Agenda Item No._________

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Contract with Robert Huber Associates for Debit Card Consulting


The University's declining balance debit card software is no longer supported by the vendor and cannot be expanded to support the needs of the LLC. Besides the student ID function and Dining Services access, a replacement system can be expanded to provide services campus-wide, including bookstore, vending, library access, door access, athletics and events, etc.

Robert Huber, a vendor-independent consultant specializing in assisting universities with campus card implementations, has been a leader in the development and utilization of campus cards over the last decade. During the summer, we initiated conversations with Mr. Huber about coordinating the purchase of an expanded system and the set up of a new card office/customer service center as part of the Union renovation. In September, he spent two days on campus (pro-bono) to assess our culture and needs.

Huber's "accelerated" program takes 18 months and costs $44,000. We need the basic card operation in place within 10 months to be ready by the opening of LLC. Huber has agreed to our time schedule and will devote the next 9 months to the program for $22,800 plus an estimated $13,200 in travel and material expenses. If needed, we may contract for additional services next fiscal year (during implementation).


There is adequate funding allocated to the Union for computer projects in the FY01 Capital Improvements/Equipment Budget to cover this expense.


President Farley recommends approval to contract with Robert Huber Associates for $22,800 plus estimated expenses of $13,200.

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Date Jerry B. Farley, President

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