September 15, 2000


I. Call to Order

Chairperson Blair called the meeting to order at 7:06 p.m. in the Kansas Room of the Memorial Union.

II. Roll Call

Present were: Mr. Blair, Mr. Craig, Mr. Dick, Mr. Engel, Mr. Goossen, Mrs. Lee, Mr. Roth and Mrs. Wagnon.

III. Approval of Minutes of July 26, 2000 meeting as circulated

Chairperson Blair said that, inasmuch as there were no amendments or corrections, the Minutes of the Minutes of the July 26, 2000 meeting are approved as mailed.

IV. Officer Reports

A. Chair's Report

Chairperson Blair reminded members of the Board that the Retreat would be held at the Shawnee County Club beginning with a continental breakfast at 8:00 a.m. and that the morning would be spent in reviewing academic affairs, administrative affairs and student life.

Mr. Blair said that today he was privileged to address members of the faculty and staff at the opening convocation for the 2000-2001 academic year. He said it was a wonderful meeting and recommended that Regents attend the convocation next year. He said there recently was a meeting of the liaison committee between Washburn University and Washburn Endowment Association and that during the retreat session the president of the WEA, Jerry Clevenger, would provide some information concerning that meeting.

Chairperson Blair introduced Mr. Tom Ellis to provide an update from the convocation meeting. Mr. Ellis then reported that the University police and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, in the person of Scott Teeselink, have been investigating a crime on campus and proceeded to roll the videotape from the Annual Giving Campaign.

B. President's Report

President Farley said that Washburn University was ranked very highly in the annual university ratings in U. S. News and World Report, which placed the University seventh overall in the Midwest region. He said this provides external validation that the University is doing the right things.

Dr. Farley said enrollment, though fifth week enrollment figures are not yet finalized, appears to be up with overall student credit hours up by 3.5%, first time freshmen up almost 22%, and community college transfers up 21% or 22%. He extended contratulations to Al Dickes and his Admissions crew for the fine work that they have done in recruitment for the University. In response to questions, he said that the 2+2 program has approximately 100 students enrolled which is about on target. He said they haven't yet rolled out all programs. The next piece will be in January when they introduce four other degree programs at 11 community college.

He said on October 17 Morris Dees will be on the University's campus. Dees, who works in the civil rights area, recently completed a battle in Idaho versus the Aryan Nation. He said Dees is very well known and respected for the work he has performed.

President Farley announced there would be an Alumni Fellows lunch at 11:30 a.m. on October 13. He said the Alumni Fellows this year are: Charles Axton (Bachelor in Arts and Music 1956), Bernie Bianchino (BA in Political Science 1970; JD 1974), Dean Forester (BA in Criminal Justice 1974), Bill Greiner (BBA 1980), Bob Meinershagen (Ba in Biology 1963), Bill Shuart (BA in Philosophy 1973), and Mary Wentworth (BS in Nursing 1985).

Dr. Farley said that the dean of the Law School, Jim Concannon, as indicated in recent e-mail, has announced that he is retiring from the deanship at the end of this fiscal year. Dr. Farley said he tried to talk him into staying as dean through centennial year 2003, but Mr. Concannon resisted so as to provide the new incoming dean, whomever he or she may be, to begin his/her tenure as dean on an up note. He said Mr. Concannon's had a marvelous tenure as dean, serving as the second longest serving dean at Washburn University and seventh longest tenure of more than 100 law schools. He said he is greatly respected across the country and among his faculty. He said there will be a national search conducted.

Dr. Farley then introduced Dana Frye of the FryeAllen Advertising Agency who reviewed with the Regents the print materials being utilized and showed a videotape of the most recent commercial airing on television.

C. Treasurer's Report

Vice President of Administration and Treasurer, Wanda Hill, reviewed with the Board the agenda items: 1. Depository Security Transactions, 2. Liquidated Claims - July 2000, 3. Liquidated Claims - August 2000, and 4. Public Fund Investments

It was moved and seconded to approve these four items as set forth in the agenda items. Motion passed unanimously.

Committee Reports

Chairperson Blair introduced Vice Chair Engel who gave an update of the Union Task Force formed following the last meeting of the Board of Regents. Mr. Engel said he would review where the money on the project would be going, the design concerns, programming ideas and a recommendation. Mr. Engel said one of the first areas was the food court area which had been increased in size by 1,500 sq. ft. at a cost of approximately $200,000. He reminded members of the Board that Phase I provided only the shell for the new Stauffer Commons and that hadn't included equipment for the areas as the expectations had been that vendors would be providing that. He said as the University would be self-operating the area it would need to provide the equipment at a cost of approximately $400,000.


Mr. Engel said the second area of concern was the new entry on the East side of the building. He said first this eliminates some ADA concerns and it replaces at 34-year-old elevator. He said this will make the lower level space fully accessible. He also said this will help in expanding the bookstore and making the whole building more vibrant. This would be done at a cost of approximately $400,000. He said there will be no need to replace the HVAC system as it had been replaced a couple of years ago and there will be very little demolition. He said design-wise, the new entry on the East side will give a new expanded look.

He said one of the concerns had been, design-wise, with the food court. Some had thought that it might be too small. He said the ad hoc committee, he and Regent Lee, had heard a report from a consultant that only 240 seats would be necessary for the Stauffer Commons and that we have over 260. He said the worst thing that the University could do is to make the space too big. He said there will have to be more flexible hours to take care of the load and the ballroom still will be available as an overflow area. He said that as student enrollment increases it would be possible to extend the food court to the North.

He said another design concern was the current placement of the Leadership office. He said this is prime real estate in the building as it is an office that doesn't fit. He said that the committee recommends that it be moved in part to make the space more workable for large group settings as it could be used as a break-out session for meetings occurring in the ballroom.

In terms of programming, Vice Chair Engel said the committee's conclusion, after meeting with staff, is that it does meet the programming needs with the exception of the current placement of the Leadership office. He said there, however, is no centrally located information desk where persons can come in and pick up maps and information concerning the campus. He said they have asked the architect to look into that issue to see if there is a location to place a real information desk. He said the problem is, however, that there still will be a need to find a way to staff it.

He said the recommendation of the ad hoc Union Task Force is that the Board approve placing Phase II out to bid. It was moved and seconded to authorize the Phase II project as outlined be let for bids. Motion passed unanimously.

Chairperson Blair introduced the chair of the Budget and Finance Committee, Regent Dick. Regent Dick said the committee spent 75% of its last meeting time, approximately 2 hours, reviewing performance indicators which are required to be submitted to the Kansas Board of Regents by October. He said the issues are finding performance indicators which are distinctive for Washburn and are controllable.

Chairperson Blair suggested as performance indicators was an item for information on the agenda for the evening that Mr. Monical review the draft indicators developed.

C. Information Item

1. Kansas Board of Regents Performance Indicators

Mr. Monical then made his presentation on the quality performance indicators, highlighting from the agenda item draft circulated.


Regent Craig suggested, following the presentation by Mr. Monical, that the University internally weight these performance indicators before forwarding them into the Kansas Board of Regents along with identifying dollars to each. He said the easier you make it for the Kansas Board of Regents, the better likelihood there is of getting them through. He said you shouldn't leave it up to the Kansas Board of Regents to make a decision on these.

Mr. Roth said the performance indicators presented in the draft were real informative but thought perhaps they might be too high. He said we ought to compare with others and perhaps average with them.

Mr. Dick then continued his report on the Budget and Finance Committee's work. He said they've been working also on a longer term goal of putting together strategic indicators for the Board of Regents. He said he hopes to have a survey for next month's meeting of "here are things we'd like to see" to help the committee figure out what information is important to the Board as a whole.

Other items the committee worked on at its last meeting were the budget planning calendar, which he said had been sent to Regents for comments. He also said they should have received a draft of the Budget and Finance Committee's work plan of other projects. The information items also included capital projects financing, and the proposed new software for the University's ITS department. He said with respect to computers, we're somewhere in the stone age and that over the next few months we'll be seeing a lot of projects to get us into the electronic age.

Chairperson Blair then introduced the chair of the Intellectual Property Committee, Chuck Engel, who reported that the committee will be reviewing the intellectual property policy developed by the faculty some 18 months ago over the next month and that the committee plans to have a report to the Board as a whole in November.

Chairperson Blair then recognized Vice President Ottinger who gave a report on the Housing Committee. She said this is a committee comprised of students, faculty and staff who began work about the second week of August and has engaged in brainstorming and investigating. He said they have found web sites from other universities on housing, some of which have floor plans accessible on their web site. They have been visiting with the consultants employed by the University for housing, Treanor Architects. Among the items the consultant will assist in are identification of housing types and location, code restrictions, estimation of costs, construction schedule, and documentation. In response to a question from Regent Craig about whether the University administration had excluded private public partnership, Vice President Ottinger said that has not been excluded.

In response to a question concerning whether the University had experienced any success in encouraging external development by Regent Dick, Mr. Ellis reported that there haven't been any plans finalized but there have been a number of inquiries and interest and information gathering on the part of external developers. He said the present activity on campus on housing is sending a powerful signal to the community and is generating interest. He reported, by way of example, there is proposed redevelopment on 21st and Washburn by the filing of a planned urban development project. This project envisions the demolition of the building presently housing El Cazador and the construction of a new Walgreens and a Pad restaurant in that location and the construction of a car wash East of the Burnett Auto Center.


V. New Business

A. Action Items

1. University Health Plan Renewal

It was moved and seconded to renew the University's health plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas as outlined in the agenda item. Motion passed unanimously.

2. Dining Services Operations

It was moved and seconded to approve the restructure of administrative positions within the Memorial Union operations and for the addition of two new positions for Assistant Director of Memorial Union Business Services and an executive chef. Motion passed unanimously.

As approved by the Board of Regents the salary line for the Director of Dining Operations was increased by $600 to $4,000 for a total annual basic salary range of $42,000-$46,000; new position of Assistant Director of Memorial Union Business Services at an annual basic salary of $37,608; new Executive Chef position at an annual basic salary range of $25,000-$30,000; and, change in Assistant Director of Memorial Union Operations to Associate Director of Memorial Union Operations at no additional cost.

B. Consent Agenda

It was moved and seconded to approve the consent agenda items in V.B.1.a., B.2.a. through c., and 3.a. and b. Motion passed unanimously.

As approved by the Board of Regents:

1. Policies

a. Revision to Business and Financial Affairs Handbook: Student Employment

REVISE Student Employment Policy and Procedures, section 7.1(a), page 24:

Washburn University students enrolled in six or more credit hours per semester and Washburn University students completing a degree program requiring six or less credit hours shall be employed ontThe University Student Contract shall be used when appointing student employees, who and shall be subject to the University Student Employment Policy;

2. Expenditures over $25,000

a. Renewal of Insurance Policy

Purchase of replacement insurance policy from Topeka insurors, LLC, to cover KTWU broadcast equipment, the towers and buildings at the tower site, for the 2000-2001 year in the amount of $40,357.00;

b. Garvey Theatre Roof Replacement

Approval to award contract to replace the roof on the Theatre of Garvey Fine Arts Building to Vincent Roofing, Inc. in the amount of $66,400.00;

c. Physiology Teaching Kit for Biology Department

Purchase of six iWorx AK/204 Animal Physiology Teaching Kits w/six add-on PS/104 Human Physiology Kits, six SP-300 Spriometer flow heads, six FT-325 Hand Dynamometers, six HSM-300 Heart sounds microphones w/analog output, and one ISE 1000 Micro CO2 Electrode from iWorx/CB Science, Inc. in the amount of $26,795.00;


3. Personnel

a. University Personnel - Hedges

Approval to honor Mr. Ernest Hedges with the distinction of Eminentes Universitatis; and,

b. Faculty Personnel

Approval of the following adjustments and appointments to begin with the Fall 2000 semester: change William Gahnstrom from 3/4 time to full-time contract as Lecturer at an annual salary of $29,656.00; change Evelyn Pitts from 3/4 time to full-time contract as Instructor at an annual salary of $30,808.00; change David Weed from 3/4 time to full-time contract as instructor at an annual salary of $30,444.00; hire Debra Isaacson on non-tenure track one-year contract as Lecturer at an annual salary of 35,040.00; and, unpaid leave of absence for Fall semester 2000 for Nancy Sheley.

1. Policies

b. Alcoholic Liquor/Cereal Malt Beverage Policy

It was moved and seconded that the designation of locations in the Alcohol Policy be changed to reflect that such places be pursuant to Kansas law and at the discretion of the President. Motion passed unanimously.

C. Information Items

1. Faculty Development

Chairperson Blair recognized Dr. Mary McCoy and Dr. Joanne Altman. Dr. McCoy said the goal of the faculty development program is to enhance instructional excellence. She said the program was first developed in 1992 and she has been involved as being the coordinator of the program from 1996-1999. She said it is presently being coordinated by a faculty steering committee comprised of 11 faculty members. The program consists of workshops conducted at the average of one a month or three or four each semester the content of which is determined by the director in conjunction with the Vice President for Academic Affairs with input from the faculty committee and the faculty as a whole. In addition to the workshops, there is a mentoring program presently being coordinated by Dr. Gustavson from the School of Business. She said the mentoring program involves the assignment of one or two mentors to all new faculty who begin meeting with the new faculty member right off the bat.

It was moved and seconded to adjourn. Motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 9:18 p.m.


Kenneth P. Hackler

Secretary, Board of Regents

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