BOARD OF REGENTS
                                A G E N D A
DATE:   September 10, 1997           Mulvane Museum
PRE-MEETING DINNER: - 6:00 p.m.          South Gallery
BUSINESS MEETING:   - 7:00 p.m.          North Gallery

I.   Call to Order            Chairperson Parks

II.  Roll Call
     Mr. Dick  Mrs. Porter
     Mr. Engel                  Dr. Robinson
     Mr. Ferrell                Mr. Roth
     Mr. Maag  Mrs. Wagnon
     Mrs. Parks

III. Approval of Minutes of July 23, 1997 meeting as circulated.

IV.  President's Report

V.   New Business

     A.  Discussion and Action Items:

        1. University Health Plan Renewal          Pres. Farley
        2. Bylaw Amendment, Article V. 10,
            Second Reading                         Dr. Sheley
        3. Academic Programs
           a. Bachelor of General Studies
              (BGS) Revised                        Dr. Sheley
        4. Emeriti Status
           a. Vice President Emeritus              Pres. Farley
           b. Faculty Emeriti Dr. Sheley

     B.  Consent Agenda:

        1. Policies
           a. KS Dept. of Aging; Retired
               Senior Volunteer Program            Pres. Farley
           b. Law Library Student Employee
               Rate of Pay - Clarification of
               Policy/Practice                     Mr. Mosiman
        2. Purchases over $25,000
           a. Purchase of 41 Network Computer
              Terminals                            Mr. Mosiman
        3. Personnel
           a. Leave of Absence without Pay         Dr. Sheley
           b. Faculty Personnel                     Dr. Sheley
           c. Personnel; Salary Increase           Dr. Sheley
        4. Financial Reports
           a. Liquidated Claims Approval           Mr. Mosiman
           b. Public Fund Investments              Mr. Mosiman
           c. Depository Security Transactions     Mr. Mosiman

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