BOARD OF REGENTS
                               September 24, 1994


I. Chairperson Ferrell called the meeting of the Board of Regents to
   order at 8:32 a.m. in the Kansas Room of the Memorial Union.  Present
   were:  Messrs. Ferrell, Felker, Kimbrough, Maag and Roth; Mrs. Hines,
   Mrs. Parks and Mrs. Porter.


The Board then commenced its Retreat schedule beginning with the
introduction of the Executive Director of the Kansas Board of Regents, Dr.
Steve Jordan; the Executive Director of the Kansas Association of Community
Colleges, Dr. Merle Hill; and, the Commissioner of Education for the State
of Kansas, Dr. Lee Droegemueller.  The three presented information
concerning the future of post-secondary education in Kansas.  No action was
taken by the Board of Regents.

The Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Washburn Endowment
Association, Keith Bossler, and a consultant on fund raising/development,
Jack Miller, were introduced to members of the Board of Regents.  The two
made a presentation concerning issues facing the Washburn Endowment
Association and the University as the transition from passive fund manager
to active fund raiser by WEA is made.  No action was taken by the Board of

The Board recessed to lunch and business meeting in the Lincoln Room of the
Memorial Union at 11:50 a.m.

III. Approval of Minutes

   It was moved and seconded to approve the Minutes of the August 24,
   1994 meeting as circulated.  Motion passed.

IV.  New Business

A. Alumni/Convocation Center - Award of Contracts

     It was moved and seconded to authorize the administration to
     negotiate with Murray and Sons Construction for the
     Alumni/Convocation Center construction contract based upon column
     2 of Exhibit 2 to the agenda item circulated at the meeting and to
     authorize the Chairperson of the Board to execute said contract. 
     Motion passed unanimously.

B. Washburn University Retirement Plan

     It was moved and seconded to approve the amendment to the
     University's plan document as shown in the agenda item IV.B. 
     Motion passed unanimously.

     The amendment approved by the Board of Regents to the University's
     Retirement Plan is as follows:

     "4.1  Fund Sponsors/Funding Vehicles.  Plan Contributions are
     invested in one or more of the Funding Vehicles available to
     participants under this Plan.  The Fund Sponsors and their Funding
     Vehicles are as follows:

A. Teachers Insurance and
Annuity Association (TIAA)
TIAA Retirement Annuity
B. College Retirement Equities
Fund (CREF)
Stock Account
Money Market Account
Bond Market Account
Social Choice Account
Global Equities Account
Equity Index Account
Growth Account

     The Institution's current selection of Fund sponsors and Funding
     Vehicles is not intended to limit future additions or deletions of
     Fund Sponsor and Funding Vehicles.  Any additional Accounts
     offered by TIAA-CREF will be made available automatically to
     Participants under this Plan unless the Institution elects

C. Possible Sale of Osborne Farm & Bennett Property

     It was moved and seconded to ratify the real estate purchase
     agreement by and between Washburn University as seller and Inter-
     banc Consultants, Inc. et al executive by Chairperson Ferrell. 
     Motion passed.

D. Law Journal Printing Contract

     It was moved and seconded to award the contract for printing three
     issues of the Washburn Law Journal to Joe Christenson, Inc. in the
     contract amount of $28,500.  Motion passed.

E. General Assessment Services

     It was moved and seconded to approve payment of the General
     Assessment Service of PBS in the amount of $85,816.17.  Motion

F. Purchases over $25,000

1. X-Ray Machine and Film Processor

       It was moved and seconded to award contract to Clayton X-Ray
       Company for the purchase of an Energized X-ray Machine and Film
       Processor in the amount of $41,828 contingent upon receipt of
       grant funds from the Carl Perkins Program Improvement Grant. 
       Motion passed.

G. Financial Reports

     It was moved and seconded to approve items G.1. through 6. as
     circulated with the Board of Regents agenda.  Motion passed.

H. Health Care Plan

     It was moved and seconded to renew the University's Health Plan
     with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Kansas at the proposed modified
     rates effective November 1, 1994.  Motion passed.

I. Student Advising - ACT

     It was moved and seconded to approve the policy requiring students
     to submit the ACT within 24 hours of admission.  Motion passed. 
     Policy approved is as follows:

ACT scores are used in advising and placement only.  Scores are
not used in the general university admissions policy.
     Degree seeking students entering Washburn University with fewer
     than 24 college credit hours must submit ACT scores.
Students with more than 24 college hours are encouraged, but not
required, to submit ACT scores.
     Students who enter with less than 24 credit hours may enroll
     without ACT scores on file, but they must complete this
     requirement prior to completing any further registration or
     advanced registration.
     Students who have been out of school for a time may submit past
     ACT score results so long as the scores are no more than five
     years old.
     Students may set up a testing time with the University Counseling
     and Testing Center.

J. Administrative Personnel

     It was moved and seconded to improve the employment of Dr. Floyd
     Goodwyn as the Director of Learning Enhancement/Associate
     Professor at an annual basic salary of $63,000. Motion passed

Members of the Board of Regents returned to the schedule for the Retreat
and took a tour of the neighborhoods to the north and east of the
University's campus, and toured Carnegie Hall and Mabee Library and a suite
in Carruth and West Halls.

Dr. Cohen made a presentation concerning the goals and objectives of the
institution and summarizing program review results from the program reviews
conducted in fiscal year 1994.

At 4:04 p.m. the meeting of the Board of Regents adjourned.

Kenneth P. Hackler, Secretary, Board of

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