Agenda Item No. _______________

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Change Orders - Living Learning Center Project


The following change orders, which modify the contracts of the three prime contractors, are recommended.

General Contract - McPherson Contractors, Inc.

Delete windows, provide stud infill. Add hoist beams and guide rail beams in elevator shafts. Net increase: $2,459.00

Change fire extinguisher cabinets to stainless steel finish. Increase motor horsepower to increase speed in elevators of building one. Net increase: $2,814.00

Change west and east poured concrete walls of building two to 8" reinforced CMU walls. Change from colored mortar mix to white sand cement. Net decrease: ($3,590.00)

Add upper doors, frames to closets in single unit suites. Door hardware: accept base bid and alternates 1 and 3, add pincode pad at 114 doors, and hardware installation. Net decrease: ($16,874.00)

Net contract change: Decrease: ($15,191.00)

No change in contract time - Completion date June 20, 2001.

Electrical Contract - Torgeson Electric

Add two door hold opens and a smoke detector. Net increase: $935.66

Net contract change: Add $935.66

No change in contract time - Completion date June 5, 2001.


Net decrease in project cost of ($14,255.34). Total commitment from contingency including this request is $144,998, leaving a $377,797 contingency balance.


President Farley recommends approval of the change orders by the Board of Regents.

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Date Jerry B. Farley, President

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