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Washburn University Board of Regents



Washburn University initiated the development of approximately 53 online and mediated (interactive television) distance education courses in the summer of 1998. The courses comprise the upper division curricula of four baccalaureate degrees and seven concentrations included in the new Partnership for Learning and Networking (PLAN) project with Kansas City Kansas and Johnson County Community Colleges. One of the purposes of the Plan initiative is to expand student access to a limited number of quality academic programs that can be delivered at a distance in a cost-effective manner. PLAN also extends the visibility of Washburn and has been a way to involve faculty to a greater extent in developing and using technology in the classroom.

Several academic departments and faculty are developing additional online programs, some of which will likely appeal to students both outside of Kansas and to students taking on-campus courses, depending upon the cost. It would be advantageous to establish a tuition policy that is market sensitive prior to the development of any new or additional online and distance education programs. Currently, PLAN students pay $135 per undergraduate student credit hour regardless of their residency or whether they enroll in online or traditional face-to-face classes. The other Kansas four year universities, with some exceptions, normally charge the regular resident tuition rate plus a small area, media, or technology fee for "academic extension" courses regardless of the student's residency, program of study, or method of course delivery.

With online courses, residency status becomes less relevant. The current PLAN rates appear to be reasonable and appropriate for other online courses as well. The tuition rate for non-Kansas resident students who physically reside outside the State of Kansas and who enroll in online and other distance education courses should be, effective Fall 2000,

Undergraduate enrollment - $135/semester credit hour

Graduate enrollment - $175/semester credit hour


The rates will generate sufficient revenue to cover the direct costs of courses.


President Farley recommends approval of the Online and Distance Education Tuition Proposal.

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(date) Jerry B. Farley, President

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