August 18, 1999


I. Call to Order

Chairperson Blair called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. in the Kansas Room of the Memorial Union.

II. Roll Call

Present were: Mr. Blair, Mr. Craig, Mr. Dick, Mr. Engel, Mr. Goossen, Mrs. Parks, Mr. Roth and Mrs. Wagnon.

III. Approval of Minutes of July 28, 1999 meeting as circulated

It was moved and seconded to approve the Minutes of the July 28, 1999 meeting as circulated. Motion passed unanimously.

IV. Public Budget Hearing

Chairperson Blair declared the public hearing on the Washburn University 1999-2000 Budget and invited any person wishing to be heard on the University's 1999-2000 Budget. No person appeared to speak on the proposed budget. It was moved and seconded to approve the 1999-2000 Budget as set forth in the agenda item and to authorize the Treasurer to file the approved budget with the Shawnee County Clerk. Motion passed unanimously.

V. Officer Reports

A. Chair's Report

Chairperson Blair said that the Board of Regents Retreat set for September 17-18 will be an important meeting. He noted that members of the Board have received a self-study questionnaire to be completed and the summarized results sent to the facilitator. He requested members to get them in to the Board office by August 31 so that they may be tabulated and the results forwarded to the facilitator. He said that he and President Farley had a conversation with the facilitator Wednesday and that he believes that the facilitator will be a good one. He said members will be receiving more information on the Board Retreat quite soon.

He said the Memorandum of Understanding between the University and Washburn Endowment Association includes a provision requiring the University to give the Endowment Association guidance on what fund raising should be for the University which calls for the appointment of persons to serve on a joint committee. He said that without objection the University's membership on the committee would be President Farley, himself and Regent Engel. President Farley noted that the Washburn Endowment Association had acted Wednesday for appointing its members to the joint committee. They are: the president of the WEA, Jerry Clevenger, and WEA trustees Tim Etzel and Steve Kitchen.

Mr. Blair noted that Wanda B. Hill was present at the meeting as the "leading candidate" for the Vice President for Administration and Treasurer position and turned the floor to President Farley.

President Farley introduced Ms. Hill saying that she will be coming from her position with the Los Angeles Light Rail Authority. He said that the University was fortunate to have had a very strong pool of candidates and that we were successful in obtaining the "top of all the excellent candidates."

It was moved and seconded to add to the meeting agenda the agenda item captioned "Vice President for Administration and Treasurer Appointment" and documents necessary for Vice President for Administration and Treasurer transition. Motion passed unanimously.

VI. 3. Vice President for Administration and Treasurer Appointment

It was moved and seconded to approve the appointment of Wanda B. Hill as Vice President for Administration and Treasurer effective September 1, 1999 at an annual salary of $100,000.00. Motion passed unanimously.

Documents Necessary for Vice President for Administration & Treasurer Transition

It was moved and seconded to approve the Certificate of Corporate Authoriziation to Transfer-General Authorization and Corporate Authorization Resolution-Mercantile Bank. Motion passed unanimously.

It was moved and seconded to appoint Wanda B. Hill as Treasurer of the University effective September 1, 1999. Motion passed unanimously.

Chairperson Blair recognized Regent Dick to make a brief report on the status of the Family Housing Task Force. Regent Dick noted that the mission of the task force was to make a recommendation to the Board of Regents by its September Board meeting concerning the status of the current family housing units and, secondly, to make a recommendation concerning an appropriate policy for the University as it relates to family housing. He said the task force is presently engaged in its fact-finding phase, having met twice and anticipates that it will meet at least two more times before making a recommendation to the Board. He said, by way of analogy, that this is like having a half-built car; that is, you don't have a recognizable half-car, but rather a bunch of pieces put together.

Chairperson Blair noted that the "Remember When" gala will be held in the very near future and hoped that all members of the Board can attend and support the event. He said the proceeds will be going to leadership scholarships and that its for a good cause coupled with the opportunity to meet and be with old Washburn friends. He recognized Mr. John Hunter of the Washburn Endowment Association who highlighted the activities associated with the gala.


B. President's Report

President Farley said that Wednesday is the regular enrollment day and that there have been lots of students registering. He said Thursday will be the first day of classes. He noted that with the departure of Chuck Cordt as the executive director of the Washburn Alumni Association that he felt there needed to be an interim appointment to maintain the momentum of the organization until the position of executive director can be filled. He said he has asked John Pinegar, who is presently president of the Washburn Alumni Association, to serve in that capacity. He said he will fill in between now and about January. He said it was important to maintain the momentum and planning activities such as the Grand Reunion which is occurring next April.

He announced that the annual pig roast will be held this coming weekend. He said the Athletics Department has sold, as of noon Wednesday, 252 tickets and that all student athletes are being invited to attend as well. He said the event will be Sunday at the Ramada Inn-Downtown. He said the fall athletic programs are underway, noting that the volleyball team will play in the Western State College Invitational in Gunnison, Colo. on August 27-28 and that the football team will be visiting Wisconsin LaCrosse for its first game on September 4.

C. Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Tom Ellis noted his report is comprised this month of the Depository Security Transactions and Liquidated Claims Approval-July 1999 set forth in agenda item V.C.1. and 2. It was moved and seconded to approve the Depository Security Transactions and Liquidated Claims Approval-July 1999 as set forth in the agenda. Motion passed unanimously.

VI. New Business

A. Actions Items

1. Authority to Bond LLC Project

Mr. Ellis said the purpose of this agenda item is to provide the members of the Board of Regents a complete project update on the Living/Learning Center project including an overview of the project by the architects, Michael Treanor & Associates including the project design, cost estimates and schedule of the construction. The ancillary project issues including the preparation of the building site, traffic and pedestrian circulation, the project budget and financing of the project and, finally, a fund raising update.

Mr. Ellis then introduced Nadia Zhari. Ms. Zhari, using wall displays of the building floor plans and elevations from the west, south and north of the proposed building outlined the refinements to the project since the concept phase. Included in the work has been an exploration of the materials and finishes for the project and a refinement on the cost estimates for the proposed project.


The architect indicated that the present plans are for a limestone exterior up to a certain level to be followed above by a synthetic stucco material and the window mullions would be bronze and a roofing similar to a roof on a portion of the existing Memorial Union building. She said the cost estimates, now that more details are being identified, have been estimated to be only 1.5 percent above the numbers that were provided to members of the Board of Regents at its May meeting including contingency funding. The new dollar figure, in response to questions, for Phase I is $13,580,000. She indicated that the present thinking was to have the project let for bid with a base bid plus add alternatives indicating that the add alternates might include exterior site work to be done post-construction such as paving, lighting and landscaping; the service yard and wall; and, perhaps, the HVAC system. She said that they would like to minimize the number of add alternatives when the project is let and said that those items to be included on an add alternate list have not been defined. She said the drawings are about 25 percent complete. The proposed completion date of the construction of the structure is May 15, 2001 and there may be inclusions in the bid documents for liquidated damages or incentives for early completion.

Director of the Physical Plant, Art Johnson, talked briefly about the ancillary project issues. He noted that presently electrical main west loop, cable television systems, fiber optic systems and plumbing/sewer connections all run through Carruth or the project site. In order for the University to save time on the construction of the Living Learning Center it will be necessary to start early. Once the approval of the Board is given to have Carruth Hall demolished the work to reroute those connections clearing the way for construction and site preparation to begin will be commenced. He said the plan is to get Carruth Hall down by November 1.

Also associated with the work is a Plass Street connection to connect the parking lot south of the Law School with Plass Street as it enters the campus on the north. This will provide a connection among the parking lots on the west side of the campus from 19th Street to 17th Street. Renderings depicting the Plass Street connection were circulated.

Mr. Ellis outlined the project budget and guided the Regents through various schedules regarding the project budget, bond payment schedule, construction cash flow and bond sale information. He then introduced the University's financial advisor and bond counsel, John McArthur and Don Jensen respectively. Mr. McArthur outlined the process for sale of the bonds proposed by Fahnestock & Co. He said he is recommending that the bonds be sold on a negotiated basis and that the University obtain insurance on the bonds. He said if the bonds were insured they would have an AAA rating. He recommended also that a committee be established consisting of himself, bond counsel, President Farley and the Vice President & Treasurer to pick the timing of the sale. He said, in that event, the University would need to have the ability to have a majority of the Board meet either in person or by telephone conference call to approve the sale.


Mr. Ellis asked the president of the Washburn Endowment Association, Jerry Clevenger, to provide an update on fund raising for the project. Mr. Clevenger reported that, within a three month period, the WEA has received pledges totaling more than a million dollars for the new facility. In addition to the Stauffer pledge for the food court area announced earlier, Clevenger said Steve and Brenda Kitchen have pledged $250,000; Louis and Shaol Pozez pledged $250,000; Ben Blair and Jere Noe each have pledged $25,000; and several others have pledged $2,500. He said there are 58 naming opportunities identified with the project and, were all of them pledged, it would result in donations in excess of $3 million. He also announced that Southwestern Bell has just committed to fund three (3) $6,000 leadership scholarships.

Regent Craig moved the adoption of a resolution authorizing the publication of the notice of the intention of the Board of Regents to make building improvements and to issue revenue bonds to pay part of the cost thereof and approving the cost estimates of the proposed improvements; and, the award of a contract to McPherson Wrecking, Inc. in the amount of $46,480.00 for demolition of Carruth Hall. Motion seconded by Mrs. Parks. Motion passed unanimously.

B. Consent Agenda

It was moved and seconded to approve the consent agenda. Motion passed unanimously. By approval of the consent agenda, the Board approved:

1. a. IBM RS 6000 SP2 Node Purchase

the award of a contract to National Data Systems in the amount of $34,500.00 for the purchase of an IBM RS 6000 SP2 Node, and

2. a. Faculty Personnel

the appointment of Wanda V. Dole as director of Mabee Library effective September 27, 1999 at an annual basic salary of $72,000.00.

VII. Executive Session

It was moved and seconded to recess to Executive Session to discuss a legal matter and to reconvene in open session in the Kansas Room of the Memorial Union at 9:45 p.m. with action anticipated. Motion passed unanimously. At 9:25 p.m. the Board recessed to Executive Session in the Cottonwood Room of the Memorial Union.

At 9:45 p.m. the Board reconvened in open session in the Kansas Room of the Memorial Union. It was moved and seconded to authorize the University's legal counsel to file an action in a court of competent jurisdiction seeking a judicial determination concerning the distribution of state motor vehicle taxes to Washburn University. Motion passed, with Mayor Wagnon voting no.

It was moved and seconded to adjourn. Motion passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 9:47 p.m.


Kenneth P. Hackler

Secretary, Board of Regents


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