November 20, 2002


I. Call to Order

Chairperson Engel called the meeting of the Board of Regents to order at 5:03 p.m. in Morgan Hall Room 204.

II. Roll Call

Present were: Mr. Blair, *Mr. Dick, Mr. Engel, Mr. Etzel, Mr. Felker, Mrs. Parks, and *Mr. Wynn.

* Participated via telephone conference call.

Chairperson Engel inquired whether there was anyone present wishing to address the Board during public comments. There were none.

III. Approval of Minutes of October 16 and November 1, 2002 meetings as mailed

Chairperson Engel inquired whether there were any corrections or additions to be made to the October 16, 2002 Regents meeting Minutes as mailed. Mayor Felker noted a typographical error designating the room in which the meeting occurred. There being no further additions or corrections, Chairperson Engel declared the Minutes approved as corrected. He then inquired whether there were any corrections to be made to the Minutes of the November 1, 2002 meeting of the Board. Hearing none, Chairperson Engel declared the Minutes approved as mailed.

IV. Officer Reports

A. Chair's Report

Chairperson Engel reported he attended the November meeting of the Kansas Board of Regents, but only the Wednesday afternoon session, at which a proposal was discussed, which he said President Farley would talk about in the President's Report.

He then requested the ratification of the appointment of Regents Roth and Parks as an academic initiatives committee to take the information presented by the Deans at the September Retreat, bringing back items to the Board as appropriate. It was moved and seconded to ratify the appointments. Motion passed unanimously.

B. Committee Report(s)

There were none.

C. President's Report

President Farley reported the University hosted an invitational forensics tournament this past weekend. There were 14 schools participating and that, while not officially competing in the tournament, the Washburn forensics team made a very good showing.

He said in Wichita on December 7 there will be a concert featuring Placido Domingo. He said Kevin Kellim of our Music Department will be serving as choirmaster and a number of our students and faculty also will be participating. He said also that our concertmaster, Larissa Elisha will also be participating along with her husband, Steven.

President Farley announced that Math Day was recently held on the campus. There were 400 students from across the state participating. It was a very good event.

He reported also the University is continuing to proceed with the solicitation for the Ichabod license plate, noting we have nearly 200 already committed but we require 500 commitments before we can actually have the state make them.

President Farley noted the administration had provided a paper to the Kansas Board of Regents in response to a proposal for the creation of a group of chief executive officers of coordinated institutions. He said this paper supported the governed institutions' desire to continue the structure for the governed institutions and supported the idea that the chief executive officer representative group be comprised of two representatives from the four-year governed institutions, two from the community colleges, two from the vocational-technical schools and one from Washburn University. He said there were a number of different proposals, but the one taken to the Board at the last meeting from its staff was a six member group comprised of two from all of the four-year institutions, two from the community colleges, two from the vocational-technical schools. He said we are very much in support of the direction the Kansas Board is taking in soliciting and considering affected institutions' input on proposals in creating coordinated support structure.

President Farley said, however, we might differ with the makeup of that CEO committee, as he noted we are a creation of the Constitution in Statute, that we are not like the governed institutions and that we are funded very differently, and are not a state agency as they are. He noted, again, that the Kansas Board solicited input from all of the coordinated institutions and that all of those institutions concurred with the notion that Washburn University should be represented in that group. He said he had concern the staff recommendation did not capture that spirit. He said, however, the Board has the intent on being very inclusive in its deliberations. He said the proposal before the Board of Regents would mush everything together in a single governance manual. He said there are only two small things in the manual that applied to the coordinated institutions. He said he would support the creation of a separate policy manual for the governed institutions and a separate coordination manual.

In response to a request from Chairperson Engel about the discussion at the last Board of Regents meeting Regent Wynn echoed Dr. Farley's comments on the solicitation of input. He said it is the Board's purpose to solicit feedback on proposals and where those coordinated institutions would like to go. He said he is not as concerned on the staff recommendation made and the fact that they reach a somewhat different conclusion is an indication on how vast the input has been. He said he was hoping this Board engages in dialogue and discussion. He also said the two manual issue might be an exaltation of form over substance but said he would be interested in what the coordination manual should contain.

Chairperson Engel said the Kansas Board of Regents does appear to be on the right track soliciting input and it was his sense that in coordination there are more issues than just those relating to academic affairs. He said on the issue of the Chief Executive Officers Committee it appeared all of the coordinated institutions were of like mind; that is that Washburn be represented in having a seat on this six to eight member body. Regent Wynn said the proposal is still being developed and that the Board is interested in developing a system of higher education while respecting the different issues among institutions in recognizing there are and will continue to be some conflicts.

Regent Dick said he thought this was a very positive step forward and applauded the efforts of everybody participating. He said he is sensitive to and concerned about our uniqueness in the system and was encouraged by Regent Wynn's comments.

President Farley asked whether there were broader questions raised beyond this particular issue of sub-structure; that is, does the Board have other ideas concerning the distinguishing of governance and coordination. Regent Wynn said it's important to keep the lines of communication open and perhaps having the two chairs meet would be more than just symbolic and would be helpful in a practical sense for communication purposes, noting the more we talk the less we have issues between the Boards.

Dr. Farley reported the Kansas Board of Regents has proposed a budget recommendation for 2004 which essentially is to continue with the Senate Bill 345 funding model and the base budget be restored to the governed institutions. He said the request totals some $106 million. He said it was the sense of the Kansas Regents who have been legislators, Kerr, Wempe and Bond, that one does not start with what one could accept. He said the Kansas Board also responded to the Budget Director's recommendations concerning a 5% reduction for all post-secondary education. The Kansas Board of Regents will appeal that. He said he is prepared to send a letter in support of the Kansas Board of Regents position.

Regent Blair inquired whether there was a need to have any specific Board of Regents action concerning the proposal on the creation of the Chief Executive Officer representative group before the Kansas Board of Regents. Regent Blair then moved that the Board Chair be provided authority to convey to the Kansas Board of Regents in the manner he deems appropriate that it is the view of the Washburn Board that Washburn be represented on such a body. Motion passed unanimously.

D. Treasurer's Report

Vice President for Administration and Treasurer, Wanda Hill, summarized the 1. Statement of Revenues & Expenditures for period ending September 30, 2002, noting that the tuition fees for the period as presented as a percentage of the budget compared with last year at this time is up 1%, noting it was approximately $8.7 million last year and $10.8 million this year. She said sales taxes are still a concern being somewhat down, but noted the auxiliaries are doing better this year as compared to last as the LLC is basically full and there's more activity in the food court and catering sales are up.

* Regent Roth joined the meeting by telephone conference connection at 5:33 p.m.

Vice President Hill said the budget does have a contingency figure of 4% to allow for some reduction to our budget as a result of cuts in state funding.

In response to a question from Regent Dick on whether sales tax revenues might be adversely impacted by reports of Menninger affiliating with other higher education institutions, Dr. Farley said the Menninger board will announce in December whether it may make a move, but noted they have expanded bed spaces in our community. He said Menninger has already downsized to the level to be able to be sustained and didn't think that whatever Menninger decided to do in terms of affiliation would have any dramatic affect on sales tax revenues.

Vice President for Administration, Wanda Hill, outlined the matters contained in agenda items IV.D.2. Depository Security Transactions and 3. Liquidated Claims Approval - October 2002.

It was moved and seconded to approve the Treasurer's Report. Motion passed unanimously.

V. New Business

A. Consent Agenda

It was moved and seconded to approve the Consent Agenda. Motion passed unanimously.

Approved by action of the Board:

1. Digital Television STL Microwave System for KTWU

award of contract to Microwave Radio Communication in the amount of $89,250.00 to purchase a digital television STL microwave system;

2. Digital Television Transmitter for KTWU

award of contract to Thales Broadcast and Multimedia in the amount of $487,968 to purchase a digital television transmitter;

3. Replace Exterior and Interior Doors and Hardware Kuehne/West

award of contract to Bob Florence Contractor in the amount of $53,314 to replace all doors and hardware for Kuehne/West; and,

4. Report of Purchases between $25,001 and $50,000

award of contracts to Florence General Contractor in the amount of $26,210 to remodel Carnegie Room 200, Danker Roofing & Siding in the amount of $30,765 to re-roof KTWU transmitter building, and Lesser Electric in the amount of $35,700 for underground pathway for fiber connection from Bennett Hall to new Moore Bowl pavilion, art building and student recreation center.

B. Information Item(s)

1. Faculty/Staff Dependent Tuition Waiver

Dr. Farley summarized the information concerning the Faculty/Staff Dependent Tuition Waiver as set forth in the agenda item.

Chairperson Engel inquired whether there was anything else to be brought to the attention of the Board.

Regent Etzel said he was distressed by the explicit nature of an article appearing in a recent edition of the Washburn Review. There followed a brief discussion on the rights and responsibilities of the Board of Regents and administration about and liability for articles appearing in the student newspaper. Dr. Farley and University Counsel both noted judicial constraints placed upon public institutions of higher education concerning student newspapers. Legal counsel is to prepare a report outlining the organization of the student newspaper and summarizing legal research on student newspapers at public universities.

Board Chair Engel indicated the next meeting of the Board of Regents scheduled for December 11 will begin at 5:00 p.m. rather than the usual 6:00 p.m. scheduled time to permit the Regents to celebrate the holiday.

There being no further business to come before the Board of Regents, Board Chair Engel declared the meeting adjourned at 6:10 p.m.


Kenneth P. Hackler

Secretary, Board of Regents


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