December 12, 2001


I. Call to Order

Chairperson Dick called the meeting to order at 5:07 p.m. in Room 119 in the School of Law.

II. Roll Call

Present were: Mr. Blair, Mrs. DeBauge, Mr. Dick, Mr. Engel, Mr. Etzel, Mr. Felker, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Parks and Mr. Roth.

III. Approval of Minutes of December 4, 2001 and November 7, 2001 meetings as mailed.

It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of the November 7 and December 4, 2001 meetings as mailed. Motion passed unanimously.

IV. Officer Reports

A. Chair's Report

Chairperson Dick noted at the time the Board recognized service of the past Board Chair, Regent Blair, Mr. Blair was in Colorado. He then presented a gavel to Mr. Blair, identifying his years of service as Board Chair in recognition to his service to Washburn University and the Washburn Board of Regents.

Chairperson Dick reported he had attended a donor recognition reception on December 5 in the Bradbury Thompson Center which he said was "really an uplifting experience." He said those with whom he spoke are really pleased with the direction Washburn University is moving and appreciative of the opportunity to be a part of the University.

He also reported he and Regents Lee and Parks had a lunch on December 5 with students which he said was really a lot of fun. He reported that in response to a question propounded by Regent Lee to the students about whether their goals in attending Washburn were met, it was uniformly in the affirmative. And, he said that even more telling were the stories of two of the students who originally came to Washburn intending to transfer to another institution at the end of their first two years. He said they both said Washburn so exceeded their expectation they now have no plans to transfer and will complete their degrees here. He said he has heard from a number of former and current students that Washburn is "a fun place to be" and extended his thanks to all the members of the University's staff who have made that a positive experience for our students.

B. President's Report

President Farley reported that as approved in the December 4, 2001 Board of Regents meeting, debt was sold for the Moore Bowl renovation, Student Union renovation, KTWU tower project and student fitness/wellness center at an average interest rate over the life of the revenue bonds of 4.85%. He noted that while there was a reduction in interest rates affected by the Federal Reserve Board Tuesday, other rates for bond sales indicate that Washburn did very well in its bond sale, noting the City of Topeka just had a bid opening which had an average interest rate of 5.4% and he listed several other bond sales where the average interest rate was above 5.25%.

Dr. Farley said there are a number of searches for vacant positions on the campus. He said the search committee for the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences has identified a number of candidates to be interviewed and indicated the interview process will be occurring after the first of the year and they anticipate having a recommendation to the Board of Regents at the April meeting. He also said that the search process for a new head football coach is proceeding apace. He said there has been an enormous number of applicants and the committee has met four or five times for a half a day over the past four or five days and anticipate having an announcement in the very near future.

The President said Washburn University has been very honored to have one of its alum, Dick Davidson who is the CEO of Union Pacific, selected this year as the recipient of the Horatio Alger award. He said the award will be given to him in Washington, D. C. in April. He said he was quite pleased that Mr. Davidson was on campus today being followed by a film crew associated with the Horatio Alger award which will be broadcast on PBS. He said during the course of the tour of the campus Mr. Davidson had the opportunity to meet with a number of students on campus. He said it's a real honor that Mr. Davidson was selected.

Dr. Farley reported that High Q Super Saturday was held on the University's campus last Saturday, December 1, in which 97 teams from high schools across the state of Kansas participated. He said Topeka was well represented including teams from Topeka West and Washburn Rural High School, Lawrence High School and Wichita was also represented by Bishop Carroll and Wichita Collegiate. He said the televised competition will begin in January.

President Farley said the Wake Up with Washburn will be on Thursday, December 13, featuring Washburn graduate Troy Stremming who is involved in casino gaming in Kansas City. He also said the holiday Vespers will be held on December 16 in White Concert Hall and that the men's basketball team will be leaving for Las Vegas for the High Dessert Classic and they will play Saturday Noon and Sunday Noon.

C. Committee Report(s)

Regent Engel, chair of the Finance Committee, reported the committee had its last meeting on November 27 and among the topics considered were the RFP for the new KTWU tower. He said they anticipate this will be coming to the Board for approval of a contract at its January meeting as this is a time sensitive project.


Mr. Engel said they also addressed the upcoming budget process, noting that the sales tax receipts for the past two to three months have been down from the same period a year ago and it appears necessary that we will be required to add money to the budget from the "smoothing fund." Regent Engel said they anticipate only a modest tuition rate increase which certainly would be "chump change" when compared to the tuition rate increases proposed by the state educational institutions. He said the budget will have to include appropriate funding for the AIS project and for health insurance increases forecast.

Mr. Engel said we also intend to keep closing the gap in faculty/staff salaries, noting the gap had been reduced from $1 million last year to approximately $900,000 this year and that the committee is sticking with the merit pay plan for faculty and staff. He said they will also be looking at providing for scholarship funds and funding of women's soccer and other programs.

The next meeting of the Budget/Finance Committee is January 17 at 10:00 a.m.

D. Treasurer's Report

Vice President for Administration and Treasurer Wanda Hill updated the members of the Board of Regents on a situation involving bats in Garvey Fine Arts Center. She said Facilities Services has taken steps to prevent entry into the building by bats and now we are dealing with the deposits they left. She reported that in November one of the rooms was thoroughly cleaned and the plan is to close the entire third floor of Garvey Fine Arts Center through the semester break in order to do a thorough cleaning including the replacement of ceiling tile and light fixtures and cleaning ducts if that turns out to be necessary. She reported there are four contractors involved for a total estimated project price of about $100,000 but no one contractor would likely have a contract exceeding the $25,000 limit. She said the funding will be provided from the $110,000 set aside for this fiscal year intended to replace ceiling tile in Morgan Hall. That will be reallocated for this project.

She then presented: 1. Depository Security Transactions - September/October 2001; 2. Liquidated Claims Approval - October 2001; 3. Liquidated Claims Approval - November 2001; and, 4. Public Fund Investments - November 2001 as set forth in the agenda items. It was moved and seconded to accept the Treasurer's report. Motion passed unanimously.

V. New Business

A. Actions Items

1. Site Selection and Ancillary Projects Student Wellness/Fitness Center and Mulvane Art Museum/Art Building Projects

President Farley began the discussion of the item by noting that the proposal recommended by the administration, based on input from the Regents at the last meeting of the Board, is that the new art building and student wellness/fitness center would both be placed as separate structures South of Moore Bowl as shown in Option C-2 attached to the agenda item.


He reported the facade of the structures should be at least 50% limestone noting that the cost for a full limestone facade of the two buildings would be approximately $550,000. The President also said this proposal calls for the removal of building 3 in its present location. It would either be surplussed and sold or demolished and a replacement storage building be located east of Moore Bowl between storage buildings 1 and 2. There would also be a need to build a parking lot to serve the structures on the South side of Durow Drive west of the softball facilities.

In response to a query from Regent Parks concerning whether College Street on campus would be closed, President Farley said as shown it would be but the buildings could be shuffled a little bit to the West and retain the street. And in response to another question, he indicated the combined cost for a new storage building and parking lot could be in the $1 million range.

Regent Blair indicated he had real concern with the long-range implications for service facilities in the location and their appearance on the campus. Dr. Farley noted that a couple of the buildings to the East of the Moore Bowl facilities are permanent structures, specifically the Facilities Services offices and the boiler facility.

Regent Etzel inquired whether the administration has explored the possibility of having building 3 moved, noting that unless the administration explored that possibility he'd be hard pressed to approve expenditures of $1 million plus to replace that building.

Regent Lee indicated she concurred with Regent Blair's comments and indicated she believed building 3 should be moved from the present location because this is where all the traffic comes into the stadium.

Regent Engel noted that Gym South (building 3) was to have been torn down after the Petro Allied Health Center was finished because it had then outlived its useful life; but as it was there, the University used it for other purposes and we're still using it some 40 years later. He said it needs to be eliminated. He said we're spending $4 million for Moore Bowl renovation then we'll still have some of the old scuzzy buildings in the immediate vicinity.

Regent Felker inquired whether the practice fields could be moved. President Farley said they could but there are irrigation systems under each and that would cost in the vicinity of $35,000-$50,000 to remove and replace at a different site.

It was moved and seconded that building 3 be eliminated in the overall design. There then followed a discussion of alternative building sites previously identified by the architect. A substitute motion then was made to defer all further discussion and decision on the site location for the proposed Art and Student Wellness/Fitness center until the Board meeting in January. Motion passed with Regents Blair, Etzel, Felker, Lee, Parks and Roth voting for it. Regents Engel and DeBauge voted against it.

2. NTSC Antenna Replacement for KTWU

It was moved and seconded to approve award of a contract to Andrew Corporation in the amount of $229,853.20 for the construction of new NTSC antenna for KTWU. Motion passed unanimously.


3. Change Orders - Living Learning Center Project

It was moved and seconded to approve the change orders identified in agenda item V.A.3. Motion passed unanimously.

As approved by the Board of Regents:

General Contract - McPherson Contractors, Inc.

Add 8 single roll toilet tissue holders in accessible suites. Net increase: $106.00.

1. Add labor and material required to water sod prior to lawn sprinkler connection. Net increase: $381.00.

2. Add 8 grab bars at accessible suites. Net increase: $1,390.00.

3. Add 15 concrete splash blocks. Net increase: $187.00.

4. Credit for not replacing damaged stainless steel toilet partitions in Bldg. 3. Net decrease: $400.00.

5. Cost to modify concrete floor in Bldg. 3 tower for recessed metal plaque. Net increase: $741.00.

Net contract change: Increase: $2,405.00

No change contract completion date

for Bldgs. 1 and 2 - June 27, 2001

No change contract completion date

for Bldg. 3 - July 11, 2001

Net increase in project cost of $2,405.00. Total commitment from contingency including this request is $523,241, leaving a deficit ($716) contingency balance.

4. Change Orders - Memorial Union

It was moved and seconded to approve the change orders identified in agenda item V.A.4. Motion passed unanimously.

As approved by the Board of Regents:

General Contract - McPherson Contractors, Inc.

1. PR-24, PCO-32: Modify exterior handrail returns. Net increase: $1,024.00.

2. PCO-33: Additional demolition main level south (unforseen existing conditions). Net increase: $1,553.00.

3. PCO-34: Additional drywall work at upper ballroom area and main level toilet rooms. Net increase: $3,235.00.

4. PR-28, PCO-36: Add steel lintel at new masonry opening in kitchen. Net increase: $957.00.

5. PCO-35: New thermostats required where relocation of existing thermostats not possible. Net increase: $334.00.

Net contract change: Increase: $7,103.00

No change contract completion date - February 28, 2002

Net increase in project cost of $7,103.00. Total commitment from contingency including this request is $93,442, leaving a $286,211 contingency balance.

B. Consent Agenda

It was moved and seconded to approve the Consent Agenda. Motion passed unanimously.

As approved by action of the Board of Regents:

1. Replace Ceiling/Lights in Corridors of Henderson Learning Resource Center

award of contract to Kansas Building Systems for $66,000, Davin Electric, Inc. for $21,250 and SAMCO, Inc. for $6,706 to complete the replacement of ceiling and lights in the corridors of Henderson Learning Resources Center;


2. Report of Purchases between $25,001 and $50,000

purchase of window replacement at the International Center, J. A. Lyden Construction, vendor; installation of new door on boiler, removal and disposal of old door, Trabue Industrial Systems, vendor;

3. Personnel

a. Personnel Action - Administrative Staff (Danko)

appointment of Patrick Danko as systems/network administrator at an annual salary of $37,200;

b. Personnel Action - Administrative Staff (Nelson)

appointment of James L. Nelson as assistant to the dean/director of admissions in the School of Law at an annual salary of $58,008; and,

4. KTWU Audit Report for the Year Ended June 30, 2001

accept and approve the KTWU audit report for the year ended June 30, 2001.

It was moved and seconded to adjourn. Motion passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 6:33 p.m.


Kenneth P. Hackler

Secretary, Board of Regents


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