Financial Aid

Applying for Financial Aid

Washburn University provides financial aid assistance through scholarships, state programs, federal grants, federal work study, and federal student loans. To apply for financial aid, students should complete the following steps.

Step 1 – Apply for Admission

To receive financial aid, students must be fully-admitted in a degree-bound program. For this reason, we recommend that your first step be to apply for admission at Washburn University.

If you are a direct from high school incoming freshman, we encourage you to complete the Freshman Academic Scholarship Application to be considered for academic scholarships. 

Transfer students entering in the fall semester may also be eligible for academic scholarships. Transfer scholarships are awarded based on transcripts received, thus no additional scholarship application is needed.

Click here to find out more about Washburn University scholarships, including available scholarships, application processes, award criteria, deadlines, etc.

Step 2 – Create an FSA ID

To apply for federal financial aid, such as federal and state grants, student loans, and work-study, you will first need to create an FSA ID. The FSA ID will be used to log-in and electronically sign the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

If you are considered “dependent” per the FAFSA, your parent will also need to create an FSA ID.

Click here to watch a video tutorial with a step-by-step guide for setting up an FSA ID.

Step 3 – File the FAFSA

After you have created an FSA ID, you can go to to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. Completing the FAFSA online is recommended, however, you can request a paper FAFSA by calling 1-800-4-FED-AID. It is important to be aware that paper FAFSA’s must be mailed in and take longer to process. 

The FAFSA becomes available October 1st each year for the next academic year. For example, the 2018-2019 FAFSA, which includes the fall of 2018 and spring of 2019, becomes available October 1, 2017. A new FAFSA must be completed each academic year.

Per federal regulations, the FAFSA requires tax information for two years prior to the academic year for which you are applying. For example, for the 2018-2019 academic year, the FAFSA requires 2016 tax information.

When filing the FAFSA, we highly recommend that you utilize the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to transfer your tax information directly onto the application. This feature makes filing the FAFSA easier, quicker, and more accurate.

Each academic year, Washburn University receives a limited amount of supplemental federal funding and state grants for students who meet certain need-based criteria. These funds are awarded to eligible undergraduate students in date order received of completed FAFSA’s. Due to the fact that these funds are limited, we strongly advise students to complete their FAFSA by Washburn University’s November 15th priority date.

To have your FAFSA sent to Washburn University, be sure to include our school code 001949 on your application.

Click here to watch a video about how to fill out the FAFSA.

Step 4 – Review your Student Aid Report

After completing the FAFSA, you will be provided with your Student Aid Report (SAR). The SAR is a summary of the information you submitted on your FAFSA. If you provided an email address on the FAFSA, this information should be emailed to you 5-7 days after filing. If you did not provide an email address, your SAR will be mailed within 2-3 weeks.

Upon receiving your SAR, it is advised that you carefully review the information to confirm no errors were made on your application. If you do find errors, you must make corrections to your FAFSA, which can be done online at The only errors that cannot be corrected are social security numbers. If your SSN is incorrect on the FAFSA, a new application must be completed with the correct SSN.

Step 5 – Kansas Residents: Apply for State Aid

Residents of Kansas may qualify for certain scholarships and grants through the Kansas Board of Regents. Applications for these funds are available after January 1st for the upcoming award year with a priority date of May 1st. The application requires a $12 processing fee. A FAFSA must be completed by April 1st, in addition to other requested materials.

Click here for more information regarding state of Kansas scholarships and grants.

Step 6 – Requested Documentation

Once Washburn University has received your FAFSA, we will send you notification if any additional information is needed to complete your financial aid file.

To ensure that students are submitting accurate information on their application, FAFSA selects students for a process called “verification”. This selection may be at random, or may be due to information that appears conflicting on the application. If selected, the Financial Aid Office is responsible for completing this review and will send you notification of the necessary documentation needed. It is important to provide the requested documentation as soon as possible, as review must be completed before a financial aid award offer can be established.

Step 7 – Award Notification

If additional information is not needed, the Financial Aid Office will send you a financial aid award offer. If you are a first time student, this award offer will be sent via mail. If you are a continuing student, notice of your award will be sent via your Washburn email account, which will direct you to the Financial Services tab of your MyWashburn account to review your offer.

Step 8 – Award Decision

After you have been awarded financial aid, you will need to determine whether you would like to accept or decline each fund that is offered to you. If you are awarded grant aid, since those funds are free “gift aid”, they will be automatically accepted on your behalf. However, if you are awarded academic scholarships, loans, or work-study, you will need to make an award decision on each of those funds.

To accept/decline your financial aid awards, you will need to go to the Financial Services tab in your MyWashburn account and select Financial Aid Awards. You must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions for the specified aid year before you can select your award decisions.

If your award offer includes an estimated PLUS Loan, this type of loan requires a credit check. A separate application must be completed online at The estimated amount included on your award offer is the maximum amount that could be borrowed, if approved. However, a smaller amount can be requested on the application.

When making an award decision on loans, we encourage students and parents to review the differences between the types of loans offered and only borrow what is needed.

Click here for more information about these types of financial aid funds.  

Step 9 – Loan Requirements

If you choose to accept Stafford Loans, and are a first-time borrower, you must complete two federal loan requirements online at – Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note.

Entrance Counseling will provide an in-depth explanation of the terms and conditions related to borrowing a student loan. The Master Promissory Note is your agreement to repay the loans which you are borrowing.

If your parent applies and is approved for the Parent PLUS Loan, they must complete a Master Promissory Note.

These requirements must be completed before the loans can disburse to the school.

Step 10 – Receiving Financial Aid

All financial aid must first be applied to your tuition, fees, housing, and/or book charges at Washburn University.

If you are a first-time loan borrower, loans will disburse 30 days after the start of the semester. All other types of financial aid (with the exception of work-study), however, will disburse toward your balance approximately 7 days prior to the start of classes.

If you are attending only one semester of the academic year, or in the summer semester, loans must be paid in two equal disbursements. The first disbursement will occur at the beginning of the semester (if not a first-time borrower) and the second will occur at the mid-point of the semester.

If you receive financial aid in excess of your balance with Washburn University, the remaining funds will be issued to you as a refund.

Click here for more information about refunds.

Financial aid awards are initially made based on full-time enrollment. If you do not enroll full-time (12 credit hours for undergraduates and 9 credit hours for graduates), certain funds may be prorated or unable to disburse.

Special Circumstances

The Financial Aid Office recognizes that situations occur which may affect a student’s eligibility for federal financial aid. Through the use of professional judgment, we may make adjustments on a case-by-case basis to a student’s FAFSA or financial aid budget, provided supporting documentation substantiates the request.

If special circumstances have occurred which have significantly impacted you or your parent’s income, which is not reflected on your FAFSA, or educational expenses contact the Financial Aid Office at (785) 670-1151.

Summer Financial Aid

At Washburn University, the summer semester is the ending semester to the academic year. Due to the fact that not all students attend summer classes, financial aid is not automatically awarded for that semester.

Summer financial aid is based on your enrollment level and remaining annual federal aid eligibility (i.e. unused federal funds that were available to you during the fall and spring semesters of the academic year).

To apply for summer financial aid, you must have a valid FAFSA on file for the applicable academic year, and complete a Summer Financial Aid Application, which becomes available late spring prior to the start of the summer semester.

Complete the FAFSA

When completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), please add Washburn University’s federal school code of 001949.

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