540.00;

c. Renewal of Athletic Insurance Policy

renewal of the University's basic athletic insurance policy for 2000/2001 through Flynn and Associates for the quoted premium amount of $25,384;

d. Change Orders - Living Learning Center Project

change orders modifying the contracts of the three prime contractors of the Living Learning Center as follows:

General Contract - McPherson Contractors, Inc.

1. Add for expansion of building number three (approx. 1,500 sq.ft.) for food court expansion. $112,664.00

2. Deduct for change in grade and cut of wood doors from grade AA to grade A with rift cut veneers. Species to remain white oak. ($12,619.00)

3. Deduct to delete latex additive specified for mortar for the installation of the stone veneer. ($19,500.00)

4. Add for beams, revise beam sizes, to raise the mechanical mezzanine in building number three by two feet to accommodate food court expansion. ($2,035.00)

Net contract change: Add $82,580.00

10 working days added to contract time-Completion date June 20, 2001.

Mechanical Contract - Piping Contractors

1. Add for expansion of building number three (approx. 1,500 sq.ft.) for food court expansion. $6,810.00

Net contract change: Add $6,810.00

4 working days added to contract time-Completion date June 12, 2001.

Electrical Contract - Torgeson Electric

1. Add for expansion of building number three (approx. 1,500 sq.ft.) for food court expansion. $1,411.66

Net contract change: Add $1,411.66

No change in contract time - Completion date June 5, 2001.

for a net increase in project cost to $90,801.66;


3. Kansas Open Record Act Official Records Custodfian Designation

appointment of Vice President for Administration and Treasurer as University's Official Records Custodian and Washburn University Freedom of Information Officer.

Regent Lee departed at 6:15 p.m.

C. Information Items

2. Student Life Planning for LLC

Vice President for Student Life, Denise Ottinger, reported she has been working on a nearly weekly basis with an advisory group to address student life issues regarding the Living Learning Center. She said the group has identified five goals. The first of these is a faculty mentoring program under which they would seek individuals on the faculty and/or staff, each of whom would be assigned to a hub of approximately 24 students, to provide them an opportunity to interact with faculty and staff in a different setting than the classroom or business setting.

The second is a faculty-in-residence program. She said they are hoping to identify one faculty member to stay a minimum of one academic year in the apartment residence provided in the LLC. The expectations of the individual would be more than just residing but also who would interact with residents and provide some academic programming for the students and there would be a programming budget associated with the faculty-in-residence program. The individual would also be a part of the Leadership Program team.

The third goal is to provide a linkage with the Leadership Program. In this area Ms. Ottinger indicated that they are identifying one unique course for the program which could be conducted in the LLC.

The fourth goal, under the heading of general programming, they are enlisting support from faculty across the campus for a cross-functional team under which faculty would collaborate on a theme for each academic year such as a film series occurring on a regular and routine basis during which students would watch the film and subsequently engage in discussions. Other ideas under this concept include lecture series, brown bag lunches, etc. all of which would include students other than those residing in the residence halls.

The last area she highlighted was freshman interest groups (FIG) which she said originated at the University of Washington where they identified cohort who would be concurrently enrolled in two to three general education courses together. By enrolling in common courses together, they would become a more cohesive group and have a group with whom they could identify. She reported that the University of Missouri-Columbia has added a residential component. Under this concept these FIGs would be housed together in the same unit.


Vice President Ottinger said freshman interest groups are usually organized by theme, major field of study or an interesting subject. She said thus far they are entertaining six themes for the FIGs. They include leadership to complement the Leadership Program; entrepreneurship of the future, specifically technology; fine arts; diversity; and, the environment. She said freshman interest groups are of great interest, particularly to parents, as they see the FIGs as value added as their students will be interacting informally with faculty. She said they are presently working on budget issues related to the LLC coming on line, including cable, phone and technical services, and how far the room rate presently projected will go in providing these things. She said that she anticipates some additional staffing, suggesting the hiring of one additional professional staff as an associate director of residential housing who would be required to reside in the residence hall and the addition of eight RAs who would live in the unit.

1. Advertising and Recruiting Materials

Executive Director of Governmental and University Relations, David Monical, introduced Dana Frye of FryeAllen to update the Board on the advertising and recruiting materials being used. Ms. Frye reported that they selected the top four items listed as items of concern in the last student/prospective student survey which included affordability and accessibility to technology. They have engaged in advertising in Topeka, Wichita, western Kansas, Omaha, and the Kansas City area and she distributed to members of the Board a schedule of the television ads which will be airing in the near future. She said they soon will be turning their attention to developing an advertising series which would include more information about the Living Learning Center. These will be run in the same area as described earlier. She provided a description and example of brochures developed by her agency to be used as mailers for prospective students. The brochure includes a mail-in request. She said this is so that piece can lead to other positive outcomes such as view books, a value booklet, a residential booklet and all other kinds of pieces which would serve as a unifying theme in the advertising and recruiting materials. All of these are being coordinated to present a unified image.

3. Moore Bowl Renovation

Athletics Director, Loren Ferré, circulated a brochure outlining the dream for the facility. Director of Facilities Services, Thomas Yang, circulated a report prepared by Finney & Turnipseed, P.A. concerning its survey of the structural condition of the Moore Bowl facility. Mr. Ferré reported that the top priority for his program is Option I as outlined in the agenda item at a cost of approxiamtely $2.9 million. He said that Washburn is one of only two universities in the MIAA conference which has not upgraded its facilities. The other is University of Missouri-Rolla.

In response to a question concerning the use of Moore Bowl by the Topeka Public Schools in light of the decision of U.S.D 501 to build a sports complex on the former Topeka State Hospital grounds, Mr. Ferré reported that the officials at U.S.D. 501 have indicated they will continue to use Moore Bowl as they anticipate discontinuing use of football facilities at Highland Park High School. It was moved and seconded to authorize the administration to have the Washburn Endowment Association test the viability of fund raising for this project. Motion passed unanimously.


4. Student Fitness/Recreation Center

Vice President for Student Life, Denise Ottinger, said that shortly after her arrival on campus President Farley assigned her the responsibility to explore the needs and feasibility of a student fitness center on the University's campus as a part of student life. She said the issues presented by existing facilities include limited space as Health, Physical Education and Exercise Science and Athletics are using facilities and there are, as a consequence, limited times during which such spaces are available. She said there are also environmental concerns and ADA issues as it relates to the use of Whiting Fieldhouse. She said the trend across the nation for universities is the establishment of recreation centers, a movement which began approximately thirty years ago. She said most universities do now have recreation facilities for students. She said the advisory committee which she chaired conducted a student survey and also visited campuses of Northwest Missouri State University and the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She said both of these campuses have recently added on recreation facilities. She said Northwest Missouri State was selected as it is a university within our conference having a comparable size student body and the University of Missouri-Kansas City was chosen as it is a commuter campus. She said survey results are very favorable, demonstrating a need for and interest in such a facility. She said the survey also expressed a willingness on the part of students to pay for the facility. She said the committee presently is recommending the concept of an add-on for such a facility just west of the pool area so that there could be some sharing of space, i.e., locker rooms, etc.. She said the space would be a multi-purpose space comprised of approximately 35,000 sq. ft. including three intramural size basketball courts which could also be used for volleyball and similar activities. There would be suspended running/jogging track and cardio and weight machines. She said the committee is recommending an add-on facility so that there could be controlled access. She anticipates there would be some collaboration with HPEES in that they would be able to offer lifetime wellness and activity courses during low usage times in the recreation facility. She said the two major cost items for the project would be staffing and for the acquisition of machines.

5. Admissions Criteria - First Year Update

Dean of Enrollment Management, Al Dickes, made a PowerPoint presentation concerning the University's experiences following its first year the new admission criteria were implemented. Mr. Dickes reported that priority students admitted, as compared to those conditionally admitted, achieved much higher GPAs, persisted at a higher rate, and experiences lower levels of academic difficulties and that conditional students participating in the prescription for success, compared to those who did not, had higher GPAs, fewer academic difficulties and a higher transition rate moving from conditional to priority status.

Vice Chair Engel requested that the Board Secretary provide members of the Board with a photocopy of the most recent master plan building site.

It was moved and seconded to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

` _________________________

Kenneth P. Hackler

Secretary, Board of Regents


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