BOARD OF REGENTS
                             January 18, 1995

I.   Chairperson Ferrell called the meeting to order at 7:07 p.m. in the Kansas Room of the
     Memorial Room.  Present were:  Mr. Ferrell, Mr. Felker, Mrs. Hines, Mr. Maag, Mrs. Porter and
     Mr. Roth.

  It was moved and seconded to recess to Executive Session for a period not to exceed ten
  minutes for the purpose of discussing a personnel matter related to non-elected personnel of
  the University and to reconvene at the conclusion thereof in the Kansas Room of the Memorial
  Union.  Motion passed.  At 7:09 p.m. the Board recessed to Executive Session in the Kansas
  Room of the Memorial Union.

  At 7:11 p.m. the Board reconvened in open session of the Kansas Room of the Memorial

III. Approval of Minutes

  It was moved and seconded to approve the Minutes of the November 29, 1995 meeting as
  circulated.  Motion passed unanimously.

IV.  New Business

  A. FY 1995-96 Budget

     This item was withdrawn by the Chairperson.

  B. Honorary Degrees

     It was moved and seconded to award honorary degrees of the University at its 1995
     Commencement to Dr. Douglas W. Wilmore and to Joan Finney.  Motion passed

  C. 1996 Insurance Policy Purchases

     It was moved and seconded to ratify the actions taken in the awards of the 1996
     insurance policy purchases.  Motion passed unanimously.

  D. Academic Calendars, Fall 1995-Summer 1998

     Item was presented for information only.

  E. Policies

  1. Change in Academic Probation, Suspension & Reinstatement Policy

       Item was presented for information only.

  2. Departmental Credit by Examination Grade Policy, and
  4. Credit by Exam Tuition Charge Increase

       It was moved and seconded to approve the proposed credit by examination policy,
       replacing the existing credit by examination and evaluation policy found in the
       University's catalog; and, to increase the fee for tuition charge for credit by exam to
       one-third of the current resident undergraduate per credit hour tuition rounded to the
       nearest dollar.  Motion passed unanimously.

  3. American Assn. of Museums Code of Ethics

       It was moved and seconded to approve the American Association of Museum Code of
       Ethics for the Mulvane Art Museum.  Motion passed unanimously.

  5. Grade Appeal Procedure

       This item was presented to the Board for information.

  6. Law School Financing Plan

       It was moved and seconded to revise the present Washburn University Law School
       Financing Plan as recommended by the ad hoc committee studying the Law School
       Financing Plan and also by the Budget Committee.  In the discussion following the
       motion of the proposed plan, President Thompson noted that the plan is constitutes
       guidelines or a road map only for the allocation of funding for Washburn University
       School of Law which may or may not be fully implemented for any given year
       depending on the circumstances.  Further, details within the plan are subject to change
       through the budget process.  Motion passed unanimously.

       As amended by the action of the Board and in accordance with the recommendations
       of the ad hoc committee and Budget Committee, the plan will provide that Washburn
       Law faculty salaries shall be competitive with those at the University of Kansas School
       of Law; further, salaries of full professors at the Law School while not necessarily
       equal to current ABA national median, to be competitive should not fall more than one
       year behind the ABA/AALS median salary for full professors; and, that the current
       formula allocating state aid to the University for the Law School be based in the future
       solely on the proportion of resident credit hours taught at the Law School in proportion
       to the total resident credit hours at the University.

  F. Application of George E. Ramskill Bequest

     It was moved and seconded to distribute gifts from the George E. Ramskill estate as
     follows:  $50,000 be added to the George E. Ramskill Law Scholarship fund and the
     remainder of $75,000 be used as follows:  $25,000 to establish a George E. Ramskill
     Fund for Scholarships; $25,000 to establish a George E. Ramskill endowment fund for
     Business, Industry and Government Faculty Fellowships; and, $25,000 to establish a
     George E. Ramskill fund challenge grant for the Washburn University Planetarium
     Equipment Replacement Fund.  Motion passed unanimously.

 *   It was moved and seconded to approve the appointment of Michael A. Rettig as Associate
     Professor in the Department of Education on tenure track at an annual basic salary of

 *Item added at the meeting with the consent of the Board.

  G. Recommendation for Posthumous Degree

     It was moved and seconded to award posthumously an Associate of Arts degree, with a
     major in Legal Assistant, to Delores Johnson.  Motion passed unanimously.

  H. Financial Reports

  1. Washburn Endowment Quarterly Financial Analysis, and
  2. Quarterly Endowment Fund Report

       Vice President for University Advancement, Darvin Hawley, presented the items to the
       Board for information.

     3. Depository Security Transactions, 4.  Public Fund Investments, 5.  Liquidated Claims
     Approval--October, 1994, 6.  Liquidated Claims--November, 1994, and 7.  Liquidated
     Claims--December, 1994

       It was moved and seconded to approve the items as set forth in the agenda items. 
       Motion passed unanimously.

  8. Presentation of the Strategic Financial Indicators FY 1982-94

       Vice President for Administration and Treasurer, Mr. Mosiman, presented the Strategic
       Financial Indicators for the years 1982 through 1994 for information.

  9. FY 1994 KTWU Audit and CPB Annual Report

       It was moved and seconded to acknowledge receipt of the CPB Annual Report and the
       FY 1994 KTWU Audit report.  Motion passed.


1.   It was moved and seconded that the Board approve a statement expressing interest in
     participating in an investigation for the establishment of a private accreditation body as
     requested by the American Council on Education.  Motion passed unanimously.

2.   It was moved and seconded to delegate to the Board Chair and the administration the authority
     to come to contract terms with representatives of the Topeka Public Schools concerning a
     new relationship between the University and the Topeka Public Schools and its Kaw Area
     Technical School for the award of the Associate of Applied Science Degree to Kaw and
     University students.  Motion passed unanimously.

The meeting of the Board of Regents adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

  Kenneth P. Hackler
  Secretary, Board of Regents

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