Agenda Item No. _____________

Washburn University Board of Regents


Purchase and installation of infiNET Solutions, Inc. software.


For several months, we have been exploring the possibility of web-enabling the University's legacy systems. Much research has been done to identify the companies capable of providing this service. We found several companies capable of web-enabling the University's screens from the AS400 as they currently appear, but only one company providing a product that goes beyond merely web-enabling and interfaces with the numerous systems and databases within the existing University information technology environment. This company, infiNET Solutions, Inc., provides a product that will combine data from various University sources and present in a user-defined format. InfiNET can also add business logic to enhance existing systems. This product complements our focus to coordinate computing efforts to create a stronger and more efficient technology system providing information and services to the campus community.


infiNET products are offered in a modular format enabling the University to select the modules and applications needed. In addition, all infiNET products will be customized by incorporating Washburn University colors, logos, graphics and fonts, and will provide 24-hour access for students, faculty, alumni and staff to critical information.

Once the Board approves the acquisition of the modules selected, a detailed business process analysis and system review of the current technical infrastructure will be conducted by infiNET personnel in conjunction with various campus personnel. The infiNET products can interface with any system the University currently has or will obtain in the future; therefore, the investment in infiNET will not be lost when new administrative systems are implemented.

The modules selected for implementation were chosen to add functionality that does not currently exist with Washburn's legacy systems. The modules selected for implementation, along with a brief description of each, are attached as Exhibit A.


The costs associated with the acquisition and installation are as follows:

Analysis - Business process analysis and mapping, integration

and gap closure $ 40,350

System Software - QuickCHECK Web Engine, Connection

Manager and QuickPAY Web Engine 36,880

Selected Applications - See Exhibit A 83,460

Professional Services - Project management, installation,

system configuration, documentation and

training 33,600

Total Cost $194,290

In addition to the total cost for software acquisition and installation of $194,290, there will be annual support service/maintenance charges of $20,582.

The $194,290 will be funded from the Sales Tax - Capital Projects Fund and the annual maintenance charge will be funded from Information Technology Services general fund operating budget.


President Farley recommends the Board of Regents approve the purchase and installation of the selected modules from infiNET Solutions, Inc. as detailed on Exhibit A in the amount of $194,290, and the inclusion of $20,582 for maintenance in the FY01-02 Information Technology Services budget.

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Date Jerry B. Farley, President

Exhibit A

infiNET Solutions, Inc.

October 2000

QuickCHECK Administration Module

Grades - By selecting the term and year, a student can access their grades quickly and easily.

Address Changes - Enables a student to view their current address and telephone number information and submit any changes. The student can have up to four (4) addresses that can be accessed and updated.

PIN Changes - Students are able to view and update their security PIN (personal identification number) for access to the QuickCHECK system.

QuickCHECK Registration Module

Add Class - Students can register for or add classes electronically. All business rules that exist within Washburn's current student information system (SIS) will be honored, including schedule conflicts, prerequisits, etc.

Drop Class - Students can drop classes electronically. All business rules that exist within Washburn's SIS will be honored, including penalties for withdrawal, etc.

Class Information - Allows students to view detailed information about classes for which they are enrolled, including date, time, location, instructor and credit hours.

Student Schedule - Allows students access to their class schedule listing the term, day and time each class meets. Provides a graphical view of the student schedule including class number, date and time.

QuickCHECK Financial Services Module

Account Information - Summarizes the current charges and payments of a student's account including account balance, last payment date, last payment amount, next payment due date, account hold status, and reason for the account hold.

Bill Presentment - Allows students to view up to three (3) of their previous billing statements. Provides options to fax or e-mail documents directly from the web page.

QuickPAY Electronic Bill Payment - Allows students to pay all or any portion of the outstanding balance on their account via a secure connection to the Internet. Washburn's students can make payments using credit/debit cards, on-line checks, or setup auto debit transactions and automatically post these payments to their accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once payment is made, any holds on the student account can be automatically removed.

QuickCHECK Financial Aid Module

Award Packages - Students can select a term and view their entire award history including amount awarded, pending credit and paid-to-date amounts.

QuickCHECK Staff Module

SuperUser - Provides office personnel access to student records. Staff/faculty can access the same information the student views within the various QuickCHECK applications. It includes a system administrator interface that enables users to be set up with Read, Read/Write or No Access for each application.

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