Agenda Item No. _______________

Washburn University Board of Regents




SUBJECT:  Change Orders – Memorial Union




The following change orders, which modify the contracts of the contractors, are recommended.


¨      General Contract – McPherson Contractors, Inc.

1.      PR-09, PCO-10: Change ceiling at upper level south hallways from new ceiling system with relocated M/E items to existing/modified grid and M/E with new tiles. Correction of amount from September amount submitted.  Net decrease:  ($71.00).

2.      PR-06, PCO-14:Delete non-traditional student offices and provide open railings at new lobby platform (improved wayfinding for wheelchair users).  Correction of amount from September amount submitted.  Net decrease:  ($27.00).

3.      PR-12, PCO-17: Add drywall at existing uneven plaster (east) wall, patch existing north stair walls above removed ceiling for required 2-hour fire rating, and clean/paint existing exterior windows, main level north.  Net increase:  $10,952.00.

4.      PR-14, PCO-18: Revise landscape planting materials (per beautification committee comments).  Net increase:  $566.00.

5.      PR-18, PCO-21:  Revise hardware at east and north stair doors on main and upper levels (to allow these levels to be locked, so students can have 24-hour access to the offices on the lower level).  Net increase:  $17,072.00.

6.      PR-19, PCO-22:  Hardware for exterior aluminum doors, not in original specifications.  Net increase:  $9,886.00.

7.      PCO-24:  Add 2 additional code-required backflow preventers at c-store equipment.  Net increase:  $464.00.

8.      PR-21, PCO-25:  At c-store, paint door to staff area and door to cooler to match adjacent wall surface.  Net increase:  $368.00.

9.      PR-22, PCO-28:  Furnish replacement return air grille at office #006, for installation by owner.  Net increase:  $295.00.

10.  PR-23, PCO-29:  Clean and furr out at moldy exterior wall of room 200.  Request 5 additional days to contract for this work.  Net increase:  $1,723.00.

11.  PR-26, PCO-30:  Use fire-rated wood veneer for ballroom wood ribs (city required, pre-condition to approval of building permit).  Net increase:  $5,197.00.

12.  PR-25, PCO-31:  Deduct access doors at East Entry Tower HVAC units (utilize doors supplied with units).  Net decrease:  ($435.00).

13.  Ballroom work could not commence until Stauffer Commons food court was open for business.  Originally scheduled date for new food court opening and commencement of ballroom work:  08/01/01, actual date: 10/01/01, difference: 61 days.  Request extension of contract completion date of 61 days.


Net contract change:                                         Increase:  $45,990.00

Add sixty-six (66) days to original

Completion date of December

24, 2001.  New contract completion date -       February 28, 2001


¨      Special Contract – Star Signs and Graphics, Inc. (Signage and Wayfinding Package):

1.      Add swirl finish to decorative canopy brackets at c-store, iCard office, ballroom and bookstore entries.  Net increase:  $1,440.00.


Net contract change:                                         Increase: $1,440.00




Net increase in project cost of  $47,430.00.  Total commitment from contingency including this request is $86,339, leaving a $293,314 contingency balance.




President Farley recommends approval of the change orders by the Board of Regents.



______________________                _____________________________________

Date                                                     Jerry B. Farley, President



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