BOARD OF REGENTS
                                  A G E N D A

DATE:   January 18, 1995
PRE-MEETING DINNER:   -  6:00 p.m.                       Lincoln Room
BUSINESS MEETING:     -  7:00 p.m.                       Kansas Room

I.   Call to Order                Chairperson Ferrell

II.  Roll Call
     Mr. Ferrell                      Mr. Montgomery
     Mr. Felker                       Mrs. Parks
     Mrs. Hines                       Mrs. Porter
     Mr. Kimbrough                    Mr. Roth
     Mr. Maag

III. Approval of Minutes of November 29, 1994 meeting as circulated.

IV.  New Business

  A. FY 1995-96 Budget                                   Mr. Mosiman
  B. Honorary Degrees                                    Dr.Thompson
  C. 1996 Insurance Policy Purchases                     Mr. Mosiman
  D. Academic Calendars, Fall 1995-Summer 1998           Dr. Sheley
  E. Policies
     1. Change in Academic Probation, Suspension
        and Reinstatement Policy                         Dr. Sheley
     2. Departmental Credit by Examination Grade
        Policy                                           Dr. Sheley
     3. American Assn. of Museums Code of Ethics         Dr. Sheley
     4. Credit by Exam Tuition Charge Increase           Dr. Sheley
     5. Grade Appeal Procedure                           Dr. Sheley
     6. Law School Financing Plan                        Mr. Mosiman
  F. Application of George E. Ramskill Bequest           Mr. Hawley
  G. Recommendation for Posthumous Degree                Dr. Sheley
  H. Financial Reports
     1. Washburn Endowment Quarterly Financial
        Analysis                                         Mr. Hawley
     2. Quarterly Endowment Fund Report                  Mr. Hawley
     3. Depository Security Transactions                 Mr. Mosiman
     4. Public Fund Investments                          Mr. Mosiman
     5. Liquidated Claims Approval - October, 1994       Mr. Mosiman
     6. Liquidated Claims Approval - November, 1994      Mr. Mosiman
     7. Liquidated Claims Approval - December, 1994      Mr. Mosiman
     8  Presentation of the Strategic Financial
        Indicators FY1982-94                             Mr. Mosiman
     9. FY 1994 KTWU audit and CPB Annual Report         Mr. Mosiman

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