Agenda Item No. V. A. 2. b.

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Revised Bulletin Board And Poster Policy

DESCRIPTION: Washburn University Bulletin Board And Poster Policy

Changes have been suggested that would help limit the number of fliers on the walls and bulletin boards in all of the buildings in an effort to eliminate clutter and eliminate potential safety hazards. All employment fliers would be handled through the Career Services office in an effort to centralize this type of information for the students benefit.


RECOMMENDATION: President Farley recommends the Board approve the changes as indicated in the attached revised Bulletin Board and Poster Policy. Language to be added is in bold, language to be removed is italicized.

_______________________ _________________________

(date) Jerry B. Farley, President



Revised January 1999

Postings on bulletin boards and walls provide an effective, efficient, and inexpensive medium of communication within the University. However, in order to maintain the effectiveness of this communication medium, use of bulletin boards and other postings within University buildings must be regulated. The Washburn University policy on posters and bulletin boards has been adopted in order to promote the effective use of postings within University buildings. Posting is only allowed on designated walls and bulletin boards.

Posters displayed in buildings on campus must be date stamped in the Student Affairs office, Morgan, Room 104. Date stamping does not constitute University approval of the contents.

Maximum number of posters per organization or event allowed: 20 per building.

Employment opportunity posters will need to be handled through the Career Services office, Morgan, Room 122. They will not be allowed to be posted on the walls or bulletin boards.

Posters will be date stamped according to the following:

*Non-University groups

advertising products or services...............................................................2 weeks

*Community Service organizations or

University groups...........................................................up to 30 days, if needed.

*University Academic or

Administrative Departments...........................................up to 1 semester, or longer, if needed.

*Special events held on a

specific date...................................................................thru the date of the event or, the appropriate

posting period, whichever

is less.

The maximum size poster allowed on a bulletin board will be 11 by 17 inches.

Postings outside of buildings on the University campus are allowed only on bulletin boards or other locations designated for that purpose.

To minimize the risk of fire and the impeding of quick and safe egress from buildings in an emergency, posting is not allowed in the following locations: Postings are limited to 1 item per bulletin board.

A. In stair enclosures or on stair railings.

B. On doors or windows, including translucent glass block windows.

C. On lights or heaters.

D. In or on elevators.

E. On floors.

F. On furniture.

G. Attached to or covering fire extinguishers, hose cabinets, exit markers, or any other safety equipment.

H. In any other location where they might constitute a safety hazard.

Posters must be placed in such a manner that they do not overlap or interfere with the viewing of adjacent posters.

Posters on bulletin boards must be attached with thumb tacks. Staples are not permitted. When utilizing University public area bulletin boards, stamped posted messages are limited to 1 posting per bulletin board. Posters on walls must be attached with masking tape. Scotch tape and other tapes are difficult to remove and may damage painted surfaces.

Notices which require only a one-day posting period, such as to announce changes in previously scheduled events, to provide directional information for groups visiting campus, or to announce a class cancellation, may be posted for a one-day period without a date stamp. The effective date of the announcement must be clearly visible on such notices, and they must be removed by the person or organizations placing the notices no later than the next day.

The Chief Student Affairs Officer, after consultation with the University Attorney, may refuse to date stamp posters which are considered to be obscene or which constitute harassment of a student or a class of students.

Custodial staff will remove postings on as timely a basis as possible, consistent with their other duties.

No posting of information will be allowed on vehicles.

One copy of each poster must be left in the Dean of Students office with the name and phone number of the individual that will be posting the item.

Failure to abide by the rules of this policy may forfeit your right to post fliers in the future.

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