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Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Purchase of Communications Cabling For LLC


The University sent out two separate requests for bids for communications cabling for the Living Learning Center, Kuehne Hall and West Hall. One bid is for cabling to connect the buildings to the campus communications network, and the other is for inside wiring for the LLC and the two existing residence halls. Included is cabling connecting the Law School which has to be re-done because of the construction of the LLC project. The cabling for Kuehne and West is fiber to connect them to the fiber network, and is data grade cable to each outlet in the building.

Both sets of bids were sent to nine companies. Five responded to the building to building cable. Six responded to the inside wiring bid. For the LLC/Law School portion the low bid for the building to building cable is $61,790, and $66,490 for the inside wiring. For West and Kuehne, the amounts are $10,475 and $8,325 respectively.


There is adequate funding in the LLC project budget to cover the LLC/Law School contracts. The Kuehne/West portions will be funded from Building/Construction Fund Housing Reserves, 01-84099.


President Farley recommends approval to contract with Professional Networks & Cabling, Inc. to install the building to building cabling for $72,265, and the inside wiring for $74,815.

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Date Jerry B. Farley, President

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