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Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Washburn - Lane Parkway Project


The Topeka Turnaround Team (TAT) is a grassroots coalition of neighborhood organizations, corporate entities and institutions focused on improving central Topeka. In 1996 TAT introduced the Washburn Lane Parkway master plan, an integrated development strategy for improving the appearance, functionality and identity of the Washburn Lane Parkway. The parkway extends from 4th Street to 21st Street. Washburn University is both the south anchor of the parkway and an active participant in TAT.

Included in the master plan is a street lighting and beautification project along both Lane and Washburn (a demonstration of which is currently being constructed from 10th to 12th on Washburn Ave.) will create pedestrian level lighting, signage and landscaping along the street.

To move this project past the concept and through the design development stages, substantial resources have been provided for this project by grants and City of Topeka funding. Currently fundraising and contributions and funding matches are being solicited which can be leveraged to improve the likelihood of obtaining a grant administered through the Kansas Department of Transportation (Transportation Enhancement - TEA 21) to complete the lighting and landscaping project from 12th on Washburn south to 21st and then north again on Lane to 15th. If successful, that grant will move this multi-year project well into the implementation phase by providing funding to complete up to half of the total project.

Area businesses and area institutions, including the public library and hospitals are making or considering financial commitments to support the project and the grant application as well.


The TAT and Washburn University have complimentary interests in revitalizing the urban environment and improving the appearance and function of the areas adjacent to campus. This project should help promote Washburn University as an attractive and desirable campus. Washburn University's proactive participation will accelerate the process. Washburn University should commit a funding match to support a substantially larger grant. The TEA 21 grant will be for Federal Fiscal Year 2003, which will begin in October 2002. The Washburn Lane project is well developed and can be launched in a short time period. It is likely that some FY 2002 federally funded projects (other projects not related to this) will not be completed on schedule therefore, funds from Federal FY 2002 could be redirected to accelerate the project.

The lighting will be installed, maintained and operated by the City including bulb maintenance and electricity costs.


Washburn University will make a "Commitment to Match Funds" to provide financial support to this project per the terms outlined in the attached document. The commitment will be funded from Regent's Contingency available in the appropriate Washburn University fiscal year and will be payable to the City of Topeka only when this is an approved project matching the terms of Washburn's "Commitment to Match Funds" (attached). Amount to commit $100,000.


President Farley recommends Board approval of payment of matching funds to support the Washburn Lane Parkway project in the amount of $100,000 payable from Regent's Contingency to the City of Topeka when the City of Topeka approves a project that conforms with Washburn University's "Commitment to Match Funds."

__________________ ______________________________ (Date) Jerry B. Farley, President

Washburn UniversityWashburn Lane ParkwayFact SheetMaster Plan Completed 1996

Estimated Total Project Cost $2.0 3.0 Million

Funding To Date 1998 City of Topeka $100,000

2000 City of Topeka 90,000

2000 Public Library 10,000

Total $200,000

Expenditure To Date Demonstration Area $156,000

Engineering Study & Admin 42,000

Total $198,000

Future Funding Committed 2001 City of Topeka $100,000

2002 City of Topeka (1) 100,000

2003 City of Topeka (1) 100,000


Current Fundraising and Matching Fund Goal $250,000

Next Project Steps 2000 Apply for TEA 21 Grant

2001 Complete engineering plans

2002-3 Construct 21st 15th project

(1) Subject to additional City budget approval.

Washburn UniversityCommitment to Match FundsWashburn Lane Parkway

Whereas: The Topeka Turnaround Team has developed a master plan outlining an integrated development strategy for improving the appearance, functionality and identity of the Washburn Lane Parkway, and;

Whereas, Washburn University is an active participant in neighborhood efforts to improve areas in the vicinity of the campus, and;

Whereas, The Washburn Lane street lighting, landscaping and signage project is integral to this central Topeka improvement effort;

Now therefore, Washburn University makes a Pledge of Commitment of $100,000 toward the Washburn Lane Parkway project subject to the following terms and conditions:

Term and Conditions: Project

Description: The project must include lighting, landscaping and signage equal to that provided for the demonstration area between 10th and 12th streets on Washburn Avenue.

Project Scope: The project must include not less than the area from 21st Street to 15th Street on both sides of Washburn Avenue and Lane Streets.

Engineering Plans: Washburn University shall have the right to approve engineering plans for the installation of the project for the area from 21st Street to 17th Street on the west side of Washburn Ave.

Payment: Washburn University will transfer funds to the City of Topeka for the project when the City of Topeka takes formal action to authorize the construction of a project that includes the areas outlined in Project Scope above.

This Pledge of Commitment is approved by action of the Washburn University Board of Regents.

__________________________________________ _____________________

Secretary to the Washburn University Board of Regents Date of Approval

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