BOARD OF REGENTS
                            September 10, 1997

I.   Chairperson Parks convened the meeting of the Board of Regents in the North
     Gallery of the Mulvane Art Museum at 7:08 p.m.

II.  Present were:  Mr. Dick, Mr. Engel, Mr. Ferrell, Mrs. Parks, Dr. Robinson, Mrs.
     Wagnon and Dr. Ybarra.

Chairperson Parks extended a welcome to the newest member of the Board of Regents,
Dr. Frank Ybarra.  She reported that Dr. Ybarra has been inducted into the Kansas
Teachers Hall of Fame, formerly served as the assistant superintendent of the Topeka
Public Schools, and presently is director of personnel at the Kansas Department of Human
Resources.  She also extended congratulations to Regent Engel who was recently
reappointed to the Board.  She also reported that Regent Roth is still "under the weather"
recovering from serious surgery.  She also reported Mr. Roth thanks the Board of Regents
for the flowers and for the visits he received from Regent Hal Dick and President Farley. 
She said he plans to be with the Board of Regents at its next meeting in October.

President Farley also extended his welcome to Dr. Ybarra as a new member of the Board
of Regents and welcomed the return of Regent Engel.

III. It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of the July 23, 1997 meeting
     as circulated.  Motion passed unanimously.

IV.  President's Report

     President Farley reported he has been provided the preliminary enrollment numbers
     for the Fall, 1997 semester, most of which he said were all good indicators.  He
     said headcount was up nearly 1%, first time freshmen enrollment was up 2.5%,
     graduate enrollment up nearly 5% and the minority student population at the
     institution is nearly 15%.  He said these are all very positive factors.  He did say,
     however, there is a slight decrease in the total number of freshmen but all others
     are holding steady or have slightly increased.  He reported also that the final
     enrollment figures for the summer sessions at the University have been prepared,
     reporting a 4.5% increase in headcount and a 5% increase in student credit hours.

     Dr. Farley reported Washburn University has been involved for the past one and a
     half years with the America Reads challenge.  He said the program utilizes one half
     of the increase in an institution's work study funds to provide for student tutors in
     reading programs in high schools and elementary schools.  He said we were one of
     the first institutions to become involved of the original 100.  He said in Kansas, to
     the best of his knowledge, only Emporia State University and Wichita State
     University are involved.

     Dr. Farley reported that Washburn University, as part of its continuing close
     relationship with the Topeka Symphony Orchestra and the efforts of Dr. Kirt Saville,
     dean of the college Dr. Ray, Dr. Dick Driver, John Strickland, and Norma Pettijohn,
     has filled a vacancy in the University's position of orchestra conductor.  The
     position will be filled by Dr. Strickland who is the conductor of the Topeka
     Symphony Orchestra.  He also said that in consultation with the Topeka Symphony
     Orchestra there has been created a joint appointment for artist in residence and
     concertmaster, and also that the Topeka Symphony Orchestra has provided $5,000
     to be matched by the University to hire an acoustical expert to review the acoustics
     of White Concert Hall and also possible changes in the concert rehearsal hall.

     Dr. Farley reviewed some of the things he has done since the last meeting of the
     Board with the Board of Regents.  They included:  a talk show interview with
     Topeka's Public School Superintendent Dr. Weaver, an interview on Sam Elliott's
     talk show on WIBW, as well as interviews with the local student newspaper, the
     KAW, and with editorial boards of several newspapers in Winfield, Hutchinson,
     Wichita and Arkansas City.  He has met with the Washburn Endowment
     Association Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees of the Washburn
     Alumni Association and recently met with Governor Bill Graves who, he reported,
     "didn't promise anything but was very nice."  He said he attended a five day
     session of a president academy in which he shared with twenty other new
     presidents some of the issues facing higher education and how some others have
     successfully dealt with those.  He has met with several of the state's education
     leaders including the executive director of the Kansas Board of Regents, Steve
     Jordan, executive director of the Kansas Association of Community College
     Trustees, Sheila Frahm, Dr. Tompkins who is the superintendent of the Kansas
     Department of Education, and Topeka public school superintendent Dr. Weaver.

     He announced that Dr. Rodney Boyd will be performing a world premiere of Fantasy
     of Fives at a general faculty recital in late September; the local chapter of the Phi
     Delta Theta fraternity is the first of the Greek organizations on campus to declare
     having a "dry" house prohibiting the consumption of alcohol on its property; that
     September 11 marks the first of the Wake Up with Washburn series on campus,
     the presenter for the inaugural 1997-98 Wake Up with Washburn is Connie Yoxall
     who will speak on humor in the workplace.

     Dr. Farley reported he participated in a "magnificent event", one of the highest
     quality events he has attended, in which Washburn honored Billie Jean Moore.  He
     said the event was planned by Patty Dick and Washburn athletics director Loren
     Ferré.  He said not only was Billie Jean Moore present for the event but Pat
     Summit, nationally renowned coach at the University of Tennessee, and Jackie
     Joyner Kersie, who flew in specifically for this event, were present.

V.   New Business

     A.   Discussion and Action Items

          1.   University Health Plan Renewal
               It was moved and seconded to approve renewal of the University's
               group health care plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield for the contract
               year November 1, 1997 through October 31, 1998.  Dr. Farley,
               during discussion of the motion, noted that the administration, during
               the preparation of the budget for the current fiscal year, had
               anticipated a premium increase but following review of the loss
               experience by Blue Cross Blue Shield, premiums would be reduced. 
               He said the range of reduction generally is from 3.1% to 5.1% with
               the exception of those persons covered under the MER (over 65)
               coverage who are experiencing an increase.  Motion passed

          2.   Bylaw Amendment, Article V. §§10, Second Reading
               It was moved and seconded to approve the amendment to Article V.
               §10 as proposed.   Regent Engel inquired why the provisions relating
               to the procedures to be followed by the University Council were
               embedded in the Bylaws.  University Counsel is to examine the issue
               and to work with the administration in responding to Mr. Engel's
               query.  Motion passed unanimously.

          3.   Academic Program

               a.   Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) Revised
                    It was moved and seconded to approve the revised degree
                    curriculum within the Bachelor of General Studies degree as
                    proposed in the agenda item.  Dr. Farley noted the Bachelor of
                    General Studies degree program offers students options to
                    devise their own degree under the guidance of an advisor.  He
                    said this kind of a program permits students to tailor their
                    education.  Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Wayne
                    Sheley, said the Bachelor of General Studies program was one
                    picked out by the program review committee.  He said at the
                    time of the review there were only three majors in the
                    program.  He said the program is very marketable, modeled
                    after Reed College in Oregon.  He said this will allow students
                    to pick from two or more areas of emphasis for their program
                    and they can use courses crossing school lines.  Motion
                    passed unanimously.

          4.   Emeriti Status

               a.   Vice President Emeritus
                    It was moved and seconded to award Vice President Emeritus
                    status to Louis E. Mosiman.  Chairperson Parks noted Mr.
                    Mosiman will be retiring from the University at the end of the
                    calendar year after some 36 years of service, having served as
                    manager of the University's bookstore, business manager, and
                    most recently as Vice President for Administration and
                    Treasurer.  She reported Mr. Mosiman is one of only two chief
                    fiscal officers Washburn University has had since its inception
                    as a municipal university in June, 1941.  Mrs. Parks said under
                    Mr. Mosiman's fiscal leadership Washburn has been operated
                    efficiently and effectively enabling the faculty and staff to
                    provide quality educational opportunities for students.  She
                    said Mr. Mosiman was here at the time of the 1966 tornado
                    and participated in the re-building of the University following
                    the destruction of much of our campus and since has led the
                    University in the enhancement of our facilities to carry it
                    forward into the next millennium.  She said she would very
                    much like to commend Mr. Mosiman for his distinguished
                    service to Washburn University.  Motion passed unanimously.

               b.   Faculty Emeriti
                    It was moved and seconded to award Professor Emeritus
                    status to Emanuel Calys, and Assistant Professor Emeritus
                    status to Carolyn Middendorf and Audrey Kennedy.  President
                    Farley said he would like to call attention to the item in the
                    agenda noting it is really faculty who make an institution what
                    it is.  He said a student's memory of an institution is not of the
                    president or even of the board but of faculty members with
                    whom they have interacted.  He commended the retiring
                    faculty members for their dedicated service to Washburn
                    University.  Motion passed unanimously.

     B.   Consent Agenda

          It was moved and seconded to approve items constituting the consent
          agenda as outlined in V.B.1. through 4.  Motion passed unanimously.  As
          approved by the Board of Regents:

          1.   Policies
               a.   KS Dept. of Aging; Retired Senior Volunteer Program
                    A resolution was approved to provide for fulfilling the "reliable
                    evidence" requirement for the Kansas Department of Aging,
                    designating Jerry B. Farley, President; Louis E. Mosiman, Vice
                    President of Administration & Treasurer; Dolores Lewis,
                    Controller;  and Jeff Peters, Assistant Controller, as persons
                    authorized to execute applications, plans, reports, budgets,
                    invoices, requests, contracts, notifications of grant awards
                    and other documents regardless of program effective
                    September 11, 1997 upon which the Kansas Department of
                    Aging can rely.

               b.   Law Library Student Employee Rate of Pay - Clarification of
                    A change in the University's policy with respect to student
                    employees providing that "the President may approve an
                    hourly wage rate in excess of the amount specified in
                    Section 2 [I. Section 7.7.b of the Business and Financial
                    Affairs Handbook] pursuant to the Law School Financing Plan,
                    for individuals enrolled in courses of study following the
                    acquisition of an undergraduate degree, but such individuals
                    shall in all other respects be subject to the University Student
                    Employment Policy."

          2.   Purchases over $25,000
               a.   Purchase of 41 Network Computer Terminals
                    The purchase of 42 NC217 computer terminals and keyboards
                    from Tektronix in the amount of $52,972.

          *    Payment of $79,431 to the Public Broadcasting Service for the
               University's PBS member service assessment (MSA) for KTWU for
               fiscal year 1998.

          3.   Personnel
               a.   Leave of Absence without Pay for the 1997-98 academic year
                    for Dr. Aaron Stucker;

               b.   Faculty Personnel
                    Dr. Larry Blumberg to serve as Acting Chair of the Math
                    Department effective September 1, 1997 with a total fiscal
                    year salary of $57,326; Dr. Al Riveland to serve as Acting
                    Associate Chair of the Math Department for the 1997-98
                    academic year with a total fiscal year salary of $60,036;
                    change in position line number for Rhonda Barlow in the Math
                    Department from 22500-01-2 to 22500-19-2 with a salary of
                    $18,000; and, the appointment of Dr. Carol Ferreira as an
                    assistant professor on tenure track in the School of Nursing at
                    an annual basic salary of $36,000.

               c.   Personnel; Salary Increase
                    An increase in the hourly wage rate for Paul Goebel effective
                    August 18, 1997 to $11.03 per hour for additional
                    responsibilities formerly performed by the assistant director of
                    the Media Center, Brenda White, until such time as the vacant
                    director position is filled and the assistant director resumes
                    performance of all such position functions and responsibilities,
                    together with the transfer of $6,000 from position line #01-
                    42000-2-1 to 01-42000-11-7.

          4.   Financial Reports
               The approval of Liquidated Claims Approval, Public Fund Investments
               and Depository Security Transactions as set forth in agenda item
               V.B.4.a. through c.

*    Special Assistant to the President

     Dr. Farley said that since his arrival on the University's campus he's been very
     actively involved in meeting with persons on and off the campus and, while he is
     blessed with extremely good staff and his vice presidents and other staff positions
     and has a "wonderful resource" in his office staff, Janet Martinek, he has a need
     for someone to provide a greater degree of personal assistance to him as President. 
     He said that while he is very sensitive to adding administrative staff, in light of
     needs for faculty, he is recommending the appointment of Tom Ellis to serve as
     Special Assistant to the President at an annual basic salary of $60,000 effective
     September 11, 1997.  He said that after working with Mr. Ellis for some three
     years at the University of Oklahoma he has come to have a good working
     relationship with Mr. Ellis and has trust in him and, further, that Mr. Ellis brings to
     him a great knowledge of Washburn University and the community.  It was moved
     and seconded to approve President Farley's recommendation and appoint Tom Ellis
     as Special Assistant to the President.  Motion passed unanimously.

 *   Item(s) added to the agenda at the meeting with the consent of the Board.

Mr. Hackler, Secretary to the Board, informed members of the Board of Regents that it
was not possible to schedule a Board Retreat for September 27, 1997 as had originally
been proposed.  He reported that there are a possibility of three dates which might work
for such purpose, October 18, November 8 and the afternoon November 14 and morning
of November 15.  He asked that members of the Board of Regents check their respective
calendars and call his office.  Mayor Wagnon reported that she would only be able to
attend the November 8 meeting due to a conflict of schedule with special events that she
is serving as host.

Chairperson Parks thanked Dr. Soppelsa for the Mulvane's hospitality permitting the Board
of Regents to meet in the Mulvane Art Museum.  Mrs. Parks also thanked Dr. Sylvia
Robinson for her service to the Washburn University Board of Regents, noting that this is
her last meeting.  She said she has really enjoyed having Dr. Robinson on the Board and
wishes her the best.  Dr. Robinson said that her service on the Washburn University Board
of Regents has been a very good and interesting experience.  She said she appreciated the
camaraderie of the Board of Regents, especially during the recent successfully concluded
search process.  She also said that she regards her experience here as a very warm and
worthwhile one.  According to Dr. Robinson, she will be replaced on the Washburn
University Board of Regents by Harry Craig.

President Farley reported to the Board of Regents that the University has now begun the
search process for the upcoming vacancy in the Vice President for Administration &
Treasurer position following Mr. Mosiman's retirement at the end of the calendar year.  He
said a search committee has been created comprised of faculty and staff as well as an
outside member from the community.  He said the search process will involve the Board in
the interview process which he said he hoped would be not later than early December, as
the deadline for submission of applications and nominations is October 31, 1997.

Chairperson Parks noted that the weekend of April 18, also the date for the annual Alumni 
Weekend, has been tentatively identified as a date for the inauguration of Jerry Farley as
President of Washburn University.  She said the committee will soon begin work on
planning that event and will be working with the city and others to ensure that the event is

It was moved and seconded to adjourn.  The meeting of the Board of Regents adjourned at
8:06 p.m.
                         Kenneth P. Hackler
                         Secretary, Board of Regents

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