Agenda Item No. _________

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: University Personnel

DESCRIPTION: In 1995, Mr. Ernest Hedges retired as KTWU's Chief Engineer after 29 years of service to Washburn University. Due to the transition in leadership at KTWU, his nomination for Eminentes status was unintentionally overlooked.

Mr. Hedges long tenure and consistent engineering and technological vision helped to make KTWU a success throughout the northeast Kansas viewing area. He helped to pioneer public broadcasting in the state of Kansas. Mr. Hedges molded and shaped the technology of KTWU to sharpen its vision and to greatly advance Kansas public broadcasting. There have been many significant industry changes over the years - black and white to color, videotape formats, analog to digital editing, closed-captioning and the television program rating system. All of these required vision and skill to implement and Mr. Hedges demonstrated exemplary leadership during his years at Washburn University.

The distinction of Eminentes Universitatis is recommended in recognition of Mr. Ernest Hedges' long and distinguished career, and for his outstanding service to KTWU and Washburn University.


RECOMMENDATION: President Farley recommends that the Board honor Mr. Ernest Hedges with the distinction of Eminentes Universitatis.

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(date) Jerry B. Farley, President

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