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Early FAFSA Questions

What is Early FAFSA?

Historically, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) became available each year on January 1. In an effort to provide high school seniors with the opportunity to apply earlier and have more time to compare colleges, the federal government made the decision to move up the availability of the FAFSA to October 1 of the year prior to when the student would be beginning college.

Has Washburn University's FAFSA priority date changed?

Yes. Washburn University receives a limited amount of supplemental federal funding and state grants each year for students who meet certain need-based criteria. These funds are awarded to eligible students in date order received of completed FAFSA applications. Due to the fact that these funds are limited, and based on the earlier availability of the FAFSA, Washburn University’s new FAFSA priority date is November 15.

If the FAFSA is available earlier what tax information should be used?

To accommodate the earlier availability, FAFSA will now require tax information from two years prior to the award year for which the student is applying.

One added benefit of this is that more students and parents will have access to utilize the IRS Data Retrieval tool to transfer their tax information directly to the FAFSA. This feature makes filing the FAFSA easier, quicker, and more accurate.

Can I choose to use tax information from a different year on the FAFSA?

The tax year is not optional for the FAFSA. Per federal regulations, applicants are required to use tax information from two years prior.

What if my/my parent's income now is significantly different from the required tax year?

In some instances, the Financial Aid Office may be able to perform a professional judgment to take these changes into consideration of your federal financial aid eligibility. If special circumstances have occurred which have significantly impacted you, or your parent's, income contact us at (785) 670-1151.

What is the benefit to completing the FAFSA earlier?

There are two main benefits to completing the FAFSA earlier:

1. If you are a student who is eligible for the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Kansas Comprehensive Grant, or Federal Work-Study, completing the FAFSA early will increase your chances for consideration of those funds.  For more information on these funds, select the Types of Aid link on the left-hand side of the page.

2. While completing the FAFSA is the first step, there are often times that FAFSA, or the school, requires additional information before being able to provide an official financial aid award offer. By completing the FAFSA early, you can get a jump start on any additional requirements that you may need to resolve.

What if my, or my parent's, marital status has changed since filing taxes?

If you filed single in the previous tax year and have since gotten married, you will complete the FAFSA with a marital status of married and add in your spouse's tax information from the required tax year on the FAFSA.

If you filed married in the previous tax year and have since gotten divorced or separated, you will need complete the FAFSA with a marital status of divorced/separated and use your income information from the required tax year on the FAFSA.

Complete the FAFSA

When completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), please add Washburn University’s federal school code of 001949.

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