Agenda Item No. V. A. 5. a.

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Parking Regulations


During the Fall 1998 semester, the University's administration received complaints about parking abuses in the Morgan Hall parking lot. This lot is designated for handicapped and visitor parking and short-term (20 minute) student parking. The complaints focused on abuses by faculty, staff, and students.

To review these complaints, last November the Vice President for Administration & Treasurer appointed an ad hoc parking committee. This committee was chaired by the University's Director of Police/Security and included representatives from the Washburn Student Association, Enrollment Management, Student Services, Physical Plant, Legal Counsel, and Police/Security. The committee met several times and concluded that the current parking fine of $3.00 was too low and therefore not a deterrent to parking abusers. The committee also concluded that the current parking ticket appeal process was too cumbersome.

The committee recommended that the fee for violation of the University's parking regulations be increased to $10.00. The committee believed that a fine of this magnitude would be felt more in the "pocketbook" of the abuser and therefore be more of a deterrent. In addition, the committee recommended the creation of a Parking Ticket Review Board to hear and rule on parking fine appeals.

The University's administration supports these recommended changes as summarized below and shown in detail on the attachment to this agenda item.

Increase the current $3.00 parking fine to $10.00 with a corresponding increase in the late payment fee from $3.00 to 10.00.

Establish a Parking Ticket Review Board to be chaired by the Director of Police/Security to hear and rule on parking ticket appeals.


The current parking fine generates annual general fund revenue of approximately $8,500. It is anticipated that the increased parking fine will significantly reduce the number of offenders and generate approximately the same level of parking fine revenue for the general fund.


President Farley recommends the Board of Regents approve the proposed revisions to the University's Traffic and Parking Regulations.

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(date) Jerry B. Farley, President

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