Agenda Item No. V. A. 1. b.

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Classroom Furniture


Phase II of pilot program to enhance University classrooms by replacing current tablet-arm desks with more comfortable, visually appealing and ergonomically designed chairs, desks and tables that are also ADA compliant. A total of $300,000 was set aside for a FY 01 capital budget request made by Academic Affairs. At that time, the President asked for a systematic plan to be developed to upgrade the classrooms and replace existing furniture without a loss of classroom seating. In March 2001, the Board of Regents approved the purchase of furniture for five classrooms in the amount of $55,219 for the initial phase of the project.


Six classrooms (Benton Room 211, Carnegie Room 203, Henderson Room 8, Stoffer Room 112, Petro Room 220 and Stoffer Room 300) have been chosen for the second phase of the project.

Request for quotations were sent to seven vendors. The following quotations were received:

Vendor Total Amount

Galaxie Business Equipment, Inc. $60,758.92

Schwerdt Contract Interiors, Inc. $62,362.16

Sage Contract Furniture $65,132.00

Designed Business Interiors $67,874.93

Virco Inc. (partial bid consisting Incomplete

of chairs only)


Funding is available from account 03-00637.


President Farley recommends approval to award a contract to Galaxie Business Equipment for $60,758.92.

___________________ ______________________

(date) Jerry B. Farley, President

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