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With the Larky app, members of the Alumni Association are notified when you're near a business that participates in our benefits program. Sign up now, and you'll never miss a discount!

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Show your Ichabod Pride by joining the Washburn Alumni Association or renewing your membership. You'll receive numerous benefits as a member and be giving back to the University.

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Larky app: Never miss an Alumni Association discount

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As a member of the Washburn Alumni Association, you have free access to a mobile application that will ensure you never miss out on the dozens of discounts we offer in our benefits program.

Download our app through Larky, and you will receive notifications on your mobile device when you're near a participating business.

In addition, you can download a photo of your membership card and display the image on your phone at the businesses to receive your discount.

The app also contains a complete list of participating businesses, including the address and amount of the discount, and features a map pinpointing the location.

For more information about Larky, including registration and downloading the app for your mobile device, visit the Larky website.

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