Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Washburn University


Transformational Experience Implementation Team Meeting Minutes
3 November 2005

Members present:

Dena Anson, Jack Decker, Rick Ellis, Kirk Haskins, Don Kellogg, Donna LaLonde, Mike Russell, Nancy Tate, Ron Wasserstein, Baili Zhang

Documents distributed:

TE Implementation Team Meeting, November 3, 2005
Transformational Experience Agenda Item
Preliminary TE Planning List

Reminders of work requested before the next meeting are highlighted in red.


  • Team members from the faculty senate are expected shortly. Members of the committee were asked to recommend others to be added to the implementation team.
  • The history of the TE requirement and the steps remaining for it to have official approval were reviewed by the team.
  • The TE Preliminary Planning List, Draft 1, was briefly. Members are to review the list in more detail and send additional items to Ron. Members were also asked to consider in which areas of planning they would most like or need to be involved.
  • First steps include working out the message we want to communicate with new students, particularly transfer students. We will want to involve FryeAllen Advertising in this process fairly soon.
  • Good advising will be critical and preparation for that must begin soon as well.
  • The discussion of message included how to talk to students about the requirement, focusing on the unique opportunities afforded by Washburn. Student enthusiasm is the best “sales pitch” in the long run, and students themselves are the best ambassadors for the program. The team decided to gather information about students who could tell the story of their transformational experiences, so we could have this information readily available. Members please let Kirk and Ron know about these students.
  • This led to a discussion about showcasing our students. A “TE Expo” was suggested by a team member, modeled after Apeiron. Another member suggested making tapes of student presentations and experiences, and showing these tapes continually on flat panel TV's in the Union and elsewhere. It was suggested that KTWU, Instructional Media Services, or the Mass Media Department might be able to assist with this. It would be especially good if it good be a student project.
  • Next meeting: Thursday, November 10, 2005. Location TBD.



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