September 8, 1999


I. Call to Order

Chairperson Blair called the meeting to order at 7:07 p.m. in the Karlyle Woods Biology Lab.

II. Roll Call

Present were: Mr. Blair, Mr. Craig, Mr. Dick, Mr. Engel, Mr. Goossen, Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Parks.

Chairperson Blair took the opportunity to welcome Karen Lee whose appointment was made known to the University Wednesday, September 8.

III. Approval of Minutes of August 18, 1999 meeting as circulated

It was moved and seconded to approve the Minutes of the August 18, 1999 meeting as circulated. Motion passed unanimously.

IV. Officer Reports

A. Chair's Report

Chairperson Blair said the only thing that he wished to speak about was a reminder of the Regents Retreat scheduled a week from Friday. He said materials will be sent to members of the Board in advance. He said the times of the Retreat were from Noon to 5:00 p.m. Friday, September 17 and 8:00 a.m. to Noon on Saturday, September 18. He said lunch would follow the event on Saturday. He said there were no plans for any occasion following the Friday session.

B. President's Report

President Farley said members of the Board previously had been provided a copy of a press release concerning the University's standing in the college review issue of U. S. News & World Report. He noted that the story was aired on several local television stations and was a lead story on one.

He said Regents should have received an invitation to attend the All-University Convocation which is scheduled for Friday, September 10. He said the Convocation will begin with a light lunch at White Concert Hall. There will then be a presentation by Art Fletcher, presently chair of the United States Black Chamber of Commerce and Washburn alumnus, beginning at approximately 12:45 p.m. He said Mr. Fletcher recently has been recognized as a player of the century of the all-century Washburn University team. He said Mr. Fletcher's presentation will be followed by the General Faculty Meeting.

Dr. Farley said the University recently was made aware that the Delta chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon has been notified that it is a recipient of the fraternity's national Buchanan Cup. He said this award of high distinction includes criteria of academic standing of members, community involvement, alumni relations and campus leadership. He said this is the fourth consecutive year the chapter has won the Buchanan Cup. He noted it's rare that chapters will win the award in consecutive years and rarer still to receive it in multiple consecutive years.

He noted that the 1999-2000 Wake Up With Washburn series begins Thursday morning, September 9, at 7:30 a.m. He said the speaker is Washburn alumnus Mike Ryan who is the editor of the Topeka Capital Journal editorial page. He said the Wake Up With Washburn will be followed by the official kickoff of the University's Millenium Tree Project with the planting of an 18-foot Austrian pine near the Bradbury Thompson Center. He said all attending the Wake Up With Washburn series would be also invited to attend that event.

He noted that Mabee Library is sponsoring a lecture series discussing science and the meaning of science. There are five lectures scheduled. They are: Science & Society in the 21st Century; On Understanding Science; Specifiation: The Genetics of Change; Evolution, Morality and the Meaning of Human Life; and a special presentation by author Robert Pennock, who wrote Creationism: the Tower of Babel.

He noted the University will have a public memorial service for Dr. John Henderson, former president of the University, at 1:00 p.m. in the Bradbury Thompson Center on September 22. He said Dr. Henderson passed away in the summer and while services were held for him out of town, it is appropriate for the University to have a memorial service for him.

He said the University will be sponsoring its annual all-University tailgate function preceding the 7:00 p.m. football game on September 30 with Central Missouri State University. He said this is a Thursday night and it is the featured game of the MIAA that week and will be televised. He said members of the Board of Regents, along with members of the faculty and staff, will be invited to serve as preparers or servers at the tailgate function.

Dr. Farley highlighted the upcoming Washburn Endowment Association gala, Remember When, which will be held at the Kansas ExpoCenter on September 25 beginning at 6:00 p.m. He encouraged all present to attend.

He then turned the floor to the president of the Washburn Endowment Association, Jerry Clevenger, who noted two packets were provided them by WEA. One is a video, which he invited them to pop into their VCR upon their return home, kicking off the University's Annual Giving Campaign for this year featuring Dr. Farley and Dr. Ron Wasserstein.


Mr. Clevenger then highlighted an annual report of the Washburn Endowment Association inviting their attention particularly to page 6 which showed the distribution of funds and the amount of funds contributed to the University over the years. He said the University received confirmation September 8 of a $100,000 pledge bringing the total for the Living/Learning Center project since May of contributions of $1.3 million. He reported that the total fund raising for the White Center Hall project is now $775,000. Finally, he noted that the total number of gifts and grants made to the University in its various components including KTWU, Washburn Law School Foundation, Athletics and Washburn Endowment Association for FY 1999 was $6.7 million and that the valuation of the Washburn Endowment Association assets at the close of the fiscal year 1999 were $113,275,967.

C. Treasurer's Report

Mr. Ellis noted that he had two items, Depository Security Transactions and Public Fund Investments which had been circulated with the packet. He said these are regular and routine and he noted he had a third item which he had just received on Wednesday, September 8. He said this is the annual Payment to PBS for FY 2000 for Member Service Assessment. He said that by acting in September, the University could save some funds for early payment and asked the Board to consider approving the payment to PBS for the member service assessment. It was moved and seconded to approve the Treasurer's Report, including the PBS Member Service Assessment. Motion passed. The Board's approval of the Deposity Security Transactions and Public Fund Investments as articulated in the agenda items and also the approved payment to the Public Broadcast System of $87,126.90 for the FY 2000 Member Service Assessment.

President Farley noted that the September meeting is the last meeting for Mr. Ellis to make a report as the Interim Treasurer for the University. He noted that Mr. Ellis has brought great skills to the task, has managed to grasp the complexities of the system and has endured his accounting discussions with Dr. Farley. He said Tom has done a very good job for the University.

Chairperson Blair extended his thanks to Mr. Ellis on behalf of the Board as well.

Regent Dick, as chair of the Washburn Terrace Task Force, said that, as there may have been expectations the task force would make a recommendation concerning Washburn Terrace at its September meeting, he wanted to note that when the task force met several weeks ago it decided more data would be needed to evaluate the issue including getting information and advice from an outside source. He said the task force has received some of the data, but other information is still being compiled. He said the task force does plan to meet within the next couple of weeks and that he anticipates they will have a recommendation to the Board of Regents at its October meeting.


V. New Business

A. Action Items

1. University Health Plan Renewal

It was moved and seconded to approve renewing the University's health care plans with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Kansas. Motion passed unanimously.

In the discussion of the health insurance renewal, Mr. Dick asked whether the institution looked at any corporate wellness proposals yet and inquired whether it might be helpful to have the Board set a target date for completing a review of wellness programs. He said he noted that this was the fifth year that he has expressed an interest in this.

Dr. Farley noted that the institution had not yet reviewed that in any detail and said that he would like to see a very aggressive wellness plan as well. He noted that he is forming presently a University-wide fringe benefit committee and this would be one item that he would expect to have them review. He said he would anticipate coming back at the next Board meeting with some sort of a proposal when the Board might expect to have a report from the administration on a wellness program.

2. Revisions to 1999-2000 Classified Compensation Schedule

It was moved and seconded to approve the revisions to the 1999-2000 Classified Compensation Schedule. Motion passed unanimously.

As approved by the Board, the positions of Degree Auditor II and Records Assistant III were created with entry rates of $9.70 and maximums of $13.66 for each position and revision of the entry rate for the position of Volunteer Services Coordinator to an entry rate of $7.98 with a maximum of $11.23.

3. Expenditures over $25,000

a. Basic Athletic Injury Insurance

It was moved and seconded to approve the award of the one year basic athletic injury insurance policy to CIGNA Insurance Company with an annual premium of $25,384. Motion passed unanimously.

b. Plass Street Connection project

It was moved and seconded to approve the award of a contract to Penny Construction Co. Inc. in the amount of $67,704.45 to construct the proposed Plass Street connection. Motion passed unanimously.


c. Plant Material Installation at College Avenue Mall

It was moved and seconded to approve the award of a contract to Horticultural Services, Inc. in the amount of $93,093.00 for nursery stock and installation of such plant material at the College Avenue Mall landscape improvement project. It was moved and seconded to amend the motion to provide for the award of a contract to Blackburn Nursery in the amount of $114,989.21. The motion died for lack of a second. The original motion, award of contract to Horticultural Services, Inc. in the amount of $93,093.00 passed.

d. High Speed Centrifuge for Microbiology Lab

It was moved and seconded to approve the purchase of a Sorvall RC-26 high speed centrifuge from Kendro Laboratory Products for $31,234.00. Motion passed unanimously.

e. Admissions Office Refurnishing

It was moved and seconded to approve the purchase from Burney Van Stone Design Consultants of office furniture for the office of Admissions in the contract amount of $31,016.12. Motion passed unanimously.

It was moved and seconded to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 8:02 p.m.


Kenneth P. Hackler

Secretary, Board of Regents


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