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Washburn University Board of Regents



The Office of Admissions is one of most important front doors to the University. The office has not been refurbished in decades, and has never been furnished with "first impression" in mind. Having moved several times in the past twenty years, the office currently contains a mix of furniture, some scavenged over the years, some from corrections workshops, all added piecemeal over the years.

In an effort to present an attractive image and to efficiently use the limited space available, a proposal was solicited from Burney Van Stone Design Consultants to design a furnishing plan for the offices. The plan submitted includes new furnishings for the reception and secretarial area, the Director's office, three offices for six admissions counselors, and modular units for three clerks.

Burney Van Stone is providing the furniture at the contract price established by a City of Topeka and GSA bid process. These contracts have also been used to provide furniture for the Washburn University School of Law and the School of Applied Studies.


The funds to refurnish the office are available in the Capital Improvement Budget, 03-00302


President Farley recommends the Purchase of the Admissions Office Furniture from Burney Van Stone Design Consultants in the amount of $31,016.12

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(date) Jerry B. Farley, President

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